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    Camino Companions Reflection Sessions 2017-06-01

    Camino Companions offers pilgrims an opportunity to reflect on their Camino and discover what it meant at a deeper level. Group and individual sessions are held at 10.00 and 2.30 and an extra session is offered at 5,00 in June and September. Individual sessions may also be booked privately by...
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    Health, Heights, and a Horrid Horseman.

    The large Indian doctor sat across his desk from me looking at the results. “A blood pressure reading of 220 over 110,” he said at last, looking over his glasses at me. “You, Mr Carey, are a stroke waiting to happen.” A friend had come to welcome me home from Spain. She was also looking for a...
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    Dear Deer....Mishap on the Meseta.

    I was now into the Meseta proper. I’d just come over a hilltop and was dropping into a valley. The Camino ran down the slope, then along the center of the valley floor. It was autumn. In a treeless landscape the short golden stalks of the harvested fields swept up and away on each side. I saw...
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    Peregrina Held Hostage

    A smile that helps brighten my day. It floods over me. She takes off her pack at the church door, carries it inside, props it up against the back wall. I follow. She stands for a moment in the silence, taking in the dim interior of the church. She selects a pew. Now she is kneeling, clasping her...
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    The Castigation of the Clergy

    The overall image he presented was of being gangly. He was tall, raw, that indefinable term 'big boned' comes to mind. His woolly socks just barely showed over the tops of his boots, out of which towered these long, strapping, hairy legs. He wore a pair of tough green shorts, unfashionably short...
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    The Tormentas! Beware the Tormentas!

    It sure hit me unexpectedly. The wind and water was accompanied by a high pitched howl. It lashed at me powerfully. I was quickly drenched by the freezing water. I stumbled. My feet went out from under me and down I crashed. I sprawled, dizzy and disorientated, freezing in the mist and lashing...
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    A Gentle Mugging....Morality on the Mountain

    It was coming. Inexorably. Like a big headed snake, with a tail that grew progressively longer. There was no escape. It wound it's way around the room towards me. Not that it worried me. I'd been here before. Michelle, and her sons Jefferson and Lazarus, they'd have to stand before me, state...

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