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  1. Delta 43

    Portuguese Independence June 10th

    Should I expect any problems with hiking the Portuguese (central) route during June?
  2. C

    Name of Fiesta that was held on September 10th in Santiago?

    Does anyone know the name of the Fiesta held in Praza do Obradoiro on September 10th in Santiago de Compostela? I am making a Camino photobook for my sister and I can't remember. I also can't find any reference to it on the Internet. It was huge with lots of groups dressed up in costumes...
  3. camster

    Saint Days, celebration days in towns

    There was a thread started by @dougfitz regarding market days on the camino and I was wondering if we could have a thread with the different days that towns celebrate patron saints or other figures, unless there already exists one.
  4. Tincatinker

    Good Friday in Ponferrada

    A good friend and a primer peregrina starts from Ponferrada Good Friday. Can anyone advise on local festivities?

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