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  1. J

    Cape Town/South Africa - Gear to buy

    Hi! Is anyone selling gear in Cape Town/South Africa?
  2. Shston Girlfd

    Camping Stove

    Couple of vegan Americans headed to one of the more isolated and under serviced Caminos this year. No worries - we plan on camping. What are our best European options for backpacking stove & fuel?
  3. Iain McKie

    “My Camino Dream” by Iain McKie 2018-01-01

    Following in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims, this is Iain’s very personal account of walking the Camino de Santiago. The journey of discovering himself, and answering many of life’s questions, takes him on a daily adventure - from his first thought of the Camino to walking the 500 mile...
  4. Consigliere

    Picking the right Backpack

    After reading a few threads about differing equipment for the Camino, I thought I might drop a few tips about what I think to be the second most important item we all carry, the backpack (right behind a good pair of shoes). I'm by no means an expert, but after 30+ years of backpacking, I thought...
  5. Rionajmc

    Rota Vicentina in winter?

    Hello there! My partner and I are planning on walking 5 days of the RV in early January 2018. I've previously walked the CF and the Camino Aragonese in spring/summer, so this will be quite different. We are just wondering about availability of accommodation and the kind of temperatures to...
  6. t2andreo

    Mine IS bigger than yours...

    Seen today whilst browsing my morning reading, and offered in the holly jolly holiday spirit... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5157835/There-one-foot-9-000-Swiss-Army-Knife-Amazon.html Seriously, no pilgrim would want for anything...ever. Of course, they would need a little wagon or...
  7. S

    Packing list

    Hi people out there! I am about to walk my first Camino in about 20 days from now and I am currently in the final stages of getting the last few things that I need. I hope that someone in here with experience of walking on the Camiño de Santiago in and around the 25th of October to around the...
  8. Purple Backpack

    Custom Made Backpacks

    I was looking at online ultralight gear and came across http://www.zimmerbuilt.com. Every so often, forum members write in, looking for a sling pack for shoulder problems, waist packs, etc. This company will make a customized pack in almost any conceivable combination. If someone has...
  9. Anamya

    Decathlon coming to Australia in September 2017

    It is not intended to be an ad, but I was very happy to see that Decathlon will open its first Aussie store in Sydney, September this year! http://www.decathlon.com.au/ I walked 2 caminos with mostly Decathlon gear bought overseas and think it's pretty good value for money... You may also have...
  10. PaulCat

    Sock Research and Recommendations (summer)

    UPDATE: I am not asking for suggestions or recommendations. I am sharing info that I found and collected that others might find helpful. Since socks and shoes are a huge decision for many on the Camino I have emailed many sock companies asking what sock they would recommend for walking the...
  11. F

    Footwear for the Primitivo..... (sorry!)

    Sorry, another footwear thread. I do like it when life gives you a nice surprise. There was me thinking that family commitments left me no time to walk this May, when, suddenly, things change and I have a nice 2 week gap starting 10 May. I've walked before - SJPP to Santiago in Sept 2014...
  12. sadaigh

    Sandals.. a last minute decision.

    So I have everything planned and ready for my camino this summer (June 24th from SJPP)... except for my sandals. My question is this.. is it worth the money to buy the Xeroshoes? or something equally expensive that I can walk on a trail in... just in case of blisters... or should I just get a...
  13. T

    Type of Clothes to Wear While Hiking

    Hello, I'm 18 and from Texas. I will be walking the Camino Frances this June-July solo. I'm used to hot weather, however I am still very pale skinned and get burned up easily even with sunscreen. I've read some articles saying that there was little shade along the walk, so I'm concerned in that...
  14. gail.robyn

    Sleep Apnoea Machine Use

    Hi, my first Camino, French way and I will be walking & carrying a Sleep apnoea machine. Travelling early July & August this year. Information from fellow users/ travellers is very welcomed thanks Gail
  15. Turning48

    2 questions: Dealing with Jet lag/Daypack?

    Hi everyone, 2 questions, please: 1) I'm curious if anyone can share their experience of how they dealt with jet lag before starting their journey on The Camino? Did you give yourself a few extra days to recover before starting this and if so, how many? OR did you just deal with it more...
  16. C

    Sleeping bags for Camino Ingles?

    We are first timers planning to walk the Camino Ingles in a few weeks. I've heard different things about whether you need a sleeping bag if you are staying in the albergues. Is there central heating, or is it more basic than that? We weren't planning to bring bags but perhaps that's a choice we...
  17. Shston Girlfd

    Worth carrying?

    Starting my Camino from SJPP on May 1st. Just bought a FABULOUS pair of brand new, waterproof boot gaiters for $2USD (1.6GBP, 1.85Euro) at a community sale. They weigh 9.7ounces (.27kilog) which would put me 3 ounces over my maximum dry weight. Knowledgable pilgrims, are they worth adding? I...
  18. P

    A Few Random Questions

    Hello all! I have e few questions that have been ruminating in my head for a while now in regard to my plans to walk from St. Jean to Santiago in July-August of this summer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :) 1.) The first thing that I've been confused about is what it is like for you...
  19. twirl90

    Bra Recommendations

    Hi fellow (lady) pilgrims! I'm going to be walking the Camino this April/May and have a question for the women = out there. What kind of sports bra are you using/have you used in the past? I have lots of running bras that I've used over the years but am not sure the best type to bring for a 30+...
  20. P

    Pack Size?

    Hello all! What is the current thinking on how large a pack is needed for the Camino from St. Jean to Santiago. My sister has an AT 40 L.L. Bean Day Pack that she has offered me to borrow. The dimensions being 26½"H x 13"W x 6"D. This is the link to the bag description on LL Beans website...


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