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  1. VNwalking

    Forum upgrade hiccups?

    The newest upgrade looks great, @ivar. as usual it may take a little time get used to the changes in format. But I have a few immediate questions: First, what happened to the little button it looks like a cog-wheel in the upper right hand side of the menu bar? It's the one that allowed you to...
  2. ivar


    Hola all, Just to let you know that I have created a newsletter (some of you are most likely on it already), but it covers both the forum and the forum store. Once or twice a month I send out an e-mail with new guidebooks (from the store) and also I do send out lists of popular topics from the...
  3. peregrina2000

    New sub-forum for caregivers?

    I have been in touch with another peregrina who finds herself in my situation, with increasing caregiving responsibilities at home. Though I am getting great support here from family, friends, and professionals, I find that trying to figure out how to continue the camino is not a topic I can...
  4. ivar

    Camino Chat app (WhatsApp/Messenger for the forum)

    Hola all, I have been working (with a developer) on this app for a while, and now it is out. Optional to use, of course, but it is free with no ads and it is there for those who are interested. The app is very simple, it is a copy of WhatsApp/Messenger but only for the forum. You log in...
  5. Bad Pilgrim

    Help me to get rid of notifications, please

    Hello, Can someone tell me how to NOT get push notification (that pops up on the screen)? I made the mistake of accepting them. I went to my profile page and tried to uncross every alternative that looked like it, but they still pop up. What do I do? /BP
  6. D

    Posting new thread

    Please for give me I am very grumpy by now I have just spent 30 minuets trying to find the create or post a new thread and I have posted quite a lot of post. So how does a newby get on. I finally found a little yellow piece that looked all the world like a little advert. Give me a while I will...
  7. notion900

    'like' Doesn't = Thank You

    It's really lovely when people post a proper thank you for all the helpful answers to their pressing question. Clicking 'like' is better than nothing, but isn't quite as nice. Just saying.
  8. ivar

    Donations and payment change

    Hi all, I just wanted to let you all know that I have decided to only work with Stripe payments and drop PayPal for making donations to the forum. Stripe is the company that process the card payments. More here: https://stripe.com/ . They are used by many of the "big companies", more on that...
  9. ivar

    Coming to a forum near you ...soon!

    Wouldn't it be nice to open you phone on the camino and see recommendations from other forum members on lodging and places to eat around you? Coming soon! :) Ivar
  10. peregrina2000

    Posts on your profile page

    I have a question for Ivar or one of the tecchies. If someone posts something on my profile page, will I get an alert? I was just on that page a few minutes ago and saw all these messages I hadn't ever seen. I even saw that someone had "liked" a post on my profile page -- how does that...
  11. ivar

    How to add your Camino to the New Camino Calendar

    Dear all, Adding your date to this calendar is a two step process: Start a new thread (maybe in the Camino Introduction section?) announcing your Camino with as much/little information that you feel comfortable with. Once the thread has been posted, click the "Threads Tools" drop down, just...
  12. ivar


    These are the rules of this Camino forum and they will be used by moderators with the intention of making this forum a good and comfortable place to share and exchange anything related to the Camino de Santiago. Point system: This forum has implemented a point system for those users that...



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