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foot wear & care

  1. F

    Checked the “toe issues” threads... this one is not addressed (so far)

    So... I generally wear Keen boots, Keen hiking sandals, and Altra Lone Peak trail runners. I never, ever have an issue with the sandals, even with the hard toe-cap. I do not have an anatomically challenging foot. My toes are all of the usual orientation; the second is not longer than the rest...
  2. Robo

    Video: How to Avoid Blisters - It Can be Done

    OK, this should create some 'Healthy' debate. :) This is what works for me. 3 Caminos, 2,000 kms or so and about 100 days on Camino. Not ONE blister. Same for my wife Pat. (I'm tempting fate just saying that) Not saying it's the only approach of course, just one that I have found works...
  3. Robo

    Trail Runners I'm Looking at

    Hi Everyone. After 3 Caminos in Salomon Boots, I'm going to convert to Trail Runners. I love my boots and have never had a blister in them, but sadly I need to change. Due to bad knees, I need to reduce the weight on my feet. I've been along to a Professional Sports Footwear store for some...
  4. davebugg

    Considerations about Gear and Clothing Recommendations

    Foreword Note: I know this is a wordy post. :-) For those who want to avoid the entire read, and get right to the conclusion, you can skip down to where you see +++ Many of you know that a large part of my life has been as a so-called 'expert' who is hired by backpacking gear and clothing and...
  5. William Garza

    Barefoot training

    When i was a young person, i would go everywhere unshod in all weathers and conditions. And my feet were like what a cave dudes would have been..rough,calloused and tough. I read about blisters and wondered if a tough foot would not hold off blistering? Been mulling bare footed walk training to...
  6. FRM

    Altra Lone Peak All-WTHR mids - first impression

    The new Altra Lone Peak All WTHR mids are available. Lone Peaks are a popular shoe/boot on the Camino both for their light weight and the zero drop soles. This is the water resistant version. They replace the Lone Peak RSM mids and continue Altra’s aversion to vowels... Mine arrived a few days...
  7. C clearly

    Why do my feet hurt? Metatarsal tales

    I am focusing these days on keeping up or increasing my regular walking - whether for health in general or for another Camino. On another thread, I was struck by the following comment, which I think many of us can identify with. I've had some foot issues over the years and want to encourage...
  8. FRM

    Lone Peak 5 available in a few weeks.

    The new version of the Lone Peak (5) is due out in a few weeks. I’d noted that the Lone Peak 4.5 was only available in a few sizes at the Altra website and asked about future availability. They responded it is being replaced by the 5. Some of the changes include a wide version, the toe cap...
  9. Kanga

    Recommendations for grippy soles?

    I was reading the thread about accidents on the camino and it reminded me of the two spectacular falls I had on the Camino Portuguese, both cause by a combination of a slope, slippery wet cobblestones, and my beloved Ecco Off-Road sandals (like Yucatan). I really don't want to go back to...
  10. G

    Lacing - Try preventing blisters, or the dreaded black toenail, with a “Heel Lock” or “Lace Lock”.

    Considering the probability that footware is the most important piece of equipment a pilgrim takes, I would submit a video demonstrating the use of the perhaps not-so-well known 'Heel lock' lacing technique. It utilises the two top sets of eyelets. As the name suggests its purpose is to lock the...
  11. FRM

    Hoka TenNine, a bit strange looking.

    Has anyone tried out the new Hoka TenNine Hike? I’m always looking for shoes that are kind to my feet.They are a bit odd looking to say the least. The sole juts out past the main body of the boot at the heel and has a cut out running down the center that allows each side to move...
  12. Michael Gray

    Care and maintenance of boots

    What is the best regime for looking after boots on the Camino? I always brush the loose mud and dirt off and pick stones etc out of the tread at the end of the day. What about drying wet boots? I have seen manufacturer’s advice to avoid sunlight and artificial heat and not to stuff them with...
  13. Terry Callery

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I almost did not do my first French Camino- because of pain in my foot - the tendons that run along the foot's arch - known as Plantar fasciitis - they get inflamed and it makes it very painful to walk. I learned a lot about it, just before doing the 500 mile Route Frances, three year's ago...
  14. Martin.P

    Inter-Metatarsil Bursitis

    Hi all, Has anyone got any experience of the aforementioned? I have been experiencing discomfort with this since July 2019, finally saw a specialist in February 2020, MRI in March, Covid delayed follow up in August & now waiting for a slot to get a cortisone injection. Main main question is -...
  15. Lhollo

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    Hello. I am VERY confused and not a little obsessed with reading reviews about trail runners. I’ll be grateful if you can help to end my torment 😀 I’m used to wearing hiking boots but they’re too sweaty for a May/June Camino Frances (just SJPP to Belorado). I have knee/joint trouble so trying...
  16. amorfati1

    Deep_Puncture_wound_right foot. What helped you w/ similar experience?

    Greetings and Ola' I researched the forum postings - hoping to find insights /shares by someone who experienced a deep-puncture wound and what had helped, how strong pain-level, time to heal, etc. As I wasn't lucky finding collective pilgrim wisdom and hope to be forgiven to pose a question on...
  17. D

    Footwear: The Limitations of a Personal Recommendation

    I frequently state on the Forum that people should never rely on someone's subjective statements of comfort or feel about a specific shoe. Another person's recommendations should be viewed as something to add to a checklist of recommended footwear to try out; to audition, if you will. Due...
  18. D

    It Is Normal For Feet and Knees to Become Sore

    This is from a previous thread I posted. I thought with the ability for people to increasingly be outdoors and to start walking longer distances near home, this post may be of help. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The purpose of this post is not...
  19. D

    Of Rock Plates and Insoles

    If the imprint of trail debris, poking at your feet through the outersole of your shoe, is making your feet sore, you may want more shielding. A simple and effective DIY solution is to make a Rock Plate at home. The Rock Plate will slip under your insole, and provide a very effective level of...
  20. Lhollo

    3rd - 9th September: boots or trail runners?

    We’re walking the first section, from SJPP to Los Arcos, and aren’t sure whether to use the waterproof leather boots we own or get something new and more breathable. Our boots are great for UK weather but I expect it’ll be a lot hotter in Spain in September. What do you recommend?