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gluten free

  1. B

    Seeking gluten free/celiac disease walking advice

    Hi everyone, I've searched the forum and am hoping to start a new thread concerning those of us with Celiac Disease who need to stick to a strict gluten free diet. I speak decent enough Spanish and am not too worried about communicating my needs, but would love to hear any recent advice/tips...
  2. hillwalker

    walking gluten free

    a discovery for those of us dealing with coeliac: generally when I've shown my "sin gluten" allergy card in bars/cafeterias I've been met with a shake of the head ... but now I show the piece of paper on which a lovely waiter wrote out for me: FILET TERNERA C/PIMENTOS and I'm met with a smile...
  3. hillwalker

    leap frog luggage transfer

    I am beyond excited to be walking the Camino Frances for the first time, leaving from SJPdP in a week, and want to thank all of you for your thoughtful advice, encouragement, and kindness. I feel as prepared as one can be walking into the unknown! If anyone could help me with a question that...
  4. MichelleR

    Fructose intolerance

    Hello, I was wondering if any people with fructose intolerance have done the Camino Frances? I have coeliac disease and fructose intolerance so any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated. I will be taking translation cards with me and cooking equipment for the times which I don't want to...
  5. LivP

    Best Albergue in St Jean?

    Hi Everyone, I am sure this has been asked hundreds of times but a lot of the answers lead me to this one: http://www.espritduchemin.org/en/hostel which is no longer servicing St Jean, so I am hoping you experienced pilgrims may be able to tell me which albergue will provide us with the best...
  6. momof34man

    Orisson - Gluten Free Choices?

    I'm hoping to get some information from other pilgrims that have food allergies who have stayed in Orisson. Are there any choices for food at Refuge Orisson that are gluten free? I've sent an email about a month ago about the same topic, but I'm thinking they are probably closed for the...
  7. emsr2d2

    Food question - this'll make you laugh

    Hi all I already have a thread started on our actual walk but I wanted to ask this separately. I'm walking Santiago-Finisterre-Muxia at the end of June and I'm starting to think about the food side of things. We're staying at Castelo, A Picota Mazaricos, Cee, Finisterre, Lires and possibly...
  8. W

    Camino Portugués, Accommodation Tui-Porriño-Redondela

    If you stay in PORRIÑO in the way of the Camino Portugués, PENSIÓN MARACAIBO: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pensionmaracaiboporrino -TO SLEEP: Apartment for groups from 10 to 12 people (15€/person), beds in Hostel from 18€ to 25€, Apartments with kitchen and washing machine available...
  9. D

    Gluten free food on the camino

    Have read a few books on the camino and a lot of the meals prepared start with a soup, and I take it from produce available in the area, does anyone know if they(meal prepares) cook with a lot of gluten produce ie pasta ,wheat, soy some thickening agents or do they kept it simple and natural...
  10. ktchnofdngr

    Low gluten hosts....

    Hi, all. I am on the home stretch of preparing for my Pilgrimage, which begins on Aug. 29th ( although I won't begin walking until the 31st....I arrive in Madrid on the 30th, then begin walking from Burgos on the 31st). I am hoping to go to daily Mass while walking, but I am gluten-free. I...
  11. C

    Gluten Free on Camino

    Has anyone completed the camino on a gluten free diet? I'm leaving next weekend and I'm mostly wondering if I should bring some GF snack bars to ensure I have something to eat for breakfasts or if I should likely be able to access something GF at/near the hostels easily. I hear that most hostel...
  12. S

    Gluten and Wheat free bread

    My daughter and I are about to embark (30 June) on our first walk along the Camino trail. Only doing the last 130km unfortunately as we are time poor and coming over from Australia with only 2 weeks holiday. But we are soooo excited!! My daughter is a Ceoliac and I was wondering if there is...
  13. K

    Eating Gluten Free all the way...

    hello to any and all who may have gluten intolerance...please advise what and how one does manage their GF diet on the Camino? Of course, I will carry my own food but can I cook in some places as well? kindest regards Kate..
  14. JillHives

    Gluten Free on the Camino

    Hello all. I'm planning to walk the French Way in September but have a gluten intolerance. I always have stashes of nuts, dried fruit and such with me walking and hiking but bringing that along with me would cause a lot of weight. I know I can pick things up in towns and such along the way but...
  15. M

    Celiac diet

    Hi guys, My wife is celiac, she has a strict diet and can not get anything containing gluten. How familiar are spaniards about this condition? how is it called in Spanish? http://www.CaminoWays.com cater for Celiacs on the Camino, but we were considering doing it independently. Let me know. Roland.
  16. frmikeminn

    Wheat allergies

    A friend saw some of my pictures from a previous Camino and is interested in attempting the trip. She is allergic to wheat. Any thoughts on how challenging it would be for someone with a wheat allergy to walk or bike the camino?
  17. reuver

    glutenfree food

    We have a question about glutenfree food: I have celiac. This means I've to eat glutenfree food. The main problem will be the bread. Is it possible to buy glutenfree food, especially bread, along the Camino Frances? greetings ger en thea

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