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  1. TexasIndia

    When I Get to Santiago, how do I submit my credencial and get a compostela?

    I've searched all over the forum, but can't find an answer. This question is so basic I'm sure it must have been answered. In Santiago where and how do I turn in my credenciales? What time should I plan to arrive? What time is the pilgrim's mass? Is it every day? We have 7 more stages on the...
  2. jostony

    Is a fluorescent jacket needed for dark early morning safety?

    My brother has just walked the Camino Ingles which I will start on 1st October. he has told me that we are not allowed to walk in the dark without a light AND fluorescent jacket or you will get an 80 euro fine. They therefore started their walks at sunrise around 8.30. Where can I buy this...
  3. silviasmart

    Friends of Bill - Any Great AA Meetings Along the Way?

    I leave on 9-9-2023 from SJPDP to someplace on the Atlantic Ocean. I'd love to participate in some AA Meetings along the way as it's a huge part of my spiritual life. I have some AA apps but wonder if anyone has any great recommendations? If you would like to stay anonymous, I understand! Buen...
  4. dick bird

    How many pilgrims walked Camino de Santiago in the Middle Ages, Medieval times? Was it really 500 000 per year?

    OK, a brief explanatory introduction. What follows is the thread as it first developed under the original title ¨500000 pilgrims expected in 1023¨ If you want to know the answer to the question posed by the new title, you could read through the whole thread - it is well-worth the effort because...
  5. dick bird

    Cruz de Ferro - What is its history, and what happens to all those stones?

    This may upset some people. The Cruz de Ferro is an iconic site and it has become a tradition to leave a stone or other memento, often in memory of someone who has passed away, on the mound surrounding the cross. This has been going on for many years now. However, the mound does not seem to be...
  6. trecile

    How do I register for a Compostela? (Pre-registration link)

    @Kathar1na posted this link on another thread about pre-registering for a Compostela, but I thought that it warrants the attention of a new thread. The translation into other languages has been greatly improved in this new version.
  7. trecile

    Rethink HOW and WHEN you walk the Francés - strategies for walking during busy times

    We've had several threads recently about the current (busy) situation on the Camino Francés. As those of us who have been active on this forum for a number of years know, the first two weeks of May and September are ALWAYS the busiest for starting from St Jean Pied de Port. Unfortunately...
  8. trecile

    A tale of two Caminos - What about those crowds?

    And they are both the Camino Francés! As @Juanma says, the high (crowded) seasons of the first 700 km of the Camino Francés are in May and September, (and it seems increasingly in April), while the high season of the last 100 km after Sarria occurs in July and August. This is due to the large...
  9. trecile

    Bag transport companies on the Camino - a list

    Since this question comes up quite often I thought that I'd compile a list of companies providing bag transport on the Camino. Some only cover Spain, while others operate in Portugal. Check the company's website to find out if they service the route that you want to walk. Correos...
  10. C clearly

    Poll Sleep system: Sleeping bag, liner, etc?

    For fun, let's conduct a poll. We have this question come up so often, that it might be convenient to point to poll results that illustrate the range of responses. Because the forum software offers very limited polling choices, we'll need to make some generalizations and assumptions, to make...
  11. K

    Botafumeiro Swing in Santiago de Compostela - What You Need to Know

    I read that the botafumeiro swings only a few days a year, but can be requested to be swung other days. Is there a donation that is expected with the request? What I really want to know is should I plan my trip to accommodate a scheduled botafumeiro swing, or take my chances that it will swing...
  12. Ultreia et Suseia!

    How do you "relieve yourself" when a toilet is not available?

    Many pilgrims use corners and bushes as toilets. In an attempt to minimize these makeshift toilets, I offer two suggestions: 1. Use the toilets and the cafés on your path, bonus deed: buy a bottle of water or a snack to help them run them (costs of paper, cleaning, offering a stamp). 2. If...
  13. DoughnutANZ

    How to hike the Camino without falling (too much)

    In a couple of other threads there has been discussion about some parts of the Camino Frances that some people consider to be difficult to walk safely. I could have posted to one of these but thought that it might be useful to try to communicate to a wider audience as my advice can be useful on...
  14. trecile

    What are some Common Camino Misconceptions?

    Note: when you post a misconception please start with "it's a misconception that..." to lessen any confusion Here's a thread to (hopefully) dispel some common Camino misconceptions. Off the top of my head some of the more common misconceptions are: You need to follow guidebook stages. Nope...
  15. Anniesantiago

    Are any webcams on the Camino currently working?

    If you have a link to a working webcam on the Camino, could you post it here? A few I have checked are no longer up.
  16. C clearly

    Am I allowed to carry hiking poles / walking sticks into the airplane cabin with me?

    Here we go - answer to a truly Frequently-Asked Question... Aviation security policies are set by national authorities and they generally often state that hiking poles are not allowed in the cabin (carry-on bags), but they are allowed in checked baggage. Airlines follow and communicate these...
  17. davebugg

    How to Properly Size and Fit Footwear for Distance Walking and Backpacking

    There have been a number of recent posts regarding the size and fit of shoes, so I thought I would repost this guide I wrote and have previously posted. Hope that it helps. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The most important theme for achieving a...
  18. K

    What is the best way to check the weather on the Camino?

    Any suggestions on the best App or Website to check the weather on the Camino Frances please.
  19. maryloufrommadison

    Travel company or do it myself?

    I plan to start my first Camino (Frances) next April, at age 72. I am female, and will be traveling alone at this point. I am trying to decide if I should use a travel company to make hotel reservations (better sleep, assured of a bed, lessen the risk of Covid) vs. staying in albergues...
  20. C clearly

    What do you like to do when you get to Santiago?

    I realize this has been discussed before, but maybe it's time to reminisce about what we have done, or plan to do, when we arrive in the city of Santiago. I have a favourite place to stay - Hospederia San Martin Pinario, on the pilgrim floor, because it has everything I really want (bed...

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