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  1. B

    Flying with Kids Under 5 from USA

    What is the best (and cheapest) way to fly from Chicago to the Camino? We have not determined where we are starting but depends when we go. Maybe April/May. My son cannot tolerate heat so need to go when it's not hot and not rainy (with kids?!) We have thought about walking (with stroller) and...
  2. lissie45

    Flying to Europe from Down Under

    Flying from New Zealand generally the cheapest flights are into London, Paris, Rome. Madrid is a few hundred euros more. Planning on walking SJPP to Santiago maybe Finisterre I'm starting to think about flights for next year and I'm thinking that the easiest option would be into Paris and...
  3. A

    Pre-book or risk it?

    My husband and I have our travel plans booked to Biarritz, as well as a flight home from Madrid. Do people suggest pre-booking travel from Biarritz to SJPDP, as well as travel from Santiago to Madrid (we were looking at flights but how variable are those in price and availability?)
  4. Susan M Fron

    Enough time between flights?

    I am traveling from the US Chicago to London Gatwick via Norwegian then on to Biarritz. My flight gets into London Gatwick at 11:35 a.m. and the flight to Biarritz on EasyJet is at 1:50 pm. will I have enough time to make the connection? I will be carrying my pack not checking it. Does anyone...
  5. Prentiss Riddle

    Flying to Spain via Mexico City on Aeromexico

    One travel story that might be useful for pilgrims from the southwestern US: Austin just got a non-stop Aeromexico connection to Mexico City, so we were intrigued when our Camino ticket search turned up a good price on an AUS-MEX-MAD flight. We decided to give it a shot, with mixed results...
  6. lauratherings

    Belorado to Dublin

    Hi All, I'm walking part of the Camino in May and am finding it difficult to figure out where to fly back to Dublin from! I don't want to run out of time on the walk so was planning on leaving from Belorado - but could go one stage before or after if that's easier. Has anyone flown back from...
  7. notion900

    Ryanair flash sale 30th March only

    Ryanair are getting on the Brexit branding bandwagon by having a flash sale today until midnight. Be aware that they fly mainly out of London Stansted which is a horrible connection from London Heathrow.
  8. JamieCam

    Recommendations for the best way to get from Santiago to Madrid?

    I hope I'm posting this in the right place ;) I will be traveling to Madrid on the day I plan to arrive in Santiago. What is the best way to get there? Train? Flight? Should I book in advance or can I book a couple of days before I get there? Thanks!
  9. P

    Buying equipment at SJPP

    As I can't bring a swiss army knife or scissors in my Hand Luggage on the flight, can I buy said equipments at SJPP? I got my army knife from my father, so I am not an expert in selecting original swiss army knives and not copies. Any recommendation on this topic?
  10. Stellaluna

    Santiago to Paris (CDG)... HELP!!!

    I have to be at CDG at 15:30 on August 9 to fly back to Canada and was hoping to NOT have to spend the night before in Paris. I had seen morning flights out of Santiago on Veuling on line but now see only afternoon flights. Hmmmmm??? So it seems that I might have to do an overnight in Paris...
  11. C

    Iberia will start flights to Biarritz on March 29th

    Iberia will start flights from Madrid to Biarritz on March 29th. Flights will be operated by Air Nostrum and will run daily except Saturdays. Departure time from Madrid will be at noon. I don't know if flights will be year round or just seasonal. From Biarritz airport, you can take a bus to...
  12. ParistoCapeCod

    Iberia has Changed the date and time for My Flight Four Times

    Hi Folks, Just a heads up to be sure your airline's emails aren't going in the spam folder. I am going back for a not-quite-usual route in April and am flying from Boston to A Coruna, walking Lugo to SdC, and flying back from Sdc to Boston. Every time Iberia makes a change I have to coordinate...
  13. T

    Travelling from Canada

    Hi there, My future wife and I will be travelling from Canada in May of 2016 to start our walk most likely in Pamplona. We are thinking about getting round trip tickets to Barcelona and then taking the bus or train to Pamplona. After completing we would again bus/train or fly from Santiago de...
  14. TarantoLK

    Round-trip or One-way airfare?

    Hello everyone, I am in a debate with myself about buying airfare roundtrip or one way. I'm concerned that having a deadline could mentally throw me off while doing my pilgrimage, also price can be a factor by doubling. My trip will be starting in September 2016. I am currently planning on...

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