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  1. holhum

    Advice re my packing for June Frances from Leon? Esp. from ladies! ta :-)

    Hi all, I'm in the home stretch for packing and v. happy to take advice as this is my first Camino. This is what I have, and I'm aiming for a 5-6kg pack (before water and food and it's only a 32 litre). I'm from Australia and we don't have the range of products I've seen mentioned sometimes...
  2. NicoleB83

    Camino Tote 2019-03-12

    I read a great piece of packing advice the other day: carry a small, lightweight tote for market trips (no plastic bags!), sightseeing days, etc - anytime you want to leave your pack behind. So I designed one with a quote from the Galician poet Rosalía de Castro in English on one side and...
  3. E

    Free hiking stick tips, USA

    TAKEN: Hi folks, I bought these PaceMaker Stix tips for putting on hiking poles, but I don't use poles, so why would I need tips?? If you can use them, and are in the USA, I'll be happy to mail them to you. No charge. PM your address.
  4. alvaroe16

    Biking CF - Sept 2018: Gear List

    I am ready! I have read this forum up and down (including wonderful posts from Jenny and Mark). Planned my route. Pack my bags. Unpacked. Removed gear. Pack again. Repeat. etc. At this point I think I have it down to about 10Kg divided in 2 panniers of 20L each. Hence, I wanted to pick your...
  5. CaminoMatt73

    Starting the Norte Route in September

    I'm starting from IRUN around September 13th or so. Has anyone Hiked the Norte route in autumn? I'm wondering about the climate and the need for a sleeping bag or a liner with a light fleece throw blanket. Also, I've never used a phone in Europe but I hear about prepaid cards. Is this useful...
  6. T

    Type of Clothes to Wear While Hiking

    Hello, I'm 18 and from Texas. I will be walking the Camino Frances this June-July solo. I'm used to hot weather, however I am still very pale skinned and get burned up easily even with sunscreen. I've read some articles saying that there was little shade along the walk, so I'm concerned in that...
  7. copado

    Good,Professional walking poles.

    Hi. I have an inflammatory arthritic condition (psoriatic) that has also affected my ankle joints. Apart from the pain there I have little foot power when walking and my foot is not flat. Even hitting a rock and having to twist my foot is painful,and it can be hard to push away from. So I am...
  8. joecamino

    A few gear questions (sticks, bag, weights)

    So, I’ve got my two biggest pieces of gear nailed down-- an Osprey pack and Merrell shoes (a size larger than normal!) I've been working on other key items-- wonder if I can get some thoughts from folks here before spending more $$$. 1. Trekking poles. Who knew there’d be so many options...
  9. copado

    What is the one luxury or non-essential item you would bring with you?

    For me a beard trimmer, rechargeable. About 250 gm (small). With the sweating all day shaving would result in raw or rashly skin. With a trimmer, I won't walk out the far end looking like Santa Claus either nor will I have to go through the itchy beard growing phase while hiking. P.S. This...
  10. Kbierstube

    Solar charger: Game changer or wasted space?

    I hear that charging electronics can be challenging since there are not enough outlets and because you have to babysit your device to prevent theft. Has anyone used a solar charger hooked to their pack during the day? If so, how did it work? What solar charging device might you recommend? Tia!
  11. Kbierstube

    Another backpack Question.

    Hiya! Based I on my research, this: http://www.tortugabackpacks.com/products/outbreaker-travel-backpack?variant=26900597257 seems to be the best backpack for me. Can you think of a reason why it wouldn't be wise to take this on the CF? Tia! Katie Sept 2017
  12. DMG

    The Camino Francés in Spring

    Hi, I walked the Camino Francés in May-June this year. A genuinely wonderful and unforgettable experience. I posted photos and comments each day of the Camino to diariocamino.wordpress.com. The site now also includes a daily walk summary, a zoomable route map and a list of the gear I took...
  13. Aptrail

    Poncho vs Rain Jacket

    Greetings. This question may have been addressed but I couldn't find it. Does anyone have a recommendation or good reasons why I should take a poncho vs a rain jacket? I am a pretty avid backpacker and have both. I'm in the final stages of preparation now and am excited to leave for Spain...
  14. nidarosa

    Sold Sleeping bags, bed bug sheet and bivvy for sale

    Hi, I have recently invested in a few bits of updated kit and have some spare which I thought I would offer here before they go on Ebay. Lightweight and affordable stuff for a new or repeat pilgrim, all stuff I would - and have! - taken myself. I am in the UK, take PayPal and give good pilgrim...
  15. SYates

    De-Bed-Bugging your Camino Gear

    This post is now also available as a handy PDF in the resources section here: https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/resources/de-bed-bugging-your-camino-gear.483/ ************* As I just went again through the whole procedure, I thought I write it all together and post it here. Some of the...
  16. Seabird

    Live - Camino Francés Thoughts so far

    I've done 5 days walking so far, starting in St. Palais. Was able to cross the Napoleon Route, although still some snow on the pass. A beautiful day, except for the wind. Those who came up later got caught in a nasty storm, though. I was very glad I had stopped at Orisson to get an early start...
  17. S

    Religious Habit/Cassock

    So I'm going to be doing the Camino near the end of summer and had a bit of a thought/worry. I'm a seminary student a few years out from ordination. The tradition where I'm from is the habit/cassock is worn very frequently. I've been wanting to do the Camino for many years and now that I have...
  18. C

    Cold on July mornings?

    Hi all! I'm walking the Camino Primitivo starting in early July, and I'm wondering if I can get away without a jacket (other than a lightweight rain jacket). I'd rather not carry one around, especially if I don't get much use out of it. I'm from North Carolina, but I feel like I'm pretty...
  19. T

    Where to buy secondhand or discount hiking gear in Spain?

    Hi All, I'm planning another camino or two this year, however I'm already travelling and will arrive in Spain without a lot of the gear I would like for a camino. I'm also on a budget. Some of the things I'll be looking for are: Sleeping bag/liner, Walking poles, Pocket knife, Dry bag/pack...
  20. JasoFett

    Sleeping Bag Advice

    Hello everyone! I am planning on going on the Camino the last week of April through May. What temperature sleeping bag do you suggest I take? I want to pack as lightweight as possible of course, and was wonder if a 55F would be heavy enough? Any suggestions? Thank you!

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