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foot wear & care

  1. jwells925

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum. My name is Jeremy and I am walking the Camino starting March 31st with my Dad. I'm really having a tough time deciding what shoes to bring. Maybe someone can help me decide. Thanks in advance! I own a pair of the Merrell Moab 2, and also bought a pair of...
  2. A

    Blister and injury prevention

    Hi everyone, I am about to do my first Camino Frances in March, it will be my first long distance hike and I would be grateful for anyone’s advise on blister kits (what to take) and any tips to prevent or help with muscle pain/fatigue along the way. I am reasonably fit but have never hiked for...
  3. caminoresearcher

    Are custom inserts worth it?

    Hi everyone! I am planning my second Camino, and seeking to right some of the wrongs I made last time, for which my body paid the price. I had some pretty serious knee issues last time, and I’m thinking that an orthotic insert might help to mitigate some of that knee pain. (I’m also training...

    Preventing Black Toe ?

    My wife and I have walked three Camino Frances - the full 800 kms, each time Sept - Oct in 2015, 2017 and 2019. We've decided to walk again in 2020 to avoid the Jubilee Year crowds in 2021. The first time we walked CF (Napoleon route), I noticed that my right foot "big toe" had darkened under...
  5. S

    Mid/Low Hiking Boots

    Hi all I am a little stuck with my footwear choosing - high or low hiking shoes.... I know there are a lot of threads, forums and blogs on footwear, but somehow hearing from people with experience will help. I won't be getting trainers or sandals as it doesn't really work this side of the...
  6. Anniesantiago

    If You have Walked the Camino - Do you prefer boots or trail runners?

    I'm just curious what the numbers are...
  7. MichaelF4

    Foot Problems Post Camino - What Did You Deal With?

    I am curious if anyone has experienced and been diagnosed with any foot problems post Camino. More specifically plantar fasciitis, forms of tendonitis or any other muscular or connective tissue ailments from overuse. My feet have been hurting since finishing a long Camino in early July. An Xray...
  8. Caligal

    Vaseline on feet?

    I am getting ready for Camino #2 and curious about posts where pilgrims put vaseline on their feet to reduce friction. My1st camino my feet did well aside from an occasional hot spot which i used compeed on and problem solved. So my ? is, do you rub vaseline all over your feet? doesnt it stick...
  9. G

    Foot pain before Camino - advice needed

    My dearest fellow pilgrims, I am writing to this forum to seek an advice for my issue, that freaking me out and keeping me in panic. I am 26 year old, non athlete skinny type of guy. After some time of dreaming, planning and encouraging myself I decided to go and walk the Camino. It cost a lot...
  10. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    I plan to walk in trail shoes, nothing heavier. Expecting lots of rain March and April. What are experiences of gtx and similar waterproof or non-waterproof alternatives? I don’t want feet to overheat but don’t want to walk in soggy socks all day?
  11. spikey

    Struggling with sock choice

    I’m currently preparing for my first camino ( Oct 03) equipment and training coming along well apart from socks. Got a size up in solomon boots last year and they are excellent. However recently experimented with some anti blister socks and the lining makes them too tight. Don’t want to have to...
  12. Pilgy

    Altra Lone Peaks, durability?

    Any updated thoughts on durability of the Altra Lone Peaks? Has anyone needed 2 pairs to comfortably complete the C. France given the road walking? PS I"m not interested in seeing how much life I can eek out of a tired shoe just save money at the expense of my feet! Rather, I trying to be...
  13. musicianary

    two pairs of shoes vs one pair

    Hi, I've heard some people talk about bringing a second, lighter pair of shoes for when it rains and your primary pair get soaked (mine are breathable - not waterproof - Salomon XA-Pro Trail Runners). Do shoes like this dry out overnight or should I have a second pair along? I start the Camino...
  14. K

    Recommendations: No blisters, no sunburn!

    Recently back from walking the Via de la Plata from Sevilla to Salamanca. It was brutally hot for the first week. I would like to share two items that worked well for me. I took "sleeves" that runners normally use to keep warm. These were great to counteract the sun which usually ended up...
  15. D

    Gel inserts

    A recent post reminded me to advise anyone walking a camino to replace the insoles that come with walking boots/shoes. I'm still surprised by the cardboard like inserts that come with even expensive footwear. I can only assume they expect these to be chucked and replaced with gel inserts...
  16. Guy15

    Best Salomon shoes for Camino Frances

    I know there have been many threads about that, but felt the need to open a new one - Need to buy a new shoes for Camino Frances. I had Salomon X Ultra Mid gtx and decided to send them home and buy a low shoe for the camino, as I understood from people here that it’s not a difficult trek (at...
  17. peregrina2000

    Urban myths about boots and backs— are there others?

    Thanks to the postings of many forum members, like @davebugg, @JillGat and @falcon269, I have learned that two of the things I assumed were true were nothing but folklore. The first is that boots will give you ankle support. These fine folks have posted convincing evidence that that is simply...
  18. J

    Looking for walking boot/shoe recommendations

    Firstly my insurance covers one pair of orthopaedic footwear a year. And the store I use will add pads and make adjustments as needed. I have a pair of Ecco BIOM (low and with Goretex) which I really like but have had for a number of years now. That store stopped carrying Ecco and I'm not sure...
  19. D

    It Is Normal For Feet and Knees to Become Sore

    The purpose of this post is not to act as a guideline to diagnose injuries or abnormalities. It is to help those new to long distance walking to appreciate the fact that feet and knees, like any other part of the body, can have normal responses of discomfort when suddenly being tasked to work at...
  20. holhum

    Chaco sandals pros and cons? (plantar fasciitis dramas)

    Leaving in a week (I will be walking from Leon in June after a month of other travel in Europe) and have to make a decision about the 'second' pair of shoes to take. I have pretty bad plantar fasciitis in one foot and it is too late for any miracle cures, I just need to manage it. I switched...