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  1. Lhollo

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    Hello. I am VERY confused and not a little obsessed with reading reviews about trail runners. I’ll be grateful if you can help to end my torment 😀 I’m used to wearing hiking boots but they’re too sweaty for a May/June Camino Frances (just SJPP to Belorado). I have knee/joint trouble so trying...
  2. D

    Of Rock Plates and Insoles

    If the imprint of trail debris, poking at your feet through the outersole of your shoe, is making your feet sore, you may want more shielding. A simple and effective DIY solution is to make a Rock Plate at home. The Rock Plate will slip under your insole, and provide a very effective level of...
  3. Lhollo

    3rd - 9th September: boots or trail runners?

    We’re walking the first section, from SJPP to Los Arcos, and aren’t sure whether to use the waterproof leather boots we own or get something new and more breathable. Our boots are great for UK weather but I expect it’ll be a lot hotter in Spain in September. What do you recommend?
  4. jwells925

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum. My name is Jeremy and I am walking the Camino starting March 31st with my Dad. I'm really having a tough time deciding what shoes to bring. Maybe someone can help me decide. Thanks in advance! I own a pair of the Merrell Moab 2, and also bought a pair of...
  5. caminoresearcher

    Are custom inserts worth it?

    Hi everyone! I am planning my second Camino, and seeking to right some of the wrongs I made last time, for which my body paid the price. I had some pretty serious knee issues last time, and I’m thinking that an orthotic insert might help to mitigate some of that knee pain. (I’m also training...
  6. S

    Mid/Low Hiking Boots

    Hi all I am a little stuck with my footwear choosing - high or low hiking shoes.... I know there are a lot of threads, forums and blogs on footwear, but somehow hearing from people with experience will help. I won't be getting trainers or sandals as it doesn't really work this side of the...
  7. Dadhairday

    Waterproof walking shoes or not for early Spring?

    I plan to walk in trail shoes, nothing heavier. Expecting lots of rain March and April. What are experiences of gtx and similar waterproof or non-waterproof alternatives? I don’t want feet to overheat but don’t want to walk in soggy socks all day?
  8. musicianary

    two pairs of shoes vs one pair

    Hi, I've heard some people talk about bringing a second, lighter pair of shoes for when it rains and your primary pair get soaked (mine are breathable - not waterproof - Salomon XA-Pro Trail Runners). Do shoes like this dry out overnight or should I have a second pair along? I start the Camino...
  9. peregrina2000

    Urban myths about boots and backs— are there others?

    Thanks to the postings of many forum members, like @davebugg, @JillGat and @falcon269, I have learned that two of the things I assumed were true were nothing but folklore. The first is that boots will give you ankle support. These fine folks have posted convincing evidence that that is simply...
  10. mishlove

    Footwear - Waterproof or not waterproof.

    I need to get the most out of my feet, as we all do, but they do get hot and bothered quite quickly. I have worn both Salomon and Keen waterproof boots/shoes successfully, but have "heard" that may be non-waterproof may be better. I am not concerned with wet shoes, wet socks, drying out or...
  11. G

    Rain covers for shoes

    Walking French Way in May. Thoughts on rain covers for hiking shoes. Good idea or not worth the weight? Thx
  12. OzAnnie

    Ready to look at new footwear for Camino

    Previously a boot wearer., but have read lots of favourable info on the forum regarding Hoka one ones and also Altra lone peak trail shoes ., I intend to include a mission to REI when I visit USA in a couple of weeks. They both ‘sound’ comfortable., but I realise the bottom line., they will...
  13. KJFSophie

    It's Not About The Shoe...

    New pilgrims planning their trek resort to asking the age old question of what to wear for footwear. Hiking boots? Runners? Sandals? Waterproof? etc... Bottom line is what your body & feet will be comfortable in ON THE MANY TERRAINS. While a good fit, a size up is near always recommended...
  14. Robo

    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    We never stop learning do we? Every Camino I learn something new and this is true of Gear too! So with 3 Caminos done, (Yes I'm a real Newbie compared to many members here), I'm thinking about gear for number 4. And reflecting on things that I have changed my mind about, or new bits of gear I...
  15. Lulumom

    Need help with shoe debate

    Hello, My husband and I are doing our first Camino in early April. I have been breaking in a pair of lightweight waterproof hiking boots but whenever we walk (we live in northern CA and have done some fairly intense hikes, including Lassen) I always find myself leaning towards wearing my...
  16. andywild

    footwear question for april 2018

    Hi, I am planning on walking Camino Frances in mid April 2018.. This gives me about 12 weeks to get my equipment together. My main concern is footwear for the type of terrain at that time of year, (I'm assuming there will be a fair amount of wet weather). I'm hoping to get away with spending...
  17. L

    Trail runners and mud?

    We’re starting out from St. Jean on April 25 and I’m vacillating about my footwear. I’m trying out new Keen Voyager hiking shoes, and I’m also looking at Brooks Cascadia 12 trail runners (I love my Brooks running shoes and thought the Cascadias would fit about the same). But I’m worried what...
  18. Trish K


    So, lots of info advice on here re: best socks for blister free walking etc, but I'm after some advice on the best 'quick-drying' socks. I'll be doing my Camino this winter and guessing neither the outside air nor the inside of some of the allbergues will be that warm, so need some socks that...
  19. KatjaA

    Teva sandals in October?

    Hey all! I'm preparing for my first Camino (end of Sep. through Oct. ) and I'm getting such different advise on footwear. I'll bring my hiking booths for the road, but then it gets tricky. Tevas or light running shoes for the afternoons and evenings? How cold does it get? Thank you for all the...
  20. Gillyweb

    Sandals and rain ? Do I wear socks..... Portugues in two week's time !

    So....I feel ashamed to not know the answer to this after doing the CF twice but.....am I supposed to wear walking sandals in the rain ? With socks ? Without socks ??? What ??? I've always walked in my Berghaus lightweight high top hiking boots and they have only ever given me one blister. For...

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