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  1. Rick of Rick and Peg

    2017 Camino Frances statistics

    According to statistics gathered by the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago in 2017 they received 301,006 pilgrims of which 180,726 (or 60%) were classed as having come by the Camino Frances. Here are the values gotten through use of their tool at (BTW...
  2. The Camino Provides

    The Camino Provides

    Having a bad day? No worries, the Camino has you covered :)
  3. Ryan Alexander

    Is there demand for an alternative but integretated hostal/albergue in O Cebreiro?

    Curious to know people's thoughts/experiences of staying in O Cebreiro, is there demand for another albergue/pension? Any other relevant information appreciated, I saw a story on here about a lady who ran one for a short while and then sold it, was it just not for her, anyone familiar with that...
  4. Rebecca Jane Johnston

    Painting on the Camino

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd mention this for anyone who might be interested or have some advice for me. In Sept/Oct last year I completed my first Camino on the French way and documented my travels in a little watercolour journal. Had a great response from everyone that saw it and it got me...
  5. t2andreo

    The Sarria Solution...

    This year while working for a month, from mid-July to mid-August, as a volunteer at the Pilgrim Office in Santiago I had many opportunities to talk to arriving pilgrims each day. This year there were several emergent issues: - For non-Spanish pilgrims, the Camino del Norte, Camino Portuguese...
  6. Camino Ben

    Sharing gear as a couple

    Hello, My wife and I have recently decided to do the Camino Frances in 2018. I had a question for which I could not find the answer through searching the forum or googling. Is it possible to share some basic gear so that way my wife does not have to carry as much? I'm thinking things like...
  7. H

    20 Days on El Camino for scenery and introspection. Best Routes?

    Hello, I leave for my first Camino in about 5 days and I've been spending quite a bit of time researching the routes. My reasons for doing this pilgrimage is to deal with a lot of emotional turmoil that I've been through recently. Thus, though I do love meeting people, I feel as though I won't...
  8. Alberte

    Leaving boots at home...

    Hi guys, I am leaving in two weeks from now on, and last-minute decision is to leave my new Buffalo boots at home. I think it will be the wrong shoe for me, as I think it will give me one too many blisters in the heat! My skin is very sore and even though it was the perfect fit for me, it just...
  9. T

    Cold / Flu on the Camino Frances Questions regarding Sundays

    Hello all, I collapsed on the camino heading to Sahagún today. My walking buddy and I concluded it was dehydration related originally. I woke up this morning and had 2 cafe con leches (normally take just one) because I had low energy / bad sleep. After landing in Sahagún I grabbed some...
  10. Paul McG

    Ego Trip 2017-06-01

    There was no good reason for walking out of my job, abandoning my apartment, and taking to life on the road – unless I remember that I began my journey as a committed Atheist, but that’s not how I ended it. Ego Trip takes you from the French Pyrenees to the city of Santiago de Compostella in...
  11. jgpryde

    Greetings from Roncesvalles

    Just checking in from the 3rd day out of SJPdP. All of the planning , training, and anticipation is already worth it. Highly recommend Orisson as a way to kickoff your Frances. Beun Camino -jgp
  12. N

    Mass on the Camino Frances

    is there a list of Churches that have Mass and their times? I am in Roncesvallas now.
  13. E

    Portugues vs Frances for the anxious

    Hola! everyone (first post) I had been pretty set on doing the Portugues, either late this year (October/November) or early next (March/April), largely as I saw it as avoiding possible accommodation problems by taking a quieter route. Having read on this forum about the fewer number of...
  14. Deanpf

    finally put my blog together

    It took me a long time but I moved all my facebook posts and pics that I posted throughout my walk last summer onto a blog. Looking at all the posts sure has made me want to go back. Time to start planning I think... For anyone interested:
  15. Gipsy Moon

    Private Accomodations - Recent list - Camino Frances

    Hello Every One, was there a recent Private Accommodations list circulating not long ago for the Frances somewhere on this Forum , or did I dream? :rolleyes: Any personal list or recommendations would be deeply appreciated (have only found years old info). Starting in 10 days - Winter walking...
  16. jpflavin1

    Frances Albergues with communal meals

    One of the great aspects of the Camino, imo, are communal meals. My favorite on the Frances is Granon. I enjoy these types of settings. My plan this year is to stop at as many of these Albergues as possible. Please share your favorite Albergue on the Camino Frances that offers a communal meal...
  17. K

    1st Camino; Camino Frances; April 1st, 2017

    Bueno!! I am landing in Biaritz, March 30th, 2017 and finding my way to SJPP; Not sure if I'll take a train or bus yet, any suggestions? Also, I am only planning on bringing a silk bag liner. And hopefully getting a blanket at night....What do you think? Kate
  18. AlexanderAZ

    Sept 2017 CF...need timing input

    Planning to do SJPdP to Fisterra with my Dad mid-Sept (2017) start. We are not bound by an external schedule. I'm having a bit of difficulty in figuring out the exact number of days so we can purchase our plane tickets. We are both in excellent health and very active although we want to roll at...
  19. P

    Camino Frances within 29 days 1.0

    You can use this PDF as a template for your Camino. You can also create your own list of stages by using a free tool. See (Additional Information URL) below.
  20. Anne-Marie S.

    Frances or Norte for first camino?

    I plan to do my first camino starting in early July 2017. I have done extensive research on both of these routes, and am more confused than ever. The Norte seems to be much less crowded, but also more expensive. I am also concerned that I may not be able to find the accommodation required...


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