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first camino

  1. Librarian75

    First Camino in May/June

    Hello! My partner and I will be walking the Camino Frances, starting in Pamplona, from May 18- July 4. My questions are in terms of weather: 1- I have a pair of North Face fleece running tights that fit perfectly and are really comfortable, but I wonder if those would be too hot for May and...
  2. J

    One week camino from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

    I am planning my first camino in August 2018 and alone. I booked a flight to Biarritz and would like to know what airport to choose on my way back. I can walk 15 - 20 Kilometers in a day. Many thanks for your advise
  3. S

    Wailing woman in Sarria

    Hi everyone! First post from me. I'm a solo female traveller and arrived in Sarria yesterday to start my walk today. I'm staying in an albergue on the camino and last night an old woman started wailing and singing and playing a tin whistle for a few hours in the middle of the night. I booked a...
  4. Nastucha

    My first Camino

    Hi everyone, my name is Anastasia and this Camino (starting from Madrid and heading towards Santiago and maybe a bit further if I can make it) is a part of my first ever solo travel experience. I am a little unprepared and was feeling really anxious about starting the Camino for about 2 weeks...
  5. M

    Norte in October compared to CF

    Q: Is it stupid/to late to start Camino del Norte on september 25 for a solo first timer? So I arrive in Biarritz monday the 25th of september, and the plan was to the go to SJPDP and start the CF. I have spend hours/months thinking about if I should take the CdN or CF and finally settled on...
  6. A

    Looking to walk in Spring.

    Being from the southern hemisphere, I have no experience of spring in the northern. I am thinking about starting the Camino Frances around middle of April 2018. What kind of weather can I expect? What temperatures? Is the road more slippery? Is this a busy time on the Camino Frances? Are...
  7. Alberte

    First time on the road

    Hi everybody! I am a danish girl (22 y/o) who will walk the camino for the first time in July. I will spend 2 weeks on the Camino Frances, starting off in Ponferrada. Is it necessary to book hostels in advance? I know that there are many people walking on the road this month, and since it is my...
  8. B

    If I arrive to SJPdP @ 8.45 will I get to Roncesvalles too late?

    Hey! I arrive at 10pm on a Sunday in Bayonne and from my research I have gathered that there are no trains/buses to SJPdP until monday morning... I am worried by the time that I leave SJPdP - I wont make it to Roncesvalles with enough time to grab a bed or even in daylight hours... I can't...
  9. CaptNoglos

    Starting our First Camino shortly.

    Only two weeks to go until we arrive in SJPdP on the 27th, to start walking to SdC on the 29th. Bags nearly ready, stuff everywhere sorted into (small) piles....Stuff to Take, Stuff I want to Take, Stuff I would like to Talk, Lists of shopping to do to take, House and stuff to arrange at home...
  10. C

    Looking for pilgrim Camino Frances October/November 2016

    Hi I'm going to do my first camino starting on october 7th 2016 in SJPDP. I was wondering if there were any other people starting around that date, and how busy it is.
  11. J

    Primitivo or Frances?

    Hi I am in the process of organising my first Camino. I will be travelling alone but want to meet lots of fellow pilgrims. I cannot decide whether to start at Sarria on the Camino Frances or Lugo on Camino Primitivo. Can anyone provide pros and cons for each route? Thankyou
  12. L

    My first Camino June 2016

    Hi there, I'm a complete newbie but very excited to have stumbled across this site with so many Camino enthusiasts :) I'm planning to cut my teeth on a short section of the Camino Portuguese Coastal Route starting this June in Porto- just a month's time now :0 Soooooooooo looking forward to it...
  13. psychoticparrot

    Need basic fitness advice for the unfit and (relatively) old newbie

    Hello, all. My husband and I are both 64, in relative good health, are complete tenderfoots, have never done any serious walking or hiking in our lives ... and yet we both greatly desire to walk the Camino next year in April and May. We've been in Managua, Nicaragua, for the past 3 months and...
  14. D

    First Camino (with kids)- wondering best route...?

    Hi All, My family and I, including kids aged 11 and 9 are wanting to walk for a week in April. We are wondering is Sarria to Santiago a good section to do or perhaps the Pyrenees St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona? We are hoping for about a week's walking and really want to feel the spirit of the...
  15. faye bettencourt

    deciding on best route for my first camino de santiago

    I am in my early sixties and planning to walk the camino in June 2016 with my best friend. We want to walk a coastal route and are trying decide if we should do part of the norte in Spain or the Portuguese coastal route. We are both active having run several 10k races. Any advice for two women...
  16. A

    gijon to santiago

    I am walking the camino in June but cannot decide to take the portugese costal route from porto or the north route from gijon to santiago. any info would be appreciated
  17. peregrina2000

    How do you choose the route for your first Camino?

    Now that the Camino Frances is gaining so much in popularity, two things have happened. First, there is a much larger number of "newbies" on the forum who are looking for information about "the Camino" and are planning to walk "the Camino." But then second, since so many of us have been back...
  18. Sandra S

    Live - Camino Francés Day 1- feeling really rattled/unsafe- help?

    Hi all! I started my Camino at SJPDP this morning, and the first half of the day was amazing. I was the only one who took the route to Valcarlos, and loved the morning fog, vistas, and solitude. I had some really incredible moments and felt so profoundly grateful to be having this experience...
  19. Justin of the South

    What I Learned After My First Camino

    - I needed a lot less than I thought I would and I didn't bring that much to begin with. - Generosity abounds. - You will be hard pressed to run out of food or water...ever. I used a water "system" that worked well for reducing weight: I drank a full water bottle whenever I crossed paths with a...
  20. M

    Ready for the Camino :D

    Hi to everyone !!! the day after tomorrow (10th September) I'm going to arrive to BURGOS so on the 11th I'm going to START for the first time the Camino Frances :D !!! Can't wait !! I just have some problem with the backpack because it's too heavy but I'm trying to figured it out ! :D Do you...


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