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  1. J

    What is the app used on the Camino to secure beds?

    What is the app used on the Camino to secure Beds?
  2. MarkyD

    Good map apps for El Norte?

    Good morning, afternoon, evening to everyone who has been on El Norte and found good ways to reduce/avoid too much tarmac crunching, especially the more dangerous sections. I'm interested to find out information from anyone who has any good tips or could recommend an app that shows not only the...
  3. KinkyOne

    Guide to the Camino de Uclés — in Spanish and English

    Note from the mods. I have merged two threads — the first post here has the guide in Spanish, and if you scroll down to post number 8, you will see that @Canuck has added an English translation. Hola! @Canuck kindly provided Spanish language guide so here it is in .pdf files attached. Happy...
  4. A

    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    I relied heavily on the Buen Camino app last fall on the Camino Frances. Am beginning to plan for my May Camino, pulled up the Buen Camino app and it appears there have been some changes. Where it was easy to navigate before, now it is difficult or tedious. Is it just me or are others having...
  5. Shades of Narnia

    Buen Camino App

    Is there such a thing as a Buen Camino App for an Android, to help with direction, enroute?
  6. G

    Favourite apps/phone numbers for the Camino (Frances)

    Its time to start downloading apps and typing in the safety contact details - would love to hear what worked for you (especially for a winter camino), thanks
  7. M

    Best kindle Guide for CF or is an app better?

    I fly out in 2 days. Can't find my paper book by John Brierley and not sure I want the weight when I have a perfectly good phone with kindle installed. Only I cant see that book for Kindle! Any suggestions for CF guide on Kindle or even an App for Android? Thanks!
  8. peregrina2000

    Hot off the presses — Guide 2019

    Ender is at it again, here is a guide to the Olvidado. I have no doubt it will have the same effect on this camino as his work on the Salvador did about ten years ago. Go now to beat the crowds! It is in Spanish, but lots of the information is easy to decipher. I will be translating it into...
  9. Elle Bieling

    El Camino de San Salvador Digital Guide Book in English First Edition

    Also known as the Camino del Salvador, or The Way of the Savior, this digital-only eBook contains the route from León to Oviedo. It is in PDF format that you can download to your device and free yourself of the weight of a book! Packed with useful, must-have information on accommodations, cafés...
  10. S

    Camino Finisterre Guidebook Availability in Santiago

    Hello All! I am hiking the Camino Frances (Starting March 16th) and want to complete the Camino Finisterre after my initial pilgrimage. I have found Brierley’s Camino Frances guide to be extremely helpful. Has anyone used his Camino Finisterre guide? Also, will I be able to purchase said guide...
  11. cmk033

    Camino de Santiago Guide - App for Phone

    As I am preparing for the trip (the first), I am hearing this guide on the title is highly recommended. Would this app require a mobile network? I am not planning on buying a SIM to use phone while I am there. Can this app be used with only WiFi availability? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  12. Ungawawa

    Field-tested app reviews: an in-depth round-up

    There are so many Camino apps available now but I’ve not read any round-ups, so I’ve put my own one together which will hopefully be of use to pilgrims. It's not possible to review every app out there but these are my in-depth reviews of four of the most popular ones available for iOS. (Some of...
  13. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    Updated summary of the Caminhos de Fátima and Santiago.
  14. RuediG

    Cammino di Assisi - Guide? and question.

    I would like to do the Cammino di Assisi, Dovadola - La Verna - Assisi (and then continue to Rome) next year. Which guide book (in English, or in Italian) has the most useful maps and accommodation information? A detail question: Do the rifugi between Dovadola and La Verna have blankets on the...
  15. Elle Bieling

    Camino Portugués Ebook, Coastal Route, Porto to Santiago de Compostela Ebook 1st Edition

    Updated frequently, as we find new information, this is our guide from the Pilgrimage Traveler website, in a downloadable PDF format to use offline on your Camino. This Coastal Route uses the Sendal Litoral when practical and the Coastal Route when no direct seaside route is available nor...
  16. Elle Bieling

    Camino Portugués, Lisbon to Porto Guide Book 1st

    This is our guide from the Pilgrimage Traveler website, in a downloadable format to use offline on your Camino. You can purchase the ebook for the Lisbon to Porto route separately from the Porto to Santiago route, if you are not going the entire way. The second ebook of the Coastal Route uses...
  17. Thomas1962

    A KML, GPX or PDF file with all accomodations on the Camino Invierno 2018-04-19

    The KML or GPX files can be used in a smartphone (in apps like or any other navigation device like Garmin. How? Here can find a manual for smartphones. The PDF file you can download into your smartphone or you can print it out. This download will bring you to the downloadpage of the...
  18. MyDestinationGalicia

    French Way Books/Guides/Maps for Sale excellent condition. 2018-03-12

    I have a number of camino books/maps for sale- see photo including : Camino Francés Wise Pilgrim Guide, March 2017 new €13 Camino de Santiago Village to Village Guide 2017 new x 3 €10 The Way of St. James Cicerone Guidebook, 2017 x2 €10 I will also consider all offers as they deserve a new...
  19. kayagee66

    iMiam App for Le Puy to SJPdP

    The people who publish Miam Miam Dodo have said that a new updated iMiam App will be ready to download around the end of March. I used the last one a lot, for all kinds of information. I think it's great. I believe it will be available on Apple and Android.
  20. PastorCat

    Who broke the internet? Albergue Reviews

    Hey guys, For years I've been using this site for pilgrim insights into the Albergue community. Not every review is fair. Not all of them are truly written by pilgrims. But by and large, I've found this to be the most reliable website reviewing albergues. BUT SOMETIMES, INEXPLICABLY, THE...