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The big map o the Caminos de Santiago


  1. truenorthpilgrim

    Efrén Gonzáles' youtube/Camino vlogs.

    Hi all, Just want to do a quick shout out to Efren Gonzales' youtube channel. Other threads on this forum have mentioned his stellar documentation of his 2017 Camino Frances pilgrimage, capturing magnificent shots with his drone. I personally think it's the best self-documented series out there...
  2. Thomas1962

    New KML/GPX downloadpage (e.g. for Maps.me) with all camino's and accomodation

    'Het Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob - NGSJ' (The Dutch Confraternity of Saint James) has a new downloadpage with many KML/GPX files. These files can be used in smartphones apps like Maps.me, but also in devices like Garmin. The URL: https://www.santiago.nl/downloads All these files go...
  3. MatteJa

    Camino de Santiago from my home (Italy + France + Spain)

    Hello beautiful people. I am writing here to ask you an advice: Next summer I would like to walk from my home (Turin - ITALY) to Santiago, I am already planning the route so if anyone of you did something similar, any info about walking/camping in France is worth its weight in gold to me. I...
  4. rsmith0000

    Good weekend hikes on Arles route?

    After walking half the Le Puy-en-Velay route last year, I'm headed to Nice, France, for a month of intensive French language study. Here's my question: are there any two- to four-day stretches of the Arles route (the pilgrim path presumably closest to Nice) that you would recommend walking...
  5. Veronicad1

    Best way to Mauléon-Licharre from Florida

    I know, by plane. Now having solved that part of the dilemma, here's the rest: I can fly out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami equally. I just don't know if it's better to fly into Billbao or Paris(Charles DeGaulle) or Bayonne or what. I want to visit my friend's grave in Mauléon and start my Camino...
  6. Fares Ismail

    Camino Frances Followed by VdlP

    Hello everyone, As my starting day approaches, I’ve been looking at alternative routes (ones that are less traveled and crowded). I initially thought about doing the Camino Frances and taking the Invierno route from Ponferrada. But recently I started thinking about following the Frances up...
  7. P

    Le Post Question

    Hey guys, I would like to send an extra pair of shoes ahead to SJPP from Le Puy. I understand in Spain you can send a package to the town post office addressed to yourself and you have maybe a month to pick it up at the post office. Does the Le Post in France work the same way??? Thanks!
  8. Tamsin Grainger

    Walking without a donkey travel blog 2017-05-16

    A travel (walking) blog from Pamplona to Finnistere ( Camino Francés) and last 8 days or so of VDLP (going backwards!) Coming soon: first 8 days of VDLP. Also walking in Britain and France.
  9. Colton Andre

    Start in Toulouse or Bordeaux?

    Headed to Europe this summer for two months and am planning on walking the Camino from either Bordeaux or Toulouse. My girlfriend and I were wondering which is the more scenic route and if there would be any major time differences in the routes. We planned on around 3-4 weeks for this, is that...
  10. DSouthard

    Where the Roads Lead 2017-03-11

    This book is a memoir of a walking pilgrimage from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy during the summer of 2014. The author primarily walked the network of Gran Route trails through Catalunya, the Via Domitia through France, and finally the Via Francigena from Vercelli, Italy to Rome. More than a...
  11. DSouthard

    Where the Roads Lead 2017-03-11

    This book is a memoir of a walking pilgrimage from Barcelona, Spain to Rome, Italy during the summer of 2014. The author primarily walked the network of Gran Route trails through Catalunya, the Via Domitia through France, and finally the Via Francigena from Vercelli, Italy to Rome. More than a...
  12. kayagee66

    The R. L. Stevenson Route GR70

    Can any members who have walked the Stevenson route help? Has anyone walked this route without booking accommodation before starting? I want to walk this route in September, the last 2 weeks. And would like to book accommodation the day before i arrive. Or on the day i walk. Can i get away with...
  13. ChloeRose

    Le Puy English Guide/Website

    Hello fellow pilgrims, One thing I noticed before I started my Camino was that there doesn't seem to be much English information online for the Le Puy route in France except on this forum (and some small blogs that are sometimes difficult to find and rely on). I did my best to set up a nice...
  14. FreerangerMartin

    Notes in the slow lane: walking on the Voie de Vézelay 2016-12-01

    I set out alone from Vézelay in North-central France. All the way to Santiago de Compostela is approximately 1,700 kms. I covered just 300 kms. in 18 days’ not very rapid walking (via Nevers as far as La Souterraine). Aged 73, I’m still hopeful of returning to this beautiful, solitary camino...
  15. Matthew Fitzhenry

    My Camino plan from Mont-Saint-Michel

    Hi, After wanting to do so for many years, I have decided to plan my Camino for 2018. I have decided to start from Mont-Saint-Michel. To reach Santiago by July 25, I plan to begin during the first week of May. I have chosen la Voie de Capitales through Rennes and Nantes. My route is to pass...
  16. ParistoCapeCod

    French Strike are Usually Announced Ahead in Advance

    Wondering if you will encounter a strike anywhere in France? Check this link http://www.cestlagreve.fr/ and be prepared to find an alternate way to get to SJPP. Go with it, it's France... Bon chemin!
  17. H

    Stamping credencial in north France

    I am starting at Cherbourg in April, and walking via Mt St Michel and Angers to join the Paris route at St Jean d'Angely (and then continuing on to Santiago). Does anyone know where I can get my pilgrim's passport stamped in France when I am not on a main pilgrimage route?
  18. D

    Walking through Sunflowers 2015-11-10

    As novice pilgrims on the Camino Francés, we learned that we had a lot to learn, on all levels of pilgrimage! So we took the Chemin du Puy. This is the story of our joys and sorrows, fellow-pilgrims and discoveries, as we navigated the central French highlands, vineyards, farms, and Pyrenees...
  19. BlackRocker57

    iPhiGéNie mapping app

    Help required! Just wondering if any fellow pilgrims, especially those on the GR65, have used the iPhiGeNie mapping app ... it is an excellent app, but i am struggling to use it effectively and the user manual is difficult to follow ... I would love to hear from and correspond with anyone who...
  20. MickPetz

    Late-August 2015 Camino

    Hello fellow pilgrims, A little over a month until I start my journey on the Camino Frances. I fly from California to Paris, then making my way south. I'm currently planning on leaving St. Jean Pied de Port on Friday, Aug 20, with hopes of making it to Finisterre or Muxia; however, I'm open to...

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