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  1. El Mayordomo

    Publishing daily walk online

    I am building a blog for MyLongWalk2019 - https://mylongwalk2019.home.blog/ - and want to add a link for followers to see my daily walk details which I can upload at the end of the day from my Garmin Edge 810 or the Vivosport devices I have. Currently both of the mapping services, Strava and...
  2. Robo

    Using WikiLoc ?

    Hi Everyone. I have recently added wikiloc to my phone as I plan to start walking some of the more remote Caminos, starting with the VdlP. Also started reading Gerald Kelly's guide book but would like to supplement the maps in that guide with GPS tracks of some kind. Being one of those...
  3. amancio

    Ultimate track for Borrenes-Orellán-Las Médulas

    Hola amigos! finally I got to compile the track that I followed on my first stage of this stunning Camino. Instead of taking a flatter, shorter route over Carrucedo, this track climbs to the Mirador de Orellán, the best viewpoint of the Roman mining complex. To me, this route offers significant...
  4. Thomas1962

    Manual for putting free navigation apps with routes and accommodations files on your smartphone April 2018

    This is a link to a manual on the website of the Dutch Confraternity of Saint James (NGSJ). It will tell you what free navigations apps you can use on your smartphone, and how to load KML and GPX tracks into it for (nearly) all camino's in Spain and other countries in Western-Europe. Buen camino!
  5. ChrisDor

    Cammino, Camino, Caminho, Via '.s in Spain and Porgtugal GPS on site.

    Cammino, Camino, Caminho, Via 's in Spain and Porgtugal with GPS on site. Camino in Spanje: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/caminos-in-spanje_190670 Camino in Portugal: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/caminos-in-portugal_190522 Camino in Spanje and Portugal...
  6. dougfitz

    Camino Sanabres - Selected GPS Data 2016-12-27

    This .gpx format file contains a .gps format translation of the .kml format files from Centro de Descargas (http://centrodedescargas.cnig.es/CentroDescargas/loadCaminoSantiago.do). The track colour has been changed to red for better visibility, but no further editing has been done to these. To...
  7. dougfitz

    Camino Ingles - Selected GPS Data 2016-12-27

    This .gpx format file contains two sets of tracks for the Camino Ingles. Those prefixed CI are my personal track record from 2014, edited to remove distractions like stops, deviations, and just plain getting lost from time to time. The tracks prefixed etapa are based on the Centro de Descargas...
  8. Flem

    GPS Tracks

    Hi all Last year I walked the Camino Frances. And I used an APP on my Android with maps and tracks. Now I like to Walk the Caminho Portugues and like to ask if any of you know an AAP for the trip Lisbos to SdC. I got the John Brierley guidebook but also like to have the tracks on my Android -...
  9. C

    GPS help!I

    I'm going to be starting the CF in 12 days and am looking for a way to 1) follow my own path; and 2) let those at home also see where I've been and now am. Can any one suggest apps that I can use with my iPhone to do these? And is it necessary to have my phone on (and using battery/wifi/data)...
  10. ivar

    Peter Robins "Pilgrim Routes Database"

    From my post in the forum. Peter would like to create a small group of people that can help him continue his Map Database Project that has been his "baby" for many years. His project used to be stored on his pages: http://maps.peterrobins.co.uk/ but has now been moved over to GitHub (a place...
  11. cj2003

    All places to sleep in one file - Coastal and Central route, Camino Portuguese Oct 23rd 2017

    Hi friends! this resource contains as many places to sleep along the route as possible - albergues, hotels, pensions and much more in one document, handy to bring with you on the Camino. It covers the following Routes of Camino Portuguese Lisbon-Porto: Follows the interior route from Lisbon...

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