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  1. El Mayordomo

    Publishing daily walk online

    I am building a blog for MyLongWalk2019 - https://mylongwalk2019.home.blog/ - and want to add a link for followers to see my daily walk details which I can upload at the end of the day from my Garmin Edge 810 or the Vivosport devices I have. Currently both of the mapping services, Strava and...
  2. Thomas1962

    Camino Primitivo accomodations. In KML and GPX format, and as PDF June 2018

    The KML or GPX files can be used in a smartphone (in apps like Maps.me) or any other navigation device like Garmin. How? Here can find a manual for smartphones. The PDF file you can download into your smartphone or you can print it out. This download will bring you to the downloadpage of the...
  3. Thomas1962

    The 'All Albergues on the Camino Frances' list in KML or GPX format December 2017

    This file is the KML/GPX version of the most famous “All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf. All credits for the PDF file goes to SYates. These KML/GPX files are made in cooperation with the Dutch Confaternity of Saint James (Het Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob-NGSJ) This KML or...
  4. Jeff Crawley

    Strava heatmap

    Do you use the Stava app? Big Brother is watching YOU! Just read an interesting article in the Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jan/28/fitness-tracking-app-gives-away-location-of-secret-us-army-bases And followed it up here...
  5. ChrisDor

    Cammino, Camino, Caminho, Via '.s in Spain and Porgtugal GPS on site.

    Cammino, Camino, Caminho, Via 's in Spain and Porgtugal with GPS on site. Camino in Spanje: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/caminos-in-spanje_190670 Camino in Portugal: https://umap.openstreetmap.fr/nl/map/caminos-in-portugal_190522 Camino in Spanje and Portugal...
  6. timjstark

    Are there GPS waypoints for the Primitivo?

    Do any of you know if there are downloadable GPS waypoints for the Primitivo? I will be hiking next May (my first Camino!) over 14 days from Oviedo. I am hoping to use GPS as a backup in case the routing is not clear. Any help will be greatly appreciated... Tim
  7. M

    HELP! Amsterdam to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Hello, I am trying desperately to find GPS coordinates from Amsterdam to St. Jean Pied de Port. I am no orienteer and am not going to pretend to be a skilled map reader. What I am doing is trying to raise money to help people suffering from cancer by raising funds through long distance walking...
  8. Arbey48

    ABC_GPS Watches

    Currently at the planning stage of my return to the Camino (started in 2006!); I'm currently investigating the market for Altimeter/Barometer/Compass watches with GPS. I would appreciate any feedback- positive or negative from anyone who has used one or is using one of these specialist devices...
  9. Charl

    Mapping apps: Galileo Pro vs Pocket Earth

    I've just completed a blog entry comparing Galileo Pro and Pocket Earth, for those wondering about taking a GPS app with on Camino. Here's the link to the story.
  10. mariuszm

    Route tracking app (iPhone iOS)

    Hi, I did Camino in 2012 so last year when one of my colleagues was walking it, it was great to see his progress on the big TV at work. He did it by sending his location via Yo app to his friend who manually added his position everyday to Google maps. I tried to find a solution to do it more...
  11. Jeff Crawley

    Pamplona to Santiago in just ONE day - no blisters!

    Had a lazy day today having spent most of yesterday afternoon in the loft (leaking pipe three days before the Camino - seriously?) and decided to chop up the .gpx file I have into the different stages each one starting at the place we're staying in rather than city or town centres. Couldn't...
  12. SYates

    Which GPS to record Camino?

    Hi, one question to the GPS wise: As stated in an earlier thread I will walk the Via Regia/Ecumenical Pilgrims Way in Germany next month again. This time to collect as much information as possible to create an English language guide (not planning to make a fortune on that project btw ;-). The...
  13. S

    Map Ideas and/or downloads

    Hi All, I begin my walk on April 8th. Thus far the only maps I've seen consist of on-line "where to find restaurants, albergues, pharmacias, etc."; all of no interest to me. Then there's The Guide book which has a map so tiny even with my reading glasses it is difficult. Here's my...
  14. peregrina2000

    My load of electronics

    So SYates asked on another post that I describe the heavy pile of electronics that go into my pack. Here goes. I am a low tech person, and somewhat surprisingly, that has gotten me in a lot of trouble in terms of weight in my pack on the camino. I have always carried a camera, and have...
  15. D

    Map resources

    Can anyone point me to a GPS or KML file for the EPW. Has anyone used the offline downloaded google maps on this route?
  16. dougfitz

    Camino Jacaobeo del Ebro 2015-10-29

    I have downloaded the KMZ files from http://www.mapacaminosantiago.es/jacobeoebro/01-deltebre-santcarlesdelarapita.htm and translated them to a .gpx format that can be more easily imported into standard GPS units. This has been tested using both Garmin Basecamp and Garmin Mapsource, and they...
  17. S

    Any one tried the app: Camino Guide Offline

    This app was announced in March by Tony Andr. But I cannot find any indication that anyone has used it. My very good friend is starting the Camino on September 10 and I would like to put this app on the smartphone if it is good. Does anyone know anything about it? It is called Camino Guide...
  18. cj2003

    All places to sleep in one file - Coastal and Central route, Camino Portuguese Oct 23rd 2017

    Hi friends! this resource contains as many places to sleep along the route as possible - albergues, hotels, pensions and much more in one document, handy to bring with you on the Camino. It covers the following Routes of Camino Portuguese Lisbon-Porto: Follows the interior route from Lisbon...
  19. AdaR

    Routing for Biking on Pavement

    Looking for help on planning my Frances Camino route, by bicycle, in September. My son and his wife will be joining me in Pamplona, after bicycling through Italy and France this summer. They have been sticking to paved roads and want to continue in that mode as neither of their bikes are suited...
  20. Thomas1962

    GPS tracks (in KMZ and in GPX format) of all French camino's in one file March 2018

    This download will bring you to the downloadpage of the Dutch Confaternity of Saint James (Het Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob) The site is in Dutch, but on top you will find a google translate button. Here you will find all kinds of downloads, but for the Portugese tracks, go to...

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