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first camino

  1. IvanGrozni

    Reflections of a first-timer on the Camino Frances in 2020

    In the summer of 2020, I did my Camino, during the Corona pandemic. I very impulsively decided to go to the Camino. One evening I went out for a walk and during the walk, I decided to go, out of the blue. It was quite impulsive because lots of people who go to the Camino plan it for a very long...
  2. C

    1st time Camino. Starting Frances 26th Sep

    Hi everyone, I'm embarking upon my first Camino this Saturday coming - 26th. Am I correct in saying there will be enough alberques open to not have to worry too much about accomodation? I'm bringing a tent also. I won't starve? There will be enough food outlets along the way that are open...
  3. VintageElsa1967

    Discouraged in Florida

    I have been wanting to do the Frances Way. I have been walking and trying get myself used to walking long distances. I am mostly able to do about 8 miles in a day. It is boring and uneventful to just walk here. I have tried walking the beaches and it is better. Still I feel like maybe I should...
  4. F

    Totally Clueless Beginner

    Hi sorry in advance for the inevitably annoying noob thread :p but I'm in a bit of a panic/rush I have been suffering from an illness (no not that one) it was a mental one and I am mostly better now and on a whim I have decided to walk the camino as someone who inspired me said it changed their...
  5. Gibbo147

    Packing for my First Camino

    Hey everyone. This has been asked a million times I am sure, and I have spent weeks researching these and other threads and sites to come up with my list. I am doing a few training walks now, but have yet to buy the pack so its going to be an interesting one. I plan on shopping up a storm...
  6. M

    Senior Newbies planning first Camino- advice?

    Hola to all, I'm a complete newbie, planning a first trip for September 2020. I''ll be with a party of other senior newbies and we are using this as a "get to know" Camino stage, as at least a couple of us are thinking about doing a full Camino in the future. Meanwhile for this initial stage...
  7. frankieolson

    First Timer

    Hello all! Looking forward for my first Camino this April.. I'm sure I'll have many questions, but first I would love to know any advice for beginning my trip. I am thinking I will start at SJPdP, but the more I have read the more I have found that it is quite difficult finding open beds during...
  8. V

    Opinions on starting date to Camino Primitivo

    Hello. I've been thinking about doing the Camino Primitivo this year as my first camino ever. I've been reading sites, some guides and especially this forum. I would have about 16 days of walking to do the Primitivo, possibly including the Camino Verde which i just discovered thanks to the...
  9. A

    Advice required please 😊

    Hi everyone, i have decided to do the Camino in September 2020 with my Step mum. I am 36 (im pretty active, gym 2-3 times a week, dog walks etc) & Step mum 62 (prob fitter than me walks everywhere & gym 5 times a week) i live in the UK & She lives in Spain (Malaga) we have the Simon Green book...
  10. Y

    What are the differences between Frances Camino(Spain) vs. Portuguese Camino?

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the Camino Community, I was recently freed from shackles of slavery (aka, a day job) so I am contemplating a trip. I have done a beach trip to near Cancun (Isla de Mujeres) in Spring this year but it seems I came back mostly an alcoholic as we lay in the beach and...
  11. NigelP52

    Starting out in September

    Hi Everyone, I'm starting my first Camino Frances on 4th September, I only have 15 days so hopefully will be back to complete from wherever I end up this time!! Looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying the space and time. Burn Camino everyone.
  12. Zunigandi

    Tips/ Joy for a newbie!

    Hi Folks! I’m headed out in a week to do most of the Camino Norte! So excited! Arriving in San Sebastián on July 22. I’m doing 23 days with partial transit in between since I can’t do all 35. I’m SUPER excited. I haven’t met anyone who has done el Norte, haven’t found as many resources as...
  13. VendulaF

    Vía de la Plata as a first camino

    Hello! I am planning to take Vía de la Plata this mid August. I will not walk the entire VdlP, I am planning to walk only from Zamora to Santiago. It is my very first camino and I am planning to go solo. I have chosen this way, due to I want to follow beautiful and calm path (not too crowded)...
  14. R

    Here goes...

    Hi, So I'm sitting here in SJPDP, contemplating my beer, and figured I would try and share my story as I attempt the Camino Frances. My name is Ryan and I'm 32 y/o. I'm likely underprepared, and I've definitely over packed :). (Thankfully, there are baggage transfer services) I've spent the...
  15. TheLuther7

    Newbie needs some help to start camino from South France

    Hello everyone, I am planing to walk Camino de Santiago this year starting from June. I want to do a longer trip, I don't need to rush or anything, so I was thinking to start somewhere place like Montpellier/Carcassonne or some place around, and see a bit of France as well during my camino. I...
  16. A

    19 days - start in Burgos or León?

    Hi! As it is now I have 19 days and it seems Burgos to Santiago is 21 days while Leon to Santiago is generally 13 days - I am not in super walking shape (have not been training much by walking, but I do crossfit two times a week). What would you do? It's important for me to end in Santiago, so...
  17. A

    Scared to walk alone

    I am going a bit back an forth on this one - I really do like having the freedom do walk the distance I want, but I'm also finding myself scared of walking alone now, especially as I'm starting on la meseta. Which is strange, given I have travelled around India and Nepal on my own for a year...
  18. R

    My first time - ALONE

    Hey all! So I am planning my trip to walk the entire Camino Frances at the end of May 2019. I graduate from college and am looking for the "break" between undergrad and law school. I am traveling from Toronto, ON at 4:45pm and flying overnight to Toulouse, FRA, arriving at 9:05am. From there I...
  19. DevereUx

    What I learned on the Camino

    Having just finished the Camino Frances, here's some of what I learned: It's all about shoes! The shoes will make or break a Camino! Test, test and test some more. I chose trail runners, after test walking in 11 different types of shoes (Amazon is very forgiving, but don't abuse them). I found...
  20. R

    Camino del Norte or camino Frances?

    Hey everyone, I will be 19 years old next year and I'm planning on walking the Camino somewhere next year. Preferably in the spring.. I am a woman and will be walking the Camino on my own. I'd really like some advice, because I'm kind of at a lost.😅 I've been reading up on the different...