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foot wear & care

  1. M

    Boots, Shoes or Sandals On The Primitivo

    Just finished the Camino Primitivo (Ovied0-Santiago) on 7 October 2015 and wanted to share my thoughts on the topic of taking great care of your feet during your journey. Out of about 25 people who started the Camino with us on 25 September, only 1/2 finished. Of those who didn't finish...
  2. M

    Agony of de-feet: Trail Running Shoe (GTX) & SOCK Combo HELP

    All input greatly appreciated!!: Trail Runners with GTX: Looking for women's trail runner - wide toe box - GTX -D-width preferred I walked SJPDP to Ponferrada in May/June 2013. Amazing experience EXCEPT being plagued by BLISTERS from La Sportiva's (fitted too small) I am starting in...
  3. ClicketySnap

    Any experience with minimalist shoes?

    I currently wear Vibram FiveFingers on a daily basis, and have worn them for over two years. I've seen some people say that the soles don't always last for the entire trip (understandable!), so would it be a good idea to take two pairs (I was thinking one regular, one waterproof) since they...
  4. C

    Keen Whisper or Venice Sandals on the Camino Frances

    I have several questions about Keen Whisper or Venice sandals. Has anyone worn Keen Whisper or Venice sandals on the route from SJPDP to Santiago during August and September? How much break in time was needed for these sandals? Where they your primary footwear? Were the sandals suitable...
  5. kelleymac

    Home from my Camino and my feet are changed...(along with the rest of me.)

    So I walked the camino with my 14 year old son in March/April of this year. Before I left I was concerned with my feet as I often had heel pain if I stood still for over 5 minutes or walked with a load. I damaged my feet badly in 1987 in a 12 foot fall while rock climbing (I was being...
  6. Jade Ulrich

    Running shoes ok?

    Can people get away with wearing non-waterproof running shoes on the Camino? Today I purchased trail shoes (similar to these: I REALLY don't like how hot they make me (as they are waterproof). As a runner, I...
  7. S

    First timer? Shoes? August

    Hi Guys, Its my first post and I'm planning to do the camino in August of this year :) . I know there has been tonnes of posts about shoes with many saying it really all depends on personal preference but with a tight budget (being a student and all) I am just wondering how has anyone got on...
  8. CaminoKate0214

    type 2 diabetes and possible blisters -- treatment?

    As a type 2 diabetic, I just cannot imagine doing the needle and thread thing! That would seem a great way to get a huge infection that would put a quick end to my Camino. Anyone here with ideas for diabetics to treat blisters? I've been wearing my hiking shoes for about three months now, so...
  9. LizziM

    Indicators of a great shoe fit

    What I've learned so far from reading these forums is that the right shoes are crucial for a good Camino experience. I would like to know how you know when you have the right shoes. My feet are somewhat duck shaped - wide at the ball, and quite narrow at the heel. What seems to happen is...
  10. P

    over 100 miles so far in sandals on the Camino Francis

    Howdy my husband, Tony’s feet are doing amazing! He loves his Luna sandals and now James and I are jealous. One hot afternoon I was literally fantasizing about talking my shoes off and putting on a pair of sandals. He gets a lot, a lot, a lot of strange looks, from people, but it’s Tony he...
  11. Waka

    Shoes, Sandals and ?

    Morning Pilgrims My shoes are bought and have spent the last month wearing them in and will continue to do so for the next 3 ½ months before I start my journey. I'm also thinking of getting myself some sandals for the evening which will allow my feet to breath, also I'd like the type that , if...
  12. Sofie

    Is the French Way paved?

    Hi, This is my first time going on the Camino, and first time posting in this forum. I am planning on going the French way, and are having problems finding the right shoes. There are big differences between shoes made for paved roads, terrain and gravel. So therefore I am asking you guys : Is...
  13. camino0515-lt

    Sporting equipment store in Logroño???

    Hi there Need to replace my asics hiking shoes asap. I am in Logroño, where should I go? Thanks
  14. E

    Sandals or flip flop

    I am a day a way from my trip to the Camino Portugues. I am still debating if I should take my Keen sandlas or if I shuold buy a lighter one. I plan to use them on paved paths not on the trail. What is your advice. Thanks Elizabeth
  15. F

    Footwear for a tall chap with a bad knee carrying limited weight on El Norte

    Hello all, A quick question from a long time lurker, first time poster: I plan to start the Norte in mid-May and drop down on to the Primitivo and on to Santiago/Finisterre over the course of 4-5 weeks. I am in a quandary as to whether to wear walking shoes like Merrel Moabs (low or mid) or a...
  16. Shauna

    Keen Sandals

    Hi walked fron Leon to Santiago last August and this July we are going from St Jean to Leon. Last year I sufered blisters and plantar fasciitis and ended up buying some hiking sandals. They did the trick and I was able to walk 15 plus miles per day but they did not have enough arch support...
  17. nomadpeah

    Which brand of shoe inserts did you use?

    Hi all, Just 10 days until I leave for my first Camino (Frances) and my training is going well. No major problems, but I feel like I need more arch support with my Salomon hiking shoes. Previewing the ones in stores leaves me a bit puzzled by how firm or stiff they all feel. Did you use...