1. R

    Walking solo.

    Hey there, I plan to walk the Camino de Ingles on 18 July. I have bought the Johnnie Walker guide which is a great source of info and so on top of that I would hugely appreciate any guidance other pilgrims might offer me here. I walked The Francis last year with my son and so this year...
  2. Saisainita

    Where to sleep on Camino Ingles?

    Hey! I am planing to go Camino Ingles. It would be first time to walk pilgrims way. I am gonna walk from Ferrol to Santiago. I am planing to do it in 6 days. The biggest question where to sleep on the way. In Ferrol and Santiago I am planing to book hotels, but on the way I saw I could stay in...
  3. S

    Camino ingles as a first timer?

    Hello. On this Sunday (the 12th of june) I embark on my first pilgrimage. I land at 10pm and is planning to get to ferrol early Monday morning and then...well then I start walking. :) I've read some threads here and a few blogs about camino ingles but there are a few things thst i wonder sbout...
  4. Susan B Johnson

    Ferrol to Pontedeume

    Hello! Next week I start my Camino! The first leg of the Camino is 18 miles, Ferrol to Pontedeume. I have the option of a taxi transfer the first 6 miles, which means my first day will be 12. I already am able to hike 10 miles in under 3 hours, so I wonder if hiking 12 that first day will...
  5. Ferrol


  6. Out of Ferrol

    Out of Ferrol

  7. L

    accommodation in Ferrol in October

    We are a group of 4, starting the Camino Ingles from Ferrol arriving late evening on 10th October. We are currently looking for accomodation for our first night before we start the Camino. Do you have any suggestions? Also as for the Compostela, I've read that the office is not open before 10...
  8. M

    Suggestions where to stay in Ferrol?

    Hola, Is there an albergue de Peregrine in Ferrol? I would like to stay the night before I walk, ¨the way¨ the following morning. If not, where do you suggest I stay that is clean and good for a peregrino...I leave soon!


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