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dogs/domestic animals

  1. timr

    A Bovine Incident - todo toro

    I'm separating this, but I'll link to it from my Live from the Camino thread. Two bits of background. First, I'm a city person at heart. From Liverpool. I love the sound of the bin lorry as much as the dawn chorus. I live in a very rural part of Ireland. It's like parts of the Camino, but with...
  2. R

    How to deal with dogs?

    More than once I have been warned about the dogs and the usefulness of a walking pole / stick - particularly on the Camino Portugues, but I guess the situation is similar on other routes as well. (I heard that it is, or at least used to be, a known issue on the Le Puy route.) But what exactly do...
  3. Bradypus

    Camino Mozarabe by horse

    A Galician newspaper has reported on work being carried out to improve accessibility for pilgrims to Santiago by horse along the Camino Mozarabe. This would make the route the first to be given formal approval by the Royal Spanish Equestrian Federation as suitable for equestrian use...
  4. Sebastian Smetham

    Camping and animals?

    Hi. We have just joined the page so hi! Seeing that there are lots of helpful first hand informants we hope you can help us. We will walk from Seville in mid February camping along the way as we did the camino Frances and other routes. We have picked up that the bulls/cows/cattle are...
  5. diggs

    Service Dog

    All, I have a legitimate service dog who travels with me. Anyone know about the implications of taking a dog on this route?
  6. ivar

    Attacked by dog at Biduedo (about 6.5 K before Triacastela)

    Dear all, Here is a message I got from a pilgrim just now. This happened today. --------- Hello everyone. What started out as a wonderful day took a turn fore the worse today. I would like to warn peregrinos walking through Biduedo (about 6.5 K before Triacastela) to be very careful. We were...
  7. tararrr

    Black dog on route between Molineasca and Ponferrada

    I'm just wondering if anyone else had an encounter with a small black dog on the walk out of Molineasca? I was walking past a yard when I heard a dog barking a few meters away, then felt something nip at my calf. Turned and there was a horrible mangy black dog at my leg, with open wounds on...
  8. C


    Hello, I am planning on my first pilgrimage in September, and I keep reading about wild dogs. I have a slight fear of animals. Does anyone have any advice?
  9. piogaw

    Dogs and other animals in the albergue municipal

    During my recent camino de la plata, i have had the misfortune of walking in the early stages with some other pelegrinos in which one of them was walking with a very dirty dog. On two different occasion that i knew of, the dog was sneaked into the albergue pretty much in the middle of the night...
  10. C

    Camino del Norte and dogs

    Hello Everyone, I have read through a lot of the forums but cannot see if this question has been asked anywhere before. If I have missed it, apologies. Basically my husband and I would like to do the Camino del Norte in September but I am fearful of dogs. Can anyone let me know what the dog...
  11. Stellamaris

    Unfriendly dogs...problem or not?

    I would like to know is some pilgrims have had some unpleasants experiences with dogs along the camino.This time I will start from Le Puy in the beginning of september for a 2 months hike and I really feel so happy about the decision of walking again on the Camino. I did the CF in 1999 from...
  12. PaulB Hayward

    Dog....or ....no Dog ?

    Hello All, I have a dillema that I am sure will seem silly to a lot of you.......I am to walk the Camino in July with my daughter Emma. The problem is, I shall be leaving behind my best friend Ruby the Boxer. Ruby and I, along with Emma, walk many miles together, and I just feel she should be...
  13. A

    Dogs and rabies

    I am planning my first Camino in 2012 and am very nervous of dogs. Has anyone had any recent problems with dogs, and is it worth considering getting a rabies vaccinnation before I leave home? Many thanks Jacqui
  14. U

    walking camino with the dog

    Hi, to all and everybody !! i am going under ultreaperegrino . i had already made Camino Francese some two years ago. so this year going to via de la plata, starting somewhere in april. so here i do have question , advice ..whatever....my question is...does anybody has expiriance about walking...
  15. H

    Dogs on the Camino

    Are there a lot of stray dogs on (and along) the camino frances ? Not that I am scared of dogs, I just want to know if I need to budget some money for dog food. I can't walk past a hungry soul :(