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food & drink

  1. C

    Gluten Free on Camino

    Has anyone completed the camino on a gluten free diet? I'm leaving next weekend and I'm mostly wondering if I should bring some GF snack bars to ensure I have something to eat for breakfasts or if I should likely be able to access something GF at/near the hostels easily. I hear that most hostel...
  2. Yallah

    What did you cook along the camino?

    A just-for-fun question. I know many people (including me) do a lot of cooking along the camino, either to save money or to get out of the "pilgrim menú" rut. I'm feeling nostalgic for the many pasta dinners and bottles of cheap red wine, as well as the impossibly rich Greek yogurt I used to...
  3. Luka

    Vegetarian solutions on the VdlP?

    As a vegetarian I am pretty used to survive on potatoes, eggs, cheese and some vegetables when in Spain. I have two concerns when walking every day: proteins and variety. If anyone might have run into a vegetarian restaurant I would be happy to know. My other (and a lot easier) solution is...
  4. S

    Gluten and Wheat free bread

    My daughter and I are about to embark (30 June) on our first walk along the Camino trail. Only doing the last 130km unfortunately as we are time poor and coming over from Australia with only 2 weeks holiday. But we are soooo excited!! My daughter is a Ceoliac and I was wondering if there is...
  5. trinencadian

    another allergy question

    Hey! I noticed people asking allergy questions and thought I’d ask mine as well. Does anyone know how prominent fresh pork is in Spanish food? I can eat cured pork (ie cured ham and bacon) but anything fresh makes me horribly ill. Weird, I know. How likely would pork just randomly appear in a...
  6. R

    New pilgrim with a food allergy question

    Hello everyone, Firstly, I would like to thank all the seasoned travellers and frequent posters for their invaluable contributions to this forum; I have learned so much about the Camino simply by reading the posts! I will be heading off to do the last third of the Camino in September, finishing...
  7. NoorvanderVeen

    Vegetarian albergues/restaurants on the Camino Frances

    Past summer I walked from SJPP to Santiago. As a vegetarian, it wasn't always easy to find places where we could eat a nice vegetarian dish other than patatas or pasta with tomatosauce. I did however notice there were a lot of nice vegetarian(friendly) albergues and restaurants, but we always...
  8. yellowshoes55

    Lactose intolerance/allergy

    Hi. I am also new to the forum. I have read heaps of forums. Hubby & I are planning to do the Camino May, 2014. I am lactose intolerant. I will bring 1litre of Zymil UHT (lactose free) for a daily coffee. I can use Lacteeze tablets, but they are very hit and miss. Much prefer, if available...
  9. K

    Eating Gluten Free all the way...

    hello to any and all who may have gluten intolerance...please advise what and how one does manage their GF diet on the Camino? Of course, I will carry my own food but can I cook in some places as well? kindest regards Kate..
  10. Peronel

    Vegetarian in Roncesvalles

    A quick query... can the restaurants in Roncsevalles cope with a vegetarian? If I have to, I can carry dinner over the Pyrenees, but I'd rather not! Thank you Peronel (Bag is packed - it's all become real - hence the flurry of posts!)
  11. Lynda t


    Are there cooking facilities on the Portuguese route starting in Lisbon?
  12. MStypula

    wheat allergy: alternative carbs to bread?

    I have a non-life threatening (however very uncomfortable) food allergy which prohibits me from consuming food containing wheat. It seems as though one of the most prevalent sources of carbohydrates along the camino is bread, which is one of foods I need to steer clear from (unless it is gluten...
  13. M

    Celiac diet

    Hi guys, My wife is celiac, she has a strict diet and can not get anything containing gluten. How familiar are spaniards about this condition? how is it called in Spanish? http://www.CaminoWays.com cater for Celiacs on the Camino, but we were considering doing it independently. Let me know. Roland.
  14. A

    Cooking in albergue?

    Dear Pilgrims, I would like to ask you about cooking throughout the Camino. It is possible cook in every albergue or refugios. Is cooker ordinar facilities? I will not able to take the gas-burner in the aircraft and I do not know If I will able to buy some in Astorga or Ponferrada. Thanks
  15. peregrina2000

    My favorite Lisbon Restaurants

    Here is a list of my favorite restaurants in Lisbon; it does not include the ones that are in every guide book, such as Pap Açorda. Though they’re very good, you don’t need me to recommend them, since others have done a much better job of describing them and writing them up. And here are two...
  16. C


    Is it a good idea to bring small camping tins to cook with if one wanted to , or is this surplus wasted weight ?
  17. J

    Cooking utensils?

    The question is, do I need to take any? I am about to start my first Camino at the end of September. I would like to do it economically and so hope to cook a main meal whenever possible - fatigue and sore feet permitting! I have read that some of the Refugios do have kitchens, but what about...
  18. frmikeminn

    Wheat allergies

    A friend saw some of my pictures from a previous Camino and is interested in attempting the trip. She is allergic to wheat. Any thoughts on how challenging it would be for someone with a wheat allergy to walk or bike the camino?
  19. michael

    cooking and eating

    When the guides show accommodation as having kitchens can I assume that they also have the necessary items for cooking i.e. pots and pans? Would I want to eat something prepared in them or should I carry a camping set with me? Any advice on what to carry regarding cooking/eating plate cup kfs...