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fiestas & holidays

  1. t2andreo

    Official Holy Week (Semana Santa) Schedule...

    I received this from Santiago this morning. I converted it to a .pdf file and am attaching it here. It is the official Cathedral schedule for the formal Holy Week observances through Easter on 21 April. This affects life in and around Santiago. As the Cathedral is 'offline' for renovations, pay...
  2. A

    Booking accommodation in Easter week?

    Hi! I'm setting out on my first Camino in the end of March from Burgos. My boyfriend can only get a few days of work, and is planning to meet me in Sarria (the 16th of April) and we'll do the rest of the walk together. That means we will arrive in Santiago either Easter day (21st) or the day...
  3. A

    Should I book accommodation for Easter

    Dear All, This will be my first Camino, I will start at 13rd of April form Pamplona, and I'm not sure about Easter. I heard Easter time is nice in Spain, so I'm really excited about it:) However I don't know what will be open in that 4 days or should I prebook the accommodation (because of...
  4. lissie45

    Starting in April 2019 - avoiding crowds so we don't have to pre-book

    Sorry I know it sounds miles in advance - but its not when you need to buy airfares from New Zealand! We are old and fat with some health issues - I don't expect to walk more than 20km day maximum, we are also tourists and want to spend extra days in the bigger towns - we love Spain - but have...
  5. PFarnsworth

    Pamplona and San Fermin?

    I will be in Pamplona on June 30 or July 1 and am hoping that this will be early enough to MISS the crowds attracted to the San Fermin "running of the bulls" festival that starts July 6th. Does anyone know if being there a week early will be enough for me to miss the crowds?
  6. Delta 43

    Portuguese Independence June 10th

    Should I expect any problems with hiking the Portuguese (central) route during June?
  7. G

    Easter on the Camino - please share experiences

    My family of four (2 children) will be walking the CF next year and will be somewhere around Burgos at the Beginning of Easter. I have googled 'Easter on the Camino' (one site - https://www.followthecamino.com/blog/easter-on-the-camino/ was informative). I am not necessarily asking for...
  8. natefaith

    Summer Holidays and Festivos in Galicia 2017

    If you'll be walking through Galicia during the next few months, you may be interested in knowing some of the upcoming holidays when there may be more activity than usual in the towns you pass through, and businesses may or may not be open: May 17: Día das Letras Galegas. Every year the Real...
  9. W

    Le Puy route during Easter Week?

    I am thinking of beginning my Camino in Le Puy at the beginning of April. Is there anything I should know about walking at Easter season? Do gites shut down, or are they harder to book? Is there any place near the beginning of the route that I should spend Easter? Are there any Catholic masses...
  10. T

    Festivals May/June ?

    Hola, I'm planning on leaving around the 2oth of May from SJPP. I was wondering if there is a website or a list of village/town festivals going on during those times? I'm a photographer and would love to capture some other shots besides landscapes and village churches. Also, I've read...
  11. C

    Semana Santa

    Hola! Does anyone have any particular suggestions for the Portuguese during Semana Santa? I was in Jaca and Pamplona last year during Holy Week and REALLY enjoyed the nightly processions, etc. Does Portugal celebrate to the same extent, or would I be better planning to get to Tui by then...
  12. Stellaluna

    How to avoid San Fermin?

    Hello all, For those of us with the unfortunate (fortunate??) departure date that will have us passing through pamplona during San Fermin what would the veterans recommend in terms of avoiding crowds and finding accommodation? I would most likely prefer to avoid the city entirely during the...
  13. Isabella Geno

    Camino in July

    Hi, I'm planning to start my Camino from SJPDP in early July. I've realised I will be around Pamplona during San Fermin. I'd love to hear from someone who has done the same thing. I was really looking forward seeing Pamplona and don't really want to have to miss it. Is it every day during San...
  14. 1mike12

    pretty crowded in Pamplona

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads up, I got to Pamplona yesterday at 1730 and almost all the alburgues were full. Luckily there were a few spaces at the alburgue ciudad 7. It's the first alburgue I've been to, but it was extremely clean and the staff super nice, and would I would assume...
  15. Tincatinker

    Good Friday in Ponferrada

    A good friend and a primer peregrina starts from Ponferrada Good Friday. Can anyone advise on local festivities?
  16. abejon

    Fiestas de abril. Sevilla 10-11/April/2016

    Just in time for las fiestas de abril, me and my old friend getting on our way from the cathedral Monday morning 11th April/2016. All reservations done and all equipment ready, except return ticket that is. Anybody starting same day? Let's take group picture. !Bonissimo Camino!
  17. SYates

    Easter on the Via de la Plata

    I am seriously considering doing the Via de la Plata next year, possibly around Easter. Any suggestions on which places not to miss when? I am thinking of leaving 'some when' before Good Friday and experiencing Lent and Holy Week on the Camino. Suggestions? Tips? Thanks, SY
  18. zammy

    Arriving to Santiago for Xmas

    What day do I have to plan ahead for arriving to santiago in order to see festivities for Christmas?is it the 24th or 23rd?
  19. B

    Ponferrada - Santiago during Christmas 2015 info PLEASE

    Hello all, With limited time off work (20th dec- 3rd Jan) I would love to try and fit in some of the Camino over Christmas, from what I have read on this forum already and given my time scale, the Ponferrada - Santiago route seem the best fit. Agree or disagree? I am a bit worried about...