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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.

food & drink

  1. Ungawawa

    Avoiding the breakfast trap?

    The money I've most felt like I've wasted on the camino has almost always been at breakfast time. I've lost count of the number of times I've dropped 3 or 4 Euros on some bad coffee and dry toast and jam. So I'd like to ask you what do you do for breakfast each morning on the camino? What can...
  2. Roger0704

    Places with communal meals on the Norte .....

    Hello fellow Peregrinos.. I love to have evening meals together with fellow peregrinos in the albergues. If you now albergues who provide this on the Norte, please respond to this message, so I can put them on my to do list.;)
  3. ivar

    Spain: An open kitchen

    Do not click if you are hungry:
  4. AlwynWellington

    Cooking from Canterbury to Rome

    Background In September 2018 I walked from Canterbury Cathedral to Chaumont-en-Haut-Marne. I thought I was reasonably well set up. In addition to the usual garbage I also had a two person tent (me and my pack) and a single sleeping pad: total weight less than 900 gram. All up walking weight...
  5. Rebekah Scott

    Food pictures needed

    I am working with a camino old-timer to update a classic Camino book, and suddenly we find ourselves short two photos of Castile... no more churches! We cried. Everyone likes cuisine! Does any of you have excellent, hi-res pictures of garlic soup, cocido, tortilla, and/or lechazo, and...
  6. gschmidl

    May 1st

    Since our camino will take place over May 1st, I was wondering. I assume all stores are closed as I would expect on a public holiday. But what about cafés and the like? Should we make sure and get food for the whole of May 1 on April 30th? I also assume Sellos will not be hard to come by or I'd...
  7. Karihughes

    Food in Zubiri on Sunday

    Will we have trouble finding a place to eat and purchase food for the next day when we arrive in Zubiri on Sunday afternoon? I’ve read that Sunday’s can be problematic and want to be prepared. Thanks.
  8. bobotron801


    So after 2 Camino's and having watched the movie "The Way" for the 12 thousandth time. A fellow pilgrim at a meet-up asked if I liked Orujo, and ridiculous to me I had never heard of it. I didn't understand Joost from Amsterdam when he introduced it in the movie. Furthermore, This pilgrim told...
  9. Michael; Camino-addicted

    Recipe for Bacalhau - a Portuguese specialty

    Hola peregrinos, when I was in Portugal for the first time in 2014, I fell in love the very first Bacalhau. I love this very traditional dish very much. And as I life in a big agglomeration with 5 million people, we have special supermarkets for people from all over the...
  10. Stinaw

    Yummy places to snack, eat lunch or dinner along the Camino from Sarria to Santiago

    Any recommendations on places to stop & get a snack, tapas, lunch or dinner along the camino between Sarria to Santiago? What were your favorite places!
  11. K

    Best restaurant along Camino Ingles?

    I am very happy to be walking another Camino over my birthday. This time the Camino Ingles in April! I was lucky enough to have recommendations from this forum for last year’s walk to Finisterre and I wondered if there were any special places to eat along the way from Ferrol to Santiago that...
  12. jayree

    Rioja wine

    A nice summary of the new "rules."
  13. A

    Camino Frances Michelin Restaurant Guide 2019

    The MICHELIN Guide has announced its Spain & Portugal 2019 Selection. Good news for famished Frances peregrinos; with additional starred restaurant in Santiago as well as in Logrono and Leon; also the Molino de Urdaniz near Zubiri elevated to 2 stars!. Altogether there are now 14...
  14. SherlyC

    A thank you recipe for all pilgrims on this forum: Caldo Gallego

    Hola lovely pilgrims! It has been exactly one month since I got back from the Camino (SJPdP - Santiago). It was such an amazing experience mentally and physically. I returned with more strength, energy, lots of gratitude and quite some significant learnings for my life. This forum and the...
  15. scruffy1

    Camino Souveniers for Foodies

    Saffron threads not the powder(!) Find it in the Mercado de Abastos de Santiago or any deli. If you are coming in from the Caminho Portugués get it there (hush) it's better Smoked pepper dulce o picante for that paella back home or to make a boring sausage taste good Mercado de Abastos de...
  16. DevereUx

    Camino coffee

    It struck me today as I consumed my morning "joe", that I REALLY miss those morning coffees on the Camino! Does anyone miss the blank faced bar-person, when you ask for "un cafe largo", or "cafe americano" or "cafe grande"? Probably not, but you probably do miss the person banging the old...
  17. roamingpaddy

    Protein bars yes or no?

    I'm a 64 year old who will soon be walking the Camino,(10 days). I was thinking it might be a good idea to eat a protein bar each day,is that a good idea? Also when's the best time of day to eat one?
  18. T

    Awesome Place by the River between Zubiri and Pamplona!!

    We thoroughly enjoyed taking some time for music and replenishing ourselves at a neat spot by the river. The food is good - there are even vegetables in the dishes, which we found very lacking during our Camino. The setting is peaceful yet energetic with Pilgrims sitting around relaxing, sharing...
  19. notion900

    Low alcohol beverages

    This year I was on medications that don't mix with alcohol. I was a bit worried about being a partypooper with my Spanish friends, but I noticed a sudden and gratifying appearance of some really good alcohol free beers. Estrella Galicia does one, tastes great and even on tap in some places...