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gear and advice

  1. TankerTim

    First Camino Frances

    Hello Everyone, I have my first Camino Frances coming (and first Camino) up next month. I'll be flying into Biarritz and then taking a cab to Bayonne, then a train or bus into SJPP. I fly into Biarritz on Tuesday, May 21 in the late afternoon, and plan on starting the Camino Frances the...
  2. Drew1578

    Men's convertable hiking pants

    Howdy - I'll be leaving from Ferrol on May 5th and I'm slowing getting all my gear together. I was considering taking two pairs of shorts along with one pair of convertible pants (and a pair of rain pants) for the trip, but having spent the last couple of days researching what pants are out...
  3. alvaroe16

    Biking CF - Sept 2018: Gear List

    I am ready! I have read this forum up and down (including wonderful posts from Jenny and Mark). Planned my route. Pack my bags. Unpacked. Removed gear. Pack again. Repeat. etc. At this point I think I have it down to about 10Kg divided in 2 panniers of 20L each. Hence, I wanted to pick your...
  4. TaraWalks

    CF starting March 14 from SJPDP

    Hi everyone, I've been lurking on this forum for a couple of years but this is my first thread! My partner and I start the CF in mid March. I have walked it previously in Aug/Sept 2016 and despite lots of trawling of the threads here, I would like whatever advice you care to share. What I...
  5. williamlittig

    The color of safety

    This is not meant to start the rain jacket or poncho debate again, (I use a jacket). What I have reconsidered is the color, because in rain and fog pilgrims are less visible. I looked gallant, suave, overweight but cool in my black jacket but no one could see me. My new gear is safety yellow...
  6. M

    Norte in October compared to CF

    Q: Is it stupid/to late to start Camino del Norte on september 25 for a solo first timer? So I arrive in Biarritz monday the 25th of september, and the plan was to the go to SJPDP and start the CF. I have spend hours/months thinking about if I should take the CdN or CF and finally settled on...
  7. joecamino

    A few gear questions (sticks, bag, weights)

    So, I’ve got my two biggest pieces of gear nailed down-- an Osprey pack and Merrell shoes (a size larger than normal!) I've been working on other key items-- wonder if I can get some thoughts from folks here before spending more $$$. 1. Trekking poles. Who knew there’d be so many options...
  8. B

    Help an ignorant wannabe pilgrim

    Ok. Sooooo.... ive never done this before and to be honest dont even know where to start myself and a friend have an interest in walking the camino del Norte in May we have maybe a week to do it (or at least a stage of it) and need to do it on a shoestring for it to be achievable so i need some...
  9. Nancy walker

    cold and wet

    Hello! I'm due to leave for my camino from SJPP to Fisterra in two weeks so will be walking last week of September, through October into the first days of November. I went for a trial walk through the Yorkshire Moores yesterday (for those who don't know, Yorkshire is one of the wettest...
  10. Mama B

    LePuy weather/gear for May

    Hello all, I am beginning walking on May 1st from LePuy and am wondering about the range of weather and suggestions for clothing. I walked from SJPDP to Santiago mid-June to Mid-July previously and the weather was mild to hot. No warm clothing needed and only a silk bag, no sleeping bag. I...
  11. D

    Camino Backpack and Kit Video

    An overview of what kit I carry in my Camino Backpack.
  12. Lmsundaze

    Dealing with sweaty back from backpack

    My Camino is getting closer -- 34 days -- and I am training more and more with my full pack. On warm, not hot days (68F-20C) my back sweats really uncomfortably from my backpack. Any suggestions on how to mitigate this? Thanks!
  13. Justin of the South

    What I Learned After My First Camino

    - I needed a lot less than I thought I would and I didn't bring that much to begin with. - Generosity abounds. - You will be hard pressed to run out of food or water...ever. I used a water "system" that worked well for reducing weight: I drank a full water bottle whenever I crossed paths with a...
  14. Magwood

    Gear report II, from the perspective of a 60 yr old woman

    Following the enthusiastic reception of @Jo Jo 's report on gear, I thought I would post mine. This comes from the perspective of a mature woman who had no previous hiking experience. Before I walked the Camino Frances in 2013 I did lots of research on this and other forums, drinking in the...

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