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first aid

  1. S

    What's in your first aid kit?

    Packing my first first aid kit, I'm having a hard time deciding what's essential. The pre-made kits you can buy at field-and-stream type stores seem to be way too much stuff. What do you like to keep in your pack for first aid on the camino? If it would vary based on which route you're taking...
  2. L

    Podiatrist needed, currently in Rabanal

    Need a podiatrist I have a big blister on my heel and currently have compeed on it. Where will the nearest podiatrist be, Villafranca?
  3. Marbe2

    Tourniquet: Does anyone bring one on the Camino?

    I was wondering if anyone brings a tourniquet that is light and easy to use? Recommendations welcome.
  4. TheLazyPilgrim

    First Aid Kit - Basic items to take?

    Howdy folks! I just wanted to run through my list of 12 items that I will be packing into a small First Aid Kit which I will be taking with me on the Camino Frances in September 2018. I understand that there are many pharmacies along the way and that keeping things light is a priority, but I...
  5. Debra Garcia

    Medical first aid kit

    Hi All! Starting to put finishing touches to my pack to get ready to walk in May. Right now I am putting together a first aid kit. I want to take what I need but not carry more weight than I have to. Thinking about taking an ace wrap, one blister kit, few bandaids, small tube of neosporin,some...
  6. jo webber

    Surviving in the Heat

    After reading the Hot, Get a Hat thread I decided to post a bit of information on how to survive a heat wave or just heat one is unaccustomed to. I have lived in the desert for 55+yrs, where summer temps reach 115F on a normal summer day. Last year we had a person die almost every weekend from...
  7. David

    First aid on Camino - some thoughts

    Hi. I am recently back from doing seven weeks first aid. I am usually alone and having the comradeship, help, and support from JennyH94 really enhanced the whole experience for me (especially her wildly irreverent sense of humour that matches mine!). We met many injured pilgrims; Puenta La Reina...
  8. David

    September pilgrims, first aid & disasters!

    Hi there Peregrinos! I am taking ship tomorrow on my way to the Camino - should be at Roncesvalles in the afternoon of the 25th August and will move backwards and forwards between Roncesvalles and Logrono until JennyH from Australia joins me in Pamplona and we will be back at Roncesvalles 5/6th...
  9. Peregrino Falcon

    What's in your first aid kit?

    Just looking for ideas about what people specifically bring that constitutes their first aid kit, as last year it occurred to me mine was seriously lacking, and, although I'm an ultra-light hiker, I want to do better this year. So what did you bring, and for what purpose? Thanks in advance...
  10. Connor

    Your First Aid Kit, what is in it?

    Hey everyone, I am a new pilgrim and I am wondering what to put in my first aid kit. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  11. David

    First Aid kit for helping other pilgrims

    Hello all. As some of you know I go to Camino once or twice a year to offer first aid (and pastoral care) to pilgrims. Being one of those pesky Christians - a Unitarian Franciscan - the mission is based on the specific command from Jesus at the end of the parable of the Good Samaritan "then go...