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foot wear & care

  1. S

    What do you recommend for footwear and sleeping bag that will not break the bank

    What do you recommend for footwear and sleeping bag. I am thinking of buying hiking shoes and I do not know if I need or should consider waterproof. I have also read about sheets vs sleeping bag.
  2. Prentiss Riddle

    Eso sí, ¿qué es? (S-O-C-K-S)

    I'm trying to puzzle out all the conflicting advice about socks. In particular, the one-sock vs. two-sock camps. So far all of my experiments using sock liners around my home town have created more friction than single socks. Is it because I'm not applying vaseline to adhere the liners to my...
  3. B

    Do I push back my Camino from March to May?

    Hello all! I have been saving to do the Camino for my 30th birthday (March 26), and was all set to go, but now I'm getting nervous about the weather. I had planned to go the 19-31 of March (yes, I know that's in two weeks), but now am wondering if I should wait to go until mid-May for better...
  4. WldWil

    Anyone try out Waldies sandals

    I bought a pair of ultra-light Waldies that arrived today and fit well. Personally, I am not much of a sandal person living in Wisconsin, but do like a heavy leather pair that I would never back pack with which I wear in the summer. The Waldies weigh in at 210 gm and seem to have decent...
  5. V

    Sandals instead of boots

    I am planing to start my Camino in early July for about 2 weeks beginning from Leon. I had read many opinions on how boots is the best option to walk but at the same time, many pilgrims had complain about blisters.....y haven't read the experience from pilgrims that walked the camino with...
  6. BamaVol

    Blisters while training?

    After one false start and a cold that kept me home last weekend, we took a serious walk yesterday. I wore Hi-Tec hiking boots that I've owned for several years and consider broken in. I have walked as far as 8-14 miles up and down mountains in them and never experienced a blister. I wore 2...
  7. Jarrod K

    Norte May 20th - June 26th, 2015 : Waterproof or Ventilated hiking shoes?

    Hello Friends! I'm flying into Bilbao, arriving on the 20th of May and starting in Irun, taking the Norte till the split, then to Santiago. Right now I'm trying to decide if I should get waterproof hiking shoes or ventilated hiking shoes. My feet get hot rather easily and I fear that if I get...
  8. DarlineUK


    I will be walking the camino again in July 2015 SJPP to Pamploma stage. Can anyone recommend the best socks for me. Last camino my feet held up without any blisters for the first 150 kilometres then I had very bad blisters to contend with. Oh and they are painful:(
  9. JoeLav

    Ideal Boots for the Camino..

    Hi All, I bought a pair of boots especially for the camino - alas they proved to be slightly too small (after I'd worn them twice!) and so I had to purchase another pair before setting off. I am now selling the boots. They would be ideal for anyone who is a size (UK 9.5). They are extremely...
  10. O

    Right size shoes

    Hi all. I'm a relatively new member on the forum and am planning my first Camino (Frances, from SJPP, either this May/June or this July/Aug) with great anticipation. In several blister threads I've seen advice that I should not get my normal shoe size for my Camino hiking shoes (I'm not...
  11. Robo

    Backup Footwear - Open or Closed sandals?

    Hi everyone, I'm down to buying the last few items of my gear before heading off on my first Camino at the end of April. I would really value some feedback from our more experienced members on backup footwear. And yes I appreciate that this is a very personal choice, but the experiences of...
  12. SooYunKim

    33 days(and 5 more days) in sandals

    (This post is very long. You may want to hit 'BACK'. :D) Hola, everybody! I came back home from Camino on Nov. 2nd. It took me 33 days to get to Santiago. As some of you probably know already, blisters have been delaying my journey since day 1. I had to stop at every 40 or 50 mins to dry up...
  13. saltwaterpearl

    Consider sandals, the "third" option

    I’ve never loved hiking boots. My feet feel claustrophobic in them, and vigilance against foot fatigue, foot pain and blisters was an ever-present anxiety. My toes felt tortured and imprisoned, even in my wide-toe box Keen boots. As I’ve gotten older, after years of hiking, my feet change...
  14. SooYunKim

    Day 10 - walking in sandals

    Day 10 on Camino. Just arrived in Belorado. I have been walking in sandals since Puente La Reina(Day 4). Now I can walk apprx. 20K before Lunch. It's awesome. Hoping that these sandals stay with me till Santiago, I am headed to next town, which is Tosantos after huge & delicious bocadillo(con...
  15. WandererJolie

    sock liner recommendations?

    Hi all, I'm getting blisters between my toes, and would like to try sock liners to see if they help. I just tried to order sock liners from Injinji, but they don't ship to Canada! :( Can anyone recommend similar toe-sock liners?
  16. LesBrass

    Blisters - Is it too late to change boots?

    Hello - what a week I'm having! We've taken a week's holiday and we're walking everyday... we're trying to take testing circular routes and I'm carrying my pack each day. I've learned a lot... and today I'm begining to wonder if my boots are too narrow. I have very wide feet... my Mammut...
  17. Sandra Corrales-Potts

    sandals vs boots

    Hello, This may sound crazy, but has anyone ever used a good pair of hiking sandals? I have bunions and any kind of shoe is potentially painful for me. I do have a pair of hiking shoes that are fairly broken in from my backpacking in the pacific northwest. The sandals would seem to have the...