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first camino

  1. Zunigandi

    Tips/ Joy for a newbie!

    Hi Folks! I’m headed out in a week to do most of the Camino Norte! So excited! Arriving in San Sebastián on July 22. I’m doing 23 days with partial transit in between since I can’t do all 35. I’m SUPER excited. I haven’t met anyone who has done el Norte, haven’t found as many resources as...
  2. Dadhairday

    March Accommodation and Experiences

    I’m planning my first Camino, the Norte, aiming to start as early as possible in March 2020. I’m looking for advice on how easy it is to get accommodation on the spot at this early time of year. Any other advice always welcome. My only real kit dilemma is cagoule or poncho. I usually walk with...
  3. VendulaF

    Vía de la Plata as a first camino

    Hello! I am planning to take Vía de la Plata this mid August. I will not walk the entire VdlP, I am planning to walk only from Zamora to Santiago. It is my very first camino and I am planning to go solo. I have chosen this way, due to I want to follow beautiful and calm path (not too crowded)...
  4. A

    19 days - start in Burgos or León?

    Hi! As it is now I have 19 days and it seems Burgos to Santiago is 21 days while Leon to Santiago is generally 13 days - I am not in super walking shape (have not been training much by walking, but I do crossfit two times a week). What would you do? It's important for me to end in Santiago, so...
  5. N

    Booking Albergues Semana Santa

    Hello, I'm a first time pilgrim and I'll be walking the camino from Astorga to Santiago April 19-May 5. I plan to arrive in Leon on the 18th, get my credentials and spend the night, then bus to Astorga the next day to officially begin. Am I able to stay in a albergue on the 18th when I arrive...
  6. paleoirish

    Where to get an Altus poncho in Burgos

    Hi all, I'll be starting from Burgos in about 4 weeks time and am wondering if I can buy an Altus raincoat poncho in Burgos? Thanks for your input :)
  7. A

    Scared to walk alone

    I am going a bit back an forth on this one - I really do like having the freedom do walk the distance I want, but I'm also finding myself scared of walking alone now, especially as I'm starting on la meseta. Which is strange, given I have travelled around India and Nepal on my own for a year...
  8. R

    Camino del Norte or camino Frances?

    Hey everyone, I will be 19 years old next year and I'm planning on walking the Camino somewhere next year. Preferably in the spring.. I am a woman and will be walking the Camino on my own. I'd really like some advice, because I'm kind of at a lost.😅 I've been reading up on the different...
  9. PetePie

    I'm Ready and waiting- 4 weeks to go!

    Well I've finally done it, I'm all booked and now ready and waiting to start my first solo Camino Frances. I arrive at Biarritz airport on 9.20am Tuesday 25 September. Then the journey to SJPDP to start walking on Wednesday. Looking forward to my journey and meeting everyone on this path to...
  10. ProulxKR

    23 y/o American looking for help planning to my first Camino!

    Hello! I am looking to walk a large part or all of the Camino Frances in the next two months (I know short notice) and I'd like any and all advice you have for doing the route on your own. Also, if there is anyone looking to walk the route around the same time (Sept 2018), please let me know!
  11. J

    From Biarritz to Saint Jean next week

    Hi! I’m walking my first Camino this year, starting next Thursday (5th of July), and was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to get from Biarritz airport to saint Jean. Or even better, if someone is going on the same day and would like to share a taxi/shuttle:) Best, Julia
  12. J

    Camino Portugues - Pros and Cons of starting from Lisbon

    Hey everyone, I am planning to do Camino Du Portugues in June of 2019. My rough plan at the moment is to do the interior route from Lisbon to Porto and then once in Porto take the coastal route to Santiago. Is this a good idea? I have been researching a bunch of stuff and I've seen a lot...
  13. Kim Won Sills

    Questions from an amateur, walking in July 2018

    Hey everyone! In July I intend to walk the Camino del Norte beginning around the 18th - 20th. This will be my first Camino and I chose the Northern Way because as I understand it, it's a "quieter" walk that hugs coastline for stretches and with less road walking than the Frances. Also with it...
  14. The12stepwarrior

    September 2018 who’s going?

    I’m going to walk the full Francis on my third visit to the Camino from st Jean to Santiago. Will anyone else be walking in September 2018? Thanks. Peter
  15. D

    First Camino, Need some advice

    With little time to plan, we are 2 ladies intending to set out on Camino Portugal on May 15 for about 2 weeks. We are first timer on the Camino. Living our whole life in cities. Been reading for a few days the posts in this forum, very grateful for so many helpful and inspiring pilgrims sharing...
  16. Librarian75

    First Camino in May/June

    Hello! My partner and I will be walking the Camino Frances, starting in Pamplona, from May 18- July 4. My questions are in terms of weather: 1- I have a pair of North Face fleece running tights that fit perfectly and are really comfortable, but I wonder if those would be too hot for May and...
  17. J

    One week camino from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    I am planning my first camino in August 2018 and alone. I booked a flight to Biarritz and would like to know what airport to choose on my way back. I can walk 15 - 20 Kilometers in a day. Many thanks for your advise
  18. S

    Wailing woman in Sarria

    Hi everyone! First post from me. I'm a solo female traveller and arrived in Sarria yesterday to start my walk today. I'm staying in an albergue on the camino and last night an old woman started wailing and singing and playing a tin whistle for a few hours in the middle of the night. I booked a...
  19. Nastucha

    My first Camino

    Hi everyone, my name is Anastasia and this Camino (starting from Madrid and heading towards Santiago and maybe a bit further if I can make it) is a part of my first ever solo travel experience. I am a little unprepared and was feeling really anxious about starting the Camino for about 2 weeks...
  20. M

    Norte in October compared to CF

    Q: Is it stupid/to late to start Camino del Norte on september 25 for a solo first timer? So I arrive in Biarritz monday the 25th of september, and the plan was to the go to SJPDP and start the CF. I have spend hours/months thinking about if I should take the CdN or CF and finally settled on...

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