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  1. Waka

    How important are Gaiters on a Winter camino

    Never worn gaiters before but I'm interested to know how important they are during a Feb - Mar camino.
  2. L

    Gaiters for October/November

    I've been going through some other threads but haven't been able to determine whether I should bring gaiters with me? I've looked at the weather and seen rain in some spots, is bringing gaiters advisable? I'm kind of hesitant to drag them along. I do have waterproof hiking shoes but I am wearing...
  3. Kyle Hocking

    Don't Cheap Out on Raingear!

    Hi Camino Friends! I just returned from my first (and hopefully not last) Camino from St. Jean to Santiago which my brother and I completed in 31 days without resting. Along the way, we ran into some of the worst rain I can recall ever being in. The wind was fierce, the mud was awful and the...
  4. C clearly

    Do tiny rocks jump into your boots? Cheap, easy, lightweight solution

    Last year when I wore runner's tights for walking, I found that on some surfaces I had little rocks jump into my boots every ten minutes. Very annoying, and probably also the cause of a blister on the side of my heel. I didn't want to get heavy waterproof gaiters. Here's a solution that I...
  5. Janet P

    Gaiters or not ?

    I was shopping rain gear the other day and looking at the Gaiters at REI and the salesperson/experienced hiker said I only need gaiters for snow hiking. I am curious if they are standard equipment for April rain along the Camino.
  6. M

    Agony of de-feet: Trail Running Shoe (GTX) & SOCK Combo HELP

    All input greatly appreciated!!: Trail Runners with GTX: Looking for women's trail runner - wide toe box - GTX -D-width preferred I walked SJPDP to Ponferrada in May/June 2013. Amazing experience EXCEPT being plagued by BLISTERS from La Sportiva's (fitted too small) I am starting in...
  7. A

    Non waterproof boots with gaiters for Oct. camino. Thoughts?

    I can't stand goretex boots. I hate the weight and the sweaty feeling you get when it's above 0 degrees. I have non waterproof Merrell hiking boots that I love and am pairing them with gaiters. Anyone have thoughts on this since I will be walking in Oct.? Anyone tried this combo?
  8. JP

    Gaiters in late April & May walking the Camino.

    Are Gaiters necessary in late April & May walking the Camino, because of heavy rain conditions ?

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