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food & cooking

  1. ivar

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    What Camino would you walk?
  2. Camino Food - Great Food on the Camino Frances

    Camino Food - Great Food on the Camino Frances

    Walking the Camino de Santiago, or at least the Camino Frances, can sometimes feel like you are eating your away across Spain! No wonder I never lose weight!

    What did pilgrims eat 1000 years ago? - do share simple recipes

    I started thinking about this a day or so back - How spartan was the cuisine? After some very basic research it seems as if the menu may have not been so elaborate but there was almost as much variety then as now. Rice may have not quite reached Iberian peninsular and potatoes had to wait...
  4. J

    Vegan on Camino Del Norte

    I walked Frances last year as a vegan and whilst it was sometimes tricky (and I lost quite a bit of weight.. I think most of my calories came from the wine!) I mostly managed to eat fairly well by a combination of tracking down veggie albergues&restaurants, veggie paellas, and cooking my own...
  5. Michio

    Is it possible to pay for a meal at an albergue you're not staying at?

    Being a vegetarian I like to plan ahead a little bit where my next meal is concerned. I notice that Albergue El Palo de Avellano in Zubiri is meant to do a nice vegetarian pilgrim's meal but I've booked a room in a different albergue for the night that doesn't do evening meals. Do albergues only...
  6. D

    Fuentestrella Restaurante - Hontanas

    Hey Pilgrims, Back in 2017, I stayed in Hontanas whilst walking the CF. Myself and many more pilgrims took advantage of the pilgrim menu in the above restaurant. After we ate our food, the paella chef gave an incredible speech (once again, I wish I'd have recorded it) about the Camino, about...
  7. B

    Seeking gluten free/celiac disease walking advice

    Hi everyone, I've searched the forum and am hoping to start a new thread concerning those of us with Celiac Disease who need to stick to a strict gluten free diet. I speak decent enough Spanish and am not too worried about communicating my needs, but would love to hear any recent advice/tips...
  8. M

    30 April marks the spot

    And so the journey has begun.... I feel the muscles of my face beginning to relax, my feet feel a little nervous but my heart is filed with excitement and joy... I begin my first Camino on Tuesday. Just wondering about how easy or challenging it is to find vegetarian meals along the way and...
  9. Ricardo Oliveira

    Live - Camino Portugues Vegetarian Camino Help

    Hi Pilgrims, After having done two paths with my little son, this year we returned on the way to make Valença - Santiago in 3 days, it will be such an adventure. Considering that we are vegetarians will be a challenge aside waiting for us on the way. Anyone have suggestions to give us about...
  10. Roger0704

    Places with communal meals on the Norte .....

    Hello fellow Peregrinos.. I love to have evening meals together with fellow peregrinos in the albergues. If you now albergues who provide this on the Norte, please respond to this message, so I can put them on my to do list.;)
  11. AlwynWellington

    Cooking from Canterbury to Rome

    Background In September 2018 I walked from Canterbury Cathedral to Chaumont-en-Haut-Marne. I thought I was reasonably well set up. In addition to the usual garbage I also had a two person tent (me and my pack) and a single sleeping pad: total weight less than 900 gram. All up walking weight...
  12. SherlyC

    A thank you recipe for all pilgrims on this forum: Caldo Gallego

    Hola lovely pilgrims! It has been exactly one month since I got back from the Camino (SJPdP - Santiago). It was such an amazing experience mentally and physically. I returned with more strength, energy, lots of gratitude and quite some significant learnings for my life. This forum and the...
  13. DevereUx

    Camino coffee

    It struck me today as I consumed my morning "joe", that I REALLY miss those morning coffees on the Camino! Does anyone miss the blank faced bar-person, when you ask for "un cafe largo", or "cafe americano" or "cafe grande"? Probably not, but you probably do miss the person banging the old...
  14. Peakseeker

    Food on the Norte

    So I have a few questions around the topic of food. For all you vegetarians, what kind of options were available as far as pilgrim meals go? I don't necessarily mind eating seafood here and there. It is coastal Spain after all, I would say if at any point in my life I should allow myself to...
  15. Kev

    Non seafood availability on coastal route?

    My wife and I are leaving on the 22nd from Porto and we are curious as to the availability of non-seafood options. There is a potential allergen issue with my wife, so all seafood is off the menu. We are still undecided on exact path, going to let the Camino direct us, but do have interest in...
  16. 5

    Vegetarian - to cook or not to cook?

    Hi I've searched for a thread around this but can't find one. I'm vegetarian and setting off soon for 3 weeks, starting StJPdP. I was thinking of taking my trusty trangia - my bag is being transported, so I won't have to carry it. How have other veggies found the food? Past experience of Spain...
  17. Yodapsy

    Places to eat in Vila Do Conde

    We arrive in Porto on the morning of July 13 and will walk to Vila Do Conde. We have hotel reservations in VDC but have been looking at YouTube videos about Portuguese food and our mouths have been watering. Any recommendations of restaurants or menu del dia in VDC or on the Portugues Central in...
  18. J

    Bread Cheese and Meat, Oh my!

    Hello Pilgrims! We are a month out from our month long journey and I am finally feeling those butterflies. Our family of four (two kids ages 4 and 2, and ourselves) have decided to take a 27 day journey and start in San Sebastian and end in Llandes. It is clear the Pilgirms are well taken care...
  19. Camino Breakfast

    Camino Breakfast

  20. N

    Vegan on the Camino!

    Hi folks, I am due to start the Camino next weekend. I am a vegan though! I wondered do cafes and restaurants serve vegan options? E.g salad with no dairy, chickpea dishes, gazpacho? If the worst comes to the worst I may have to eat eggs and cheese I guess. I’d rather not but if needs must...