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dogs/domestic animals

  1. vwzoo

    Leaving dog home question

    I walked the camino francis in 2018 and am planning hopefully to walk it when I retire in 3-5 years. I have a question for pet owners who have left their dog home. I was convinced to get a dog last year and my adult daughter assured me should we be available for babysitting him. She is moving...
  2. Anamiri

    Hiking Trailer for a dog, advice

    A crazy question, but does anyone know of a hiking trailer suitable for a dog? Do you know anyone who has done that? I would love to take my dog with me on long walks, but she is only capable of walking a couple of hours at best, plus the roads can get too hot for her feet. I'd love to take a...
  3. Pelegrin

    Curiosities about cows

    When doing a Camino in Galicia is usual seeing herds of cows driven by a shepherd and a dog. Here some curiosities about them. - They always walk in order of age. The first position is for the oldest that receives the orders from the shepherd. She understands in Galician: right, left, up, down...
  4. C

    Caminho with my dog

    Hi, anyone made the Camino Portuguese with a dog with 30kgs? I'm thinking to do it with my dog but I don't know how to come back from santiago de compostela to Portugal with my dog in a public transport. Seems that in Spain big dogs like mine are not allowed to travel in a public...
  5. Glen Heuker

    dogs on the via de la plata

    Hi We are plannig to walk the camino next may from Salamanca to Compostela with two Swiss Sheppards. We want to do that for a charity cause Are there lodgings/camp sites that are willing to accept dogs? (there will be national and international publicity in it for them also) Can anyone help us...
  6. M

    Dangerous dog

    To all those walking from Triacastela to Sarria. Beware of dangerous dog that bit me quite badly this morning. The location was about 20mins after leaving Triacastela, you walk down a hill into a very small hamlet of about 2 or 3 house plus some farm buildings. There is a vending machine in one...
  7. L

    Horse riding the Primitivo

    Hello fellow Pilgrims..i want an experienced rider to join me on the ride of a lifetime! I am planning to rent a horse to ride from Oviedo to Lugo from Oct 16 2019. I have a quote for horse rental and backup support vehicle for 8 dsys. I also have an option for an extra 4 days to ride all the...
  8. Walking Nature World

    The Donkey has escaped from us?! | Crazy Hiking with the Huge Wild Donkey

    The Donkey has escaped from us?! | Crazy Hiking with the Huge Wild Donkey Hello, everyone! We are a young couple who dedicates themselve to creating photo and video content, as well as our own music. Our content is related to travelling and adventures. We are passionate walkers who love...
  9. Evilmuffin

    Del Norte by Horseback

    In April/May 2017, I did the Camino de Frances, SJPdP to Santiago in 34 days and 2 days rest. During this time, there was a Spaniard doing it by horseback (with 2 horses) and we became friends and occasionally I would get to ride one of his horses. It was amazing. So when he asked if I...
  10. Penny Kingma

    Has anyone traveled with a dog....how was it ?

    I’m wondering if any of you on the forum traveled with your dog. I know I saw a few. Would you do it again? Does it pose a problem for train travel....hostels etc.
  11. Nomad Pack

    LIVE from the Camino The Nomad Pack - On the move!

    So I've been having a small dilemma recently as to which direction to go. I've been waiting for my donkey foul to grow up somewhat before embarking on another long distance trek. He is now eight months old and turning out to have an excellent character like his mother. My plan was to take the...
  12. M

    All about dogs

    Today I'm going to do this thread because many have not tradao about this animal that is the best friend of men dogs are very smart dogs To start, a new study claims that dogs reject those who are ruines with their masters. It is likely that dog owners are not surprised to learn that more and...
  13. S

    Etapa 6-7: Ruta Hospitales v. Pola de Allande

    A few days ago my fiancé and I chose the Ruta de los Hospitales in order to bypass Pola de Allande and catch some beautiful views. We read several guides and posts as well as talked to locals in order to prepare for the day. I’m an experienced backpacker with 5+ years guiding at Outward Bound...
  14. MichaelC

    Escargoline - donkeys for the mobility impaired

    I wanted to respond to the person who asked about doing the Camino in a wheelchair a couple days ago, but it took me awhile to find this information & now I can't find his post. There is a French organization that has trained three donkeys to pull chariots (escargoline) along the Camino. It...
  15. Tamargrace

    Credentials for peRRegrinos and the charity APACA

    Hey Did you know you can get a certificate for dogs from Santiago? I have been suprised as to how many hostel and albergue owners have never seen one before. The wonderful charity APACA which is the Asociación Protectora de Animáis do Camiño creates these stunning little dog passports for 3€...
  16. M

    What to do with aggressive dogs

    I’ve seen threads on this topic buried in miscellaneous threads, but I think it’s worth having a stand alone thread in Personal Safety. Lots of people run into dogs on the Camino who are fiercely protecting territory or livestock and some even bitten. The best way to deal with them can be a...
  17. Tamargrace

    My dogs are up for it but i think the people dont want them there

    I have walked the whole Cornish coast with them and they were ace. They are welsh sheep dogs, pure working stock. Good endurance, tolerance and really happy peopledogs too. I have seen alot of negative feedback regarding dogs on here and the last thing I want to do is annoy someone or dusturb...
  18. Jakke

    Lists of dog-friendly aubergues

    I would not advice anyone to take a dog along, but that is besides the point. On our Finnish Camino group (FB) there is a discussion about walking with dogs. What kind of resources are there along the camino? Do we, e.g., have a list of places where dogs can stay overnight? Addresses of vets?
  19. Nomad Pack

    Continuing on with El Burro

    Hi to all real pilgrims. After walking with my girlfriend from Andorra through the Spanish Pyrenees to Cantabria last winter and spring, I am now preparing to continue possibly alone. I will be heading towards Burgos which is roughly 130 km south of me. Then possibly south on the ruta de la...
  20. notion900

    A Nice Dogs thread

    So many threads on Mean and Scary Dogs: I want one on Nice Dogs please. Please post your photos of Nice Dogs of the Caminos here, and say where they live, and their names if you know them. These are all Via de la Plata hounds...where else have you seen Nice Dogs? This gorgeous big fella...

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