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  1. Icacos

    Cross-cultural etiquette

    "....it's worth knowing that in some European countries there are quite extablished rules of etiquette for when dining out. There may be some cross-cultural stuff going on here where one person is referring to the good manners expected in their country when dining in a restaurant and other...
  2. A

    If the food in the fridge is not yours...

    Because of an injured knee, I am staying two night at Casa Elena's. As today is Sunday, ipon arrival in the village yesterday, I hobbled to the shop to buy food for today: yogourt, 2 oranges, a zucchini, a small onion, a pepper and a clara. Other pilgrims had kindly left me pasta and cheese as...
  3. notion900

    'like' Doesn't = Thank You

    It's really lovely when people post a proper thank you for all the helpful answers to their pressing question. Clicking 'like' is better than nothing, but isn't quite as nice. Just saying.
  4. Felipe

    Giving directions

    A question....what do you do when somebody asks you for the right direction in the Camino? That happens sometimes to me...I guess that people suppose that wisdom comes with age, although as you know, this is not necessarily true. :p I always study thoroughly maps and guides, even browse Google...

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