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  1. Rob the Slob

    Drying laundry while walking

    What's the best way to dry wet laundry while you're walking? Simply tie it to your pack and hope it doesn't fall off, and that the knots dry properly too? Use mesh stuff sacks? Socks on the handles of your hiking poles, underwear on your head?
  2. Papist Giant

    Patches, Shells, & Symbols

    I've read somewhere that it is recommended (traditional) to identify oneself as a pelegrino with some sort of patch or symbol (a scallop shell dangling off my pack, an arrow, scallop shell patch, or even a St. James cross) Is this something I should have ahead of time? If so, which one? Are any...
  3. Carfax

    Shells - where can they go?

    I was reading up on what to do with a Shell carried for Denise. That is clear cut - I deliver the shell to the nominated address. I will be carrying shells in memory of family I have lost. My question is whether there is any custom/tradition of what you do with such shells (not the one you are...
  4. Seabird

    Backpack Etiquette - or I don't want to be a Jerk

    So, I am starting my first thread after looking through FAQs, doing a search, etc. Please forgive me if I've overlooked obvious answers on this fabulous forum. Can you give me some tips for proper "management" of my backpack on the Camino? Do I leave it outside when going into a bar? a cafe...
  5. M

    Stones on the Camino

    Hello, I am planning to go on the Camino with Camino Ways. I heard there is a stone or several stones that one must carry and drop somewhere. Please explain to me what it is and how to do it. Also, I am a woman, almost 60 years old and will be travelling alone. Is it possible to get a...
  6. T

    Litter on the Camino, any Camino, is disgraceful! Take your stuff with you!

    Hello, I don't know if this topic has been brought up before, but as I hadn't seen anything, it might be time to introduce it again. This will be a bit of a rant, but I have good reasons having recently completed the Camino Frances with my husband. Litter bothers me. I can't for the life of...
  7. Icacos

    First step ..... Improvement?

    Recently, there have been numerous threads on this forum deploring the condition of the Camino (I take it that this is mainly the more heavily used Camino Francés) regarding the garbage that pilgrims leave in their wake. I think it is generally accepted that the transgressors are persons other...
  8. jdickson

    Trashing the El Camino

    I just completed the El Camino in October. It was wonderful and beautiful and difficult. At the time I thought how can anyone want to do this several times. Now that I am home and reflecting, I would go back and walk again without question. I loved every minute of it. I have one issue though...
  9. K

    Womens' issues while walking

    Hi All, I am walking the Camino for the first time in June. I'll be taking the French Way. I read a few threads about women on their periods while on the Camino, and I found them to be helpful about knowing where to buy products, etc. But my biggest worry is about the privacy of having to...
  10. backpack45scb

    Pilgrim Etiquette - How about picking up some trash every walking day

    We have a whole set behavior conventions in the refugios. How about adding one for the trail so that Rebekah does not have to deal with quite as much pilgrim trail trash? http://moratinoslife.blogspot.com/2013/12/a-ditch-pig-anthem.html
  11. A

    Toilet facilities on the Le Puy Route?

    Are there toilets on route or at least the possibility of stepping off the trail and hiding behind a bush without offending locals? I was on a training walk in the city on Sunday -drank lots of water, but could find no facilities on the way. Yikes! Made me wonder.............
  12. C

    Albergue Etiquette

    We're newbies, starting next September from Oporto. Could someone outline what are the "dos" and "don'ts" of staying at an albergue? Chris
  13. sillydoll

    Good pilgrims don't litter or steal....

    I would like to ask all new pilgrims to please keep the camino free of litter. There is nothing more awful than seeing a Coke can, plastic bottle or candy wrapper on an otherwise pristine path. Actually, there is one thing, a pile of toilet tissues behind a bush or in a clearing off the path...
  14. J

    Sorry, but...Where do women pee on the camino...?

    Hello, In my life I'm used to ask "stupid" questions (also because of my profession), so again I need to ask two of them (sorry!): 1) Where to pee on the camino? I have read couple of books about walking the camino, but none of them mentiones this thing. I've seen pictures with long, long...

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