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first aid & blisters

  1. A

    Foot glide question

    Help please, Air Canada lost my bag - fortunately only a few things in it, I’ve already bought replacement poles. But I also had a roll- on type of foot glide called 2 Toms Sport Shield which worked very well for me. Does anyone know of something equivalent I can buy in Spain or even St Jean...
  2. M

    Effectively Avoiding Blisters

    To avoid blisters, slather vasoline (petrolium jelly) on both feet BEFORE setting out on each day's trek. I have seen advice of using this to soothe blisters after they develop, however if doing this in advance you will be far less likely to ever get any blisters. I have done four caminos and...
  3. Z

    Hiking with bad popped blisters

    Hey, so this is my first Camino (Le Puy) and I've just finished my first day. It's going to sound so naive, but even though I really enjoyed the walk and really didn't find it challenging at all (just a long day!), I developed the biggest blisters on my heels that I've ever had. And I did all...
  4. ndb175

    First timer tips afterwards - blister

    Hey everyone. Just wanted to post something blister related since so many topics helped me so much preparing for my first Camino. I’ve suffered with blisters since day 2 all the way to the end. Nothing better then blisters to keep you ‘in the moment’ right? It sure was painful and still is...
  5. JJinWI

    My Secret Weapon for Blisters

    Prepare yourself, fellow pilgrims, for I am about to reveal my secret weapon against the dreaded blisters (your mileage may vary) As I embark on my third Camino journey, I simply couldn't resist sharing this pearl of wisdom with you. I have utilized this technique not once, but twice on the...
  6. KariannNor

    Hard or soft skin on feet and toes?

    Maybe I should stop reading this forum, I hear things that confuse me a lot.. Without saying anything about my own habits, I wonder what you think: is hard and hardened skin on feet and toes the best to prevent blisters, or constantly peeling away (on your own or by a podiatrist) the hard...
  7. Paula P

    I'm so discouraged!

    Today is the first time I've gotten blisters while training for our camino in July! I thought I had my shoe/sock combo all worked out. My feet have been fine on our 10-12 mile hikes so far (except for my plantar fasciitis but that is another story). Those hikes were all one day training though...
  8. Conchita Espino

    Boots, socks and blisters

    When I did the Camimo Frances in December of 2010, I met up almost daily with a young woman doing it in remembrance of her mother. We talked as pilgrims tend to about many things. Right around Portomarin she started to worry about how bad her blisters were getting. I share the tricks I knew...
  9. P

    Blister under crease of big toe

    Finished my 6 day camino. LOVED IT. But got a blister in the crease under my big toe. Never had one like that before. How are they caused? I wore the same shoes for weeks, and same type/make of socks. Only difference was multiple day walking? Any advice on how to stop in the future?
  10. P

    Old healed blister. Dead skin came off, no blister, should I tape?.

    Hi, walking the camino at the minute, just walking 2 days. I had a blister about a month ago which healed.It didn't burst I used compeed and it went away. But when I took my socks off today the old skin has come away. New skin underneath is fine, and it's not sore at all. Would you tape it over...
  11. SirRon

    Your Ideal First Aid Kit for the Camino

    For all of you veterans of the way, I want to bring along my own first aid kit. I understand I can replenish along the way but I want to have one with me for the start. What do you recommend being in it?
  12. everyday.journeys

    Have you shares in Compeed?

    Are other Pilgrims finding the same thing? We knew that we were going to get blisters, it comes with the journey! However, did anyone else expect to be purchasing so many Compeed packs? We have tallied at around €80 so far and we are only on Day 18! If anyone has any tips on how to see the...
  13. DuaneS

    Help with blisters!

    This isn't a camino specific post, but I just wanted to solicit advice. I completed the Camino Frances in 2017 from SJPDP and have done several other long distance hikes. No matter what shoes I seem to get, or what insoles, I almost always get bad blisters after day 2 or 3. I don't...
  14. A

    Recommendations for Foot Glide to Prevent Blisters During Camino Walk

    On my last Camino I used something called Sport Shield on my feet - a roll on foot glide, and for the first time was blister free! It was not specific for feet. Now that it has been used up I’m looking for something similar. Can anyone recommend a brand that has worked for them? I could just...
  15. David with new Kit!

    Blister advice please

    Hello guys We are walking to Mansilla de las Mulas today and then in to León tomorrow. My wife has a couple of blisters on her feet. They are controlled with Compeed, gauze and pressure pads but still hurt. Can anyone recommend somewhere in either location to get them looked at? Thanks
  16. Huub den Boer

    Does anyone know a good clinic for blisters in Burgos?

    Basically just the title, my friend need some help. She has really bad, big open blisters. we are in Burgos. thanks in advance, huub
  17. davebugg

    Blister Treatment Strategies

    As with most things in life, there are two variables for treating blisters: Do not drain the blister. Drain the blister and keep it drained. The concern about draining a blister is that it can provide a route of infection because the skin is opened, allowing some exposure to a wound. While...
  18. A

    Blister and injury prevention

    Hi everyone, I am about to do my first Camino Frances in March, it will be my first long distance hike and I would be grateful for anyone’s advise on blister kits (what to take) and any tips to prevent or help with muscle pain/fatigue along the way. I am reasonably fit but have never hiked for...
  19. S

    What's in your first aid kit?

    Packing my first first aid kit, I'm having a hard time deciding what's essential. The pre-made kits you can buy at field-and-stream type stores seem to be way too much stuff. What do you like to keep in your pack for first aid on the camino? If it would vary based on which route you're taking...
  20. L

    Podiatrist needed, currently in Rabanal

    Need a podiatrist I have a big blister on my heel and currently have compeed on it. Where will the nearest podiatrist be, Villafranca?

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