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foot wear & care

  1. mishlove

    Footwear - Waterproof or not waterproof.

    I need to get the most out of my feet, as we all do, but they do get hot and bothered quite quickly. I have worn both Salomon and Keen waterproof boots/shoes successfully, but have "heard" that may be non-waterproof may be better. I am not concerned with wet shoes, wet socks, drying out or...
  2. G

    Rain covers for shoes

    Walking French Way in May. Thoughts on rain covers for hiking shoes. Good idea or not worth the weight? Thx
  3. Iriebabel

    Heal Spurs and Micro Tears and more Oh my !

    Well fellow pilgrims As some of you know shortly after returning home from my first camino in April/May I arrived home and quickly came down with a horrible bout of the flu 🤒 😷 . I unfortunately lost my voice for six months... hmm that’s a long story but suffice it to say I had some long...
  4. linkster

    Dry Feet ... Is it possible?

    I just got back home from the Francés last Thursday. I experienced much cooler temperatures, snow, and a LOT more rain this year than last year. I wore Hoka One Bondi 6s. They are great trail shoes but not waterproof. The rain and wind was almost tropical storm like at times. Even those with...
  5. OzAnnie

    Ready to look at new footwear for Camino

    Previously a boot wearer., but have read lots of favourable info on the forum regarding Hoka one ones and also Altra lone peak trail shoes ., I intend to include a mission to REI when I visit USA in a couple of weeks. They both ‘sound’ comfortable., but I realise the bottom line., they will...
  6. KJFSophie

    It's Not About The Shoe...

    New pilgrims planning their trek resort to asking the age old question of what to wear for footwear. Hiking boots? Runners? Sandals? Waterproof? etc... Bottom line is what your body & feet will be comfortable in ON THE MANY TERRAINS. While a good fit, a size up is near always recommended...
  7. V

    Blisters on soles of feet

    Big blisters on soles of feet , on foot pads. Only 2 days walking! What to do?
  8. happymarkos

    Rigid soles on boots

    I am looking at a new lighter pair of boots (yes boots as I need the ankle support) and am trying the Hanwag Anisak GTX model. It has many attractive features including a purposed designed wider area towards the front that corresponds to the part of my that is naturally the widest. My dilemma...
  9. hel&scott

    Boiling socks...

    Well it's more like a slow simmer... As I have a few days before I go I thought I'd take a closer look at my hi tech Camino socks. Washing en-route is never enough to get them clean, so they went through a number of vigorous machine cycles before being packed away waiting for their next...
  10. D

    An Intriguing New (to me) Anti-Blister Sock I Will Be Testing

    ArmaSkin socks came to my attention twice over the last month. The first time I read about them, I was mildly interested and I looked over the claims, researched a bit with the various subjective reviews on performance, and examined whether or not the claimed characteristics of the socks...
  11. Robo

    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    We never stop learning do we? Every Camino I learn something new and this is true of Gear too! So with 3 Caminos done, (Yes I'm a real Newbie compared to many members here), I'm thinking about gear for number 4. And reflecting on things that I have changed my mind about, or new bits of gear I...
  12. aname4me

    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    I am looking for some input. On our three Caminos we have used KEEN Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot. We were happy with everything about them. Height. Weight. Thickness of Sole. Waterproof. Great shoes. We are now planning our 4th Camino and our old Boots are worn out. I was blindly going to...
  13. jkberry

    Shoe fit issues?

    Hello all, I am new here. 60 year old artist getting ready to walk mid-September. I spent hours at REI finding shoes and ended up with Oboz. They felt great and the staff was behind the choice. Today I walked 3.5 miles in these new shoes with Darn Tough Merino socks. I am in PAIN! The foot ball...
  14. LynneR

    Specific hot spots for blister. Looking for suggestions...

    Hello, I've searched several "blister" posts, but I can't find the answer to my specific blister question and I'm hoping someone out there might have a suggestion. I tend to get blisters on the pad of my foot: front, a bit below my second and third toes. Even after a long walk on paths around...
  15. L

    "Sizing Up" in Shoes??

    Hello, I have seen several commenters here give the advice that, since one's feet tend to swell over the course of a long camino, people should consider buying hiking shoes/boots that are 1/2 size to a full size up from what they normally wear. I am confused by this advice, since I have always...
  16. A

    Somebody help?!

    Hi there, I left SJPDP over a month ago and I'm only half way. About a week into the Camino I started experiencing pain in the arches of my feet, tight and sore and burning. If I wobble on a rock or have to go up hill it's like walking on glass. I start the day ok and about ten km in I have to...
  17. P

    Shoe shop sarria

    Hi! My name is Pascalle. I'm walking the Camino Frances with two classmates for the first time. Unfortunately my shoes are too small and hard. I went alone to Sarria with the taxi to buy other shoes (classmates are walking). Anyone who knows where I can buy good shoes?
  18. U

    After hike shoes/sandals?

    My Camino starts April 25 from SJPdP. The long range forecast shows the usual mixed weather conditions for this time of year. My question is regarding what is the recommended footwear for post hike afternoons and evenings? A second pair of closed shoes, or sandals? Hiking sandals seem popular...
  19. JeanneArashi

    Merino socks?

    Gonna do the France one starting from June. First time camino! haha Seems like it's gonna get hotter but it's still better to wear merino socks, is that right? I tried to find more pairs in the place I live (Hong Kong), but I could only find 2 or 3 choices. The merino is around 20% as stated. I...
  20. marstine

    Best Shoes?

    Hi - I am struggling between wearing running shoes and trail runners. REI folks say I should wear trail runners because I am carrying a pack, 10 pounds. However, my Asics running shoes are way more comfortable. Do you think I will be OK on the trails without the heavier lugs on trail runners...