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first aid & blisters

  1. DuaneS

    Help with blisters!

    This isn't a camino specific post, but I just wanted to solicit advice. I completed the Camino Frances in 2017 from SJPDP and have done several other long distance hikes. No matter what shoes I seem to get, or what insoles, I almost always get bad blisters after day 2 or 3. I don't...
  2. A

    Foot glide recommendations

    On my last Camino I used something called Sport Shield on my feet - a roll on foot glide, and for the first time was blister free! It was not specific for feet. Now that it has been used up I’m looking for something similar. Can anyone recommend a brand that has worked for them? I could just...
  3. David with new Kit!

    Blister advice please

    Hello guys We are walking to Mansilla de las Mulas today and then in to León tomorrow. My wife has a couple of blisters on her feet. They are controlled with Compeed, gauze and pressure pads but still hurt. Can anyone recommend somewhere in either location to get them looked at? Thanks
  4. Huub den Boer

    Does anyone know a good clinic for blisters in Burgos?

    Basically just the title, my friend need some help. She has really bad, big open blisters. we are in Burgos. thanks in advance, huub
  5. davebugg

    Blister Treatment Strategies

    As with most things in life, there are two variables for treating blisters: Do not drain the blister. Drain the blister and keep it drained. The concern about draining a blister is that it can provide a route of infection because the skin is opened, allowing some exposure to a wound. While...
  6. A

    Blister and injury prevention

    Hi everyone, I am about to do my first Camino Frances in March, it will be my first long distance hike and I would be grateful for anyone’s advise on blister kits (what to take) and any tips to prevent or help with muscle pain/fatigue along the way. I am reasonably fit but have never hiked for...
  7. S

    What's in your first aid kit?

    Packing my first first aid kit, I'm having a hard time deciding what's essential. The pre-made kits you can buy at field-and-stream type stores seem to be way too much stuff. What do you like to keep in your pack for first aid on the camino? If it would vary based on which route you're taking...
  8. L

    Podiatrist needed, currently in Rabanal

    Need a podiatrist I have a big blister on my heel and currently have compeed on it. Where will the nearest podiatrist be, Villafranca?
  9. t2andreo

    Knights of Malta to provide first aid at Pilgrim office...

    I received this in a regular newsletter from ACC (Acogida Cristiana del Camino). It is in Spanish, but I use Chrome, so I right-click and translate to English... Bottom line, the Knights of Malta will have a care station somewhere on the...
  10. David

    First aid from April 3rd - Puente La Reina onward

    Hi all - just to let any forum members who are about to go on Camino know that I will be out there from April 3rd, Wednesday. I am taking the ferry tomorrow from Plymouth to Santander and buses to Pamplona then next day on to Puente La Reina so I will be in Albergue Santiago Apostol, Puente...
  11. David

    On Camino again doing first aid

    Hi all, just to let any of you out on Camino know that I am here with my first aid kit. This time I have my citroen Berlingo that I have converted into the smallest camper, tiny but even has a toilet! Arrived Roncesvalles today and have done some work, a few blisters, foot massage, hot spot...
  12. Marbe2

    Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?

    I was wondering if anyone brings a tourniquet that is light and easy to use? Recommendations welcome.
  13. martin1ws

    First aid without 112

    What should I do if I find someone who needs help (cannot go on) and I cannot call 112 (no connectivity)? If we are 2 pilgrims, one helps and one goes on to find/call help. And if I am on my own? * Without breathing: breath donation and hoping that someone comes to find/call help. *...
  14. TheLazyPilgrim

    First Aid Kit - Basic items to take?

    Howdy folks! I just wanted to run through my list of 12 items that I will be packing into a small First Aid Kit which I will be taking with me on the Camino Frances in September 2018. I understand that there are many pharmacies along the way and that keeping things light is a priority, but I...
  15. David

    First aid kit for helping others

    Hi - many of you will know that I am a Unitarian Franciscan and go to Camino a couple of times a year to offer first aid and pastoral care? Mainly because of that pesky Good Samaritan story that ends with the command "then go, Ye, and do likewise" (Luke 10:25-37). Well, the beginning of the...
  16. Debra Garcia

    Medical first aid kit

    Hi All! Starting to put finishing touches to my pack to get ready to walk in May. Right now I am putting together a first aid kit. I want to take what I need but not carry more weight than I have to. Thinking about taking an ace wrap, one blister kit, few bandaids, small tube of neosporin,some...
  17. Charles Zammit

    LIVE from the Camino Blister tip .

    For the very first time in my walking career I have developed blisters . A few hot days on the Camino Frances in gortex lined Merrells has done it . I couldn't live with them let alone walk on them and had to puncture them . But I didn't want to risk infection by using a safety pin...
  18. DeniseT

    What is in the essential first aid kit

    hello again, Thankyou for all your hints and support, just got to sort out my first aid kit, and another light weight shirt . Do I really need a map book???? what is in the very light weight essential first aid kit So far My tiny awesome little Gerber multi tool Strapping tape 8 safety pins...
  19. David

    Just back from doing first aid and "female" footwear!

    Hi. I am just back from my first aid mission on the Camino. This year, instead of staying to the first week from St Jean, I used Rabanal as my base, travelling east of Astorga and as far west as Ponferrada. I converted my little Citroen Berlingo into a micro camping car, very cute and...
  20. David

    Spring numbers and first aid

    Hi all ... I am recently back from doing first aid on the Frances, mainly around Los Arcos .. what I found, to my surprise, was that pilgrim numbers seemed to be down by quite a lot ... where I was, strolling 'upstream' along the Camino and back again I saw every pilgrim that day and there just...