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Peaceable Projects Inc. is a U.S.-based non-profit group that brings the vast resources of the wide world together with the ongoing needs of the people who live, work, and travel on the Camino de Santiago pilgrim trail network in Spain.
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  1. F

    How to put Forum site on my IPHONE

    Stupid Question? I have this website/forum on my Laptop. Is there a way to put this site/APP on my IPHONE?
  2. Wanderingfriend

    Lost & Found Lost and Found

    Hello Ivar, I was just thinking this morning and did not see a designated area where people could post things lost or perhaps found. It might be a great addition to this website to add this section, so those with lost items could check and perhaps make arrangements for meeting/picking their...
  3. davebugg

    Recognizing Other Forum Members While On Camino

    A frequent wish expressed by Forum members who are headed out on a camino is that, "I hope to see other members out there". Me too. :-) To make it easier to spot one of 'us', there is a Forum Member badge that can be attached to backpacks, hats, clothing, etc. And it is a two for one...
  4. Texas Walker

    Question about the PM function 2022

    A little while back someone tried to PM me. I got an email about it. I didn't know what to do with it. What does one do to read the PM? Or respond to it?
  5. peregrino_tom

    Understanding the forum's privacy settings

    I realise that after more than 12 years here I really should know this but, I haven't used the forum to start private conversations before, so I need to check. Also I think some other folks haven't quite grasped how it all works, so here goes: 1. When someone says 'I'll PM you' what they mean...
  6. trecile

    Quote feature not working??

    @ivar - The last few days I haven't been able to use the quote/multi-quote feature on the forum. I will select several quotes, but when I click on "insert quotes" nothing happens. I have tried different browsers on both my phone and PC - Chrome, Firefox, and even Microsoft Edge, and I have the...
  7. peregrina2000

    Help wanted — forum “point persons” for Wise Pilgrim Apps

    If you’ve been following this thread, you know that Michael of @wisepilgrim has developed a series of apps for the untraveled caminos — so far, we’ve got Nascente, Olvidado, Invierno, but more are coming. The idea behind these apps is that they will be crowd-sourced and free to all. (Though I...
  8. ivar

    e-mails from the forum

    Hola all, Just a message from me regarding the emails that the forum send out and how you can manage this if you want to turn off or on these email message. The daily email can be turned on or off here: The weekly email (Saturdays) can be...
  9. DoughnutANZ

    How to manage new posts?

    I usually click on the New Posts area of the forum and browse the topics. I am interested in some and completely disinterested in others, especially the "which brand of shoes to wear" and "how to take poles on a plane" ones. Those are obviously valid and interesting topics to other people...
  10. C clearly

    How can I use the forum to browse and find information?

    This post might be helpful if you are a new forum user or even a long-time member who has noticed some changes that Ivar has recently made on the forum. Be assured that these changes should not affect the way you have been interacting here on the forum. The main/front page of the forum (that...
  11. ivar

    Back to basics on the forum

    Hola all! First of all, thank you for hanging around the forum during the last year. It has been difficult, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now I think. I have been thinking about making some slight changes to the forum rules and the way we do things on the forum, so this...
  12. ivar

    Poll ⛅ New emojis in forum names. Good or bad?

    I have added a few emojis to some of the forum names on the forum.
  13. ivar

    Updated Forum Search

    Hola all, I just wanted to let you know that I have updated the search capability on the forum today... If you use the Search box at the top of each page, you will see that it now auto-completes (you will see suggested searches when you type). Also in the search result, if you mistyped a...
  14. peregrina2000

    The deleted Covid Humor thread

    Many forum members have noticed that the covid humor thread has disappeared, and recent attempts to start a new one were deleted. We have had many PMs with individual forum members, but we thought a more general explanation was in order. Though some moderators had serious misgivings from the...
  15. C clearly

    Forum Tips - Search

    For background about Forum Tips, see here. This thread will be devoted to understanding the Search function of the forum. Please post any questions or corrections below, and I'll update this post to include them. There is a Search button on the top right of the blue banner across the top. We’ll...
  16. C clearly

    Forum Tips - Resources section

    For background about Forum Tips, see here. This thread will be devoted to understanding the Resources section of the forum. I have to admit that I'm starting this thread without having done the necessary work to really understand the Resources section. However, @BombayBill asked about it, and...
  17. C clearly

    Forum Tips - Your account

    For background about Forum Tips, see here. This thread will be devoted to understanding the Your Account section of the forum software. To access Your Account, click on your Username at the top right of your screen, and you’ll see a dropdown list of options. A few hints follow... First a note...
  18. C clearly

    Forum Tips – Crowdsourcing a users’ guide

    With Ivar's endorsement, let’s create some reference threads with tips for using the forum. After all, (fingers crossed) very soon we will be inundated with members planning their Caminos for 2021 and 2022. Here is a suggested approach: This starter thread will be the place to talk about what...
  19. ivar

    You can now buy ads on the forum

    Hola all, I just added the functionality where any forum member can buy an ad on the forum. You can get started here: Please let me know if you have any questions, Ivar
  20. BombayBill

    Can walk 800k but cannot figure this forum.

    I have no problem figuring out the Camino but Lord how I struggle to figure out managing the forums. Is there a manual for how to manage my preferences, forums , threads etc? Why are some forums BOLD and others not? If I watch a forum does that mean I am also watching all sub-forums? If I watch...