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food & drink

  1. ivar

    New Asian restaurant in Santiago

    ...this is normally not big news, but in these times (when restaurants need to be closed due to the virus) it is nice to see some optimists out there. New restaurant opens in Santiago. Very close to you exit old town by Plaza de Galicia. There are not a lot of Asian places in Santiago, so once...
  2. scruffy1

    Alubias de Cantabria

    Beans are always an important staple for me on the Camino and off - I love them all! Alubias de Cantabria are like a stew but brother-in-law popped in so I added some stock and rice to stretch my usual pot of beans into almost a soup The quick recipe is here and YES I know it is a terrible...
  3. F

    Illy is to Italy, what Delta is to Portugal... what is the ubiquitous coffee brand sold at bars along the Frances?

    My title line here rather sums it up. I’m able to buy Delta coffee where I live, and Illy too (I prefer the Delta, to be honest). I know there is a sort of ubiquitous brand in Spain that we would be served in many places along the way. Can anyone help me with the brand? Each coffee has its...
  4. El Cascayal

    Manaia Sea Ela in Fonsagrada

    This wonderful bar and restaurant on the Primitivo in Fonsagrada with generous owners with overwhelming hospitality to Pilgrims is closing. So sad, wishing them all the best. They posted the following: Din que cando se pecha unha porta outra se abre! Queridas/os amigas e amigos do Manaia...
  5. simply B

    You can make your own 'Orujo de Hierbas'?!

    Well, apparently so..... Not able to get on Camino until, whenever, I find myself missing this. Since I am not able to access plain orujo, I am using a base of "7x distilled" vodka which is very clean though neutral in...
  6. L

    Daydreaming about sangria and paella

    Some of my fondest food and drink memories of the camino are the many paellas and sangrias I consumed. Upon returning from the Camino, my husband and I talked non stop about our adventure and how it was the best thing we had ever done. Several family members were "interested" but none would...
  7. jpflavin1


    I am trying to find the lemon soda they mix with beer. Most likely it is different region to region but so far I have not been able to replicate it here.
  8. ivar

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    What Camino would you walk?
  9. SherlyC

    Flavors of the Camino: Galician Empanada Recipe

    I'm a bit depressed in general due to this stupid covid. Most of my business deals got cancelled this year, I got fat during the quarantine, my health level seems to be deteriorating every year. Hubby got disc hernia from sitting too long doing home office, so with the back pain he is in a...
  10. Camino Food - Great Food on the Camino Frances

    Camino Food - Great Food on the Camino Frances

    Walking the Camino de Santiago, or at least the Camino Frances, can sometimes feel like you are eating your away across Spain! No wonder I never lose weight!
  11. B

    A taste of Spain in the uk

    I am missing Spain and was pleased to find Spanish food today in Lidl. The offer was last week but if you are lucky may be able to enjoy some galacian cheese also chorizo and calamares. Well it cheered me up at this strange lockdown time
  12. trecile

    Microwave Tortilla Maker

    I know that it sounds like sacrilege, but it is so easy to make a tortilla in this microwave tortilla maker! And other than the fact that it doesn't brown, the taste is perfect. I have made plenty of tortillas the traditional way with tons of olive oil, skillets, several bowls and a colander. I...
  13. witsendwv

    Anniversary Lunch

    Our plans in December and the beginning of January were to be walking the Camino de Invierno for our anniversay (29th) this year. Best laid plans had to be changed. Today we were going to walk at home in the mountains, and I was going to surprise my husband with bocadillos and canas. Alas, the...
  14. John R McLean

    Food and Drink of the Way!

    As we continue to accumulate more information for us pilgrims, I was thinking about how cool it would be to include the foods of each of each region. Imagine supporting and enjoying the local foods by town or region. Or seasonal specialties that we travelling pilgrims could sample along the way...

    What did pilgrims eat 1000 years ago? - do share simple recipes

    I started thinking about this a day or so back - How spartan was the cuisine? After some very basic research it seems as if the menu may have not been so elaborate but there was almost as much variety then as now. Rice may have not quite reached Iberian peninsular and potatoes had to wait...
  16. Helen1

    Armchair tasting tour of Spanish wine

    Interesting read to pass the time in lockdown: Coronavirus lockdown: Welcome to the armchair tasting tour of Spanish wine I liked the description of Galica: "Galicia looks a bit like if...
  17. ctay122

    Stencils for making St James Torte de Santiago

    Posted here because I have know idea what forum to post this. I was planning on buying a metal St James cross stencil for the Torte de Santiago as a souvenir (and for when I bake) when I reached Santiago, so of course that's out the window for now. Just talking about this stencil on one of my...
  18. D

    Now I understand...

  19. Robo

    What 'Camino' Food do you Now eat at Home?

    I'm sure we have all broadened our regular home Menus a bit ;) What things do you regularly eat at home now, that maybe you didn't before walking your first Camino? Having 'Morcilla de Burgos' for lunch today got me thinking :D For us, items that now creep in regularly are: Morcilla Slow...
  20. aname4me

    Logrono Wine Festival.... 2020

    Logrono Wine Festival 2020 I did my Camino #5 in 2019 with my Son. I (actually HE) regretted missing the Logrono Wine festival 2019. We arrived in Logrono Sept 26. 2019..... the day before it really started .. Question:.... When is the Logono 2020 Wine Festival ?