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european peace walk

  1. KinkyOne

    marking of EPW Route 2017

    I was very happy to meet two Aussies yesterday in Ljubljana which are on the EPW route for some days now and doing great job of refreshing the markers. You can read and see about their walk/work here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1362519477147501/?fref=ts (that's @Cressey FB page) and I guess...
  2. D

    Map resources

    Can anyone point me to a GPS or KML file for the EPW. Has anyone used the offline downloaded google maps on this route?
  3. RoamFarAndWide

    European Peace Walk 2015 - Day 2 - Bus directions from Bratislava to Adam's Horse Farm

    It was suggested in an update that we could take the bus on this day from Bratislava to Cunovo (which I did because of the heat wave) but there were no directions from the bus stop in Cunovo so I have provided them here...
  4. RoamFarAndWide

    European Peace Walk Blog

    I'll start walking mid-August and will be documenting my journey on my blog as time and wifi allows (www.RoamFarAndWide.com). Very excited. Today's post is here.
  5. ivar

    FAQs on the "European Peace Walk"

    Vienna to Venice: 6 countries in 600kms FAQs from http://www.peacewalk.eu/faq.html 1. When can I start the EPW? In 2015, you can start the EPW, any day between the 28th of July and 25th August, from Vienna (first starting date, and the last starting date of the EPW, respectively)...

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