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  1. Un Peregrino Siempre

    Eating on the Camino de Madrid

    My apologies if this has been beaten to death but my search didn't turn up anything specific. How difficult is it to find bars/tiendas/mercados on the CdM that are reliably open? On the Frances as everyone knows most every little pueblo has a bar or three. From what I'm gathering, not so on...
  2. alansykes

    Santiago's Day dinner

    I have invited a few friends round for supper to celebrate St James' Day. Most of them find my tendency to spend part of each autumn backpacking across Spain somewhat bewildering. When they arrive in an hour or so, I plan to give them a "camino themed" meal, with food and drink from various...
  3. Alasdair Kay

    PULPO !!! You have been warned.... oh and Orujo the yellow post meal firewater

    Dear Newbie Pilgrim.... I am sure you have scoured the pages of St John"the unreliable" Brierely's guidebook and within it's pages you have read things like "when you get to PortoMarin try the Pulpo, octopus it is a local delicacy ... Now let's just think about this .... Has it ever ... I mean...
  4. deni

    Worrying Trend

    Having spent most of the last two weeks walking along the Camino Frances I have noticed a disturbing trend. The further west we go the quality of tortilla seems to be decreasing. Right through Navarra the tortilla was absolutely fantastic. In the province of Rioja while still good the tortilla...
  5. Ryan Alexander

    Any tips/recommendations for a vegan Camino Francés?

    I will be walking the camino in Sept, I don't eat animal products, any advice or recommendations from others who share the same beliefs or have relevant insight on the matter? Maybe you have walked the route... Thankyou
  6. realfoodrebel

    I Need my Morning Coffee :)

    Hi there! I love my morning coffee! Two large cups before I do anything. Do most of the Alberques serve coffee early in the morning? Are places open that sell coffee early? Can I make my own coffee? Thanks for any responses!
  7. realfoodrebel


    Hi there! I love my morning coffee! Two large cups before I do anything. Do most of the Alberques serve coffee early in the morning? Are places open that sell coffee early? Can I make my own coffee? Thanks for any responses!
  8. Daretolive

    Foodie finds on the Camino!!

    Hola peregrin@s!! I was wondering if anyone has found any absolutely incredible bars/restaurants/dishes/local specialties/menus de peregrino.... you name it, on the Camino Frances? Anything that any self respecting foodie pilgrim simply cannot miss? Any place where food and ambience have heart...
  9. L


    I am inquiring about any challenges anyone has had finding food for a vegetarian along the Camino Francis. Thank you in advance.
  10. Joodle


    Would some of you "Camino Veterans" please share what you have learned by experience about good nutrition on the trail and what worked for you as far as meals or snacks, for keeping up your energy, and what didn't work so well. How did you prevent "hitting the wall"?
  11. MichelleR

    Fructose intolerance

    Hello, I was wondering if any people with fructose intolerance have done the Camino Frances? I have coeliac disease and fructose intolerance so any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. I will be taking translation cards with me and cooking equipment for the times which I don't want to...
  12. A

    Best breakfast along the Way

    We all rave about cafe con leche, but what about the Tostada de tomate? I love it, but is it available on all routes? Can we ask for one on any route? And why doesn't it taste the same at home? Any other suggestions for a divine breakfast that goes beyond the traditional croissant amd OJ?
  13. Lucy Longpath

    Vegetarian Food on the Puy Way

    Does anyone have any recommendations for gites or other places to stay that are especially good for vegetarians? Also does anyone know of any restaurants/cafes along the route? We are planning to book demi pension at most places and say that I am vegetarian when we make the booking, and then...
  14. Wokabaut_Meri

    A Taste of the Camino back home in Australia

    Everywhere we travel in the world we come across a dish or a wine whose taste will forever bring us back to that place. For the Camino it was a plato of pimientos de Padrón, charred and salted, simple fare but oh so delicious and oh so memorable and oh so addictive. As hubby and I live in a...
  15. AlwynWellington


    I am highly addicted to my porridge. Every morning. On days I go out training I microwave some rolled oats in my collapsible mug and have at my first stop. I have about 400 grams of rolled oats in my pack, enough for about 20 days, to take with me to my start point of Le Puy. @SYates and...
  16. cj2003

    Food suggestions - what shouldn't we miss along the route

    I haven't been able to find a thread with suggestions for what to eat along the Portuguese route - so, any good suggestions? We don't have any allergies and are practically eating we're open for ideas! /Christian
  17. Knud

    Top 10 List of restaurants in Santiago

    Hey everone, I just found this link with restaurant recommandations on the fb site of the Irish Camino Society. I think this may I might check out two or three of them. :D
  18. momof34man

    Orisson - Gluten Free Choices?

    I'm hoping to get some information from other pilgrims that have food allergies who have stayed in Orisson. Are there any choices for food at Refuge Orisson that are gluten free? I've sent an email about a month ago about the same topic, but I'm thinking they are probably closed for the...
  19. Laina Rose

    Stove or no stove?

    I'm planning a winter hike on the El Camino and was wondering if I should plan on bring my camp stove? It's an ultra light pocket rocket so weight isn't a concern, but I'm not sure if I'll use it. If I do want to bring it will I even be able to buy fuel for it in Spain?
  20. ivar

    Michelín Star Restaurants in Spain 2016

    For those "foodies" out there, looking for a special meal along the way to Santiago, here are the restaurants with Michelin stars for 2016. By the way, is back with 1 star and is located in Santiago :-) Que aproveche! 3 Star Michelin Juan Mari Arzak. Arzak...