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  1. I

    Good/new guidebooks?

    Next spring I'm planning to walk from Santiago to Finisterre and then on to Muxia, slowly, allowing time to take things in. After a look around this forum and on Amazon, I can't find much to read over the long winter ... I'm aware of the John Brierley book, which covers that route along with...
  2. notion900

    Camino del Salvador Guide in English - free download 2017-08-31

    Descriptive guide with stage options, annotated photos and accommodation details. English translation of Ender's well known Spanish language guidebook. Enables you to take note of which villages have no bar or shop and plan ahead. Click on Download button top right
  3. Susanjaga

    The Camino Ingles 2017-07-18

    This book helps you to set a practical goal to walk the Camino and achieve it, by showing you exactly how to: Walk the Camino Ingles, a Galician route as old as the Camino Frances Prepare your mind, body and feet to enjoy the long walk Pack and what to discard to travel light Plan your travel...
  4. Fares Ismail

    Another Invierno Guide

    Hello Everyone, The guidebook on this forum for the Invierno is certainly very helpful. But I also found this website that offers some maps as well as how-to-get-there hints and tips along with daily stages. I liked the daily maps as they help you situate yourself and plan the days walk...
  5. K

    Advice for the VDLP

    I'm considering the VDLP in 2018. Can anyone recommend a guidebook and any advice as a result of hindsight? Also, Seville or Granada as the start point - any preferences? Thx :)
  6. Erik Anderson

    Updated guide Almeria to Merida

    I have not been on the site for a long time and thought I'd add a piece of information which I've just come across. The attached link is to the Almeria Jacobea site and they have produced an updated copy of their guide (June 2017) going from Almeria to Merida via Granada. It is much improved...
  7. Paintboy2

    Do It Yourself Guidebook

    Last year on my first Camino (CP) I was a little nervous about getting lost so I printed a rather detailed set of maps that I found on this web site: . It seemed logical to also print my flight info and hotel reservations along with the various travel...
  8. N

    Best Camino App Apple Or Android

    Hi, I will be making my first Camino in roughly 1 month (departing USA 100517, actually arrive in Valença PT 120517, Camino to begin on 130517). I will be going solo, so, I would like to know from those who use such apps regularly what in your opinion is the best app to use on the Camino...
  9. LakeMcD

    New Cicerone; Northern Caminos?

    Anyone know if there is a new one coming out for this year?
  10. M

    Maps and Trail Documentation?

    Hi I am a student studying in Madrid and am itching to get back on the trail. I have 6 days to hike, so I chose the scenic route of San Sebastian to Bilbao. I have a basic itinerary of where I will be staying each night and the distances of each segment, however I can't find any maps or...
  11. F 2017-03-12

    I walked the camino de santiago in 2015 and always checked a number of books and resources to find out which is the best hostel for the next night. I was looking for medium sized hostels, which are cheap and clean. The most important thing was an internet access. I found it hard to compare all...
  12. P

    Portuguese Coastal Camino: Where are the guidebooks?

    Hi. We're walking from Vila Do Conde to Santiago in June. Can anyone suggest a decent detailed guide to the route? Having done the Frances, I am spoiled with the Brierley guide - I know there is a Portuguese Way version he has produced but it only takes a few pages at the end to cover the...
  13. Elle Bieling

    The Camino Inglés Guide Book 3

    This digital-only eBook now contains the route from A Coruña as well as from Ferrol! It includes all the many route changes made in 2017 and 2018! It is in PDF format that you can download to your device and free yourself of the weight of a book! Packed with useful, must-have information on...
  14. S

    Albergues on the Madrid Camino

    Hi everybody, I am thinking about doing the Madrid Camino in late April, early May 2017. I did the Camino Frances in April 1014. My question is about albergues along the Madrid way. I propose a somewhat less hectic pace for myself, something like 10 to 15 kms a day. I am looking for a good...
  15. peregrina2000

    Invierno Forum Guide 2019 Invierno guide

    Updated January 25th 2019: The 2019 version has just been posted. Hot off the press -- This guide replaces the 2018 edition. It is much improved. I am very thankful to the many pilgrims who have helped with updates. I expect there will be an uuptick in the number of Invierno pilgrims, now...
  16. hecate105

    Guide for Via Augusta, Cadiz to Seville?

    I have the Spanish guide, but as my Spanish is limited I hoped to find an English guide. The CSJ had a pdf of one but it does not seem to be available. Does anyone know of a guide from Cadiz to Seville? Also - as i love an excuse to buy a map.... Any ideas for Spanish maps from Cadiz up to...
  17. Kbierstube

    Which guide is your favorite?

    I've seen a handful of CF guides available. All appear to have pros and cons. And I'd like to know which is your favorite and why?
  18. B

    Camino Frances: A Practical Guide to Walking the Pilgrim's Path 2017-01-16

    This is a compact, light-weight guidebook that provides just the key information you need to complete the Camino Frances. Based on our experience walking the Camino in October, 2016, it describes our daily route (34 days), Albergues where we stayed (and where we wished we stayed). It includes...
  19. RumAndChupacabras

    For Sale/Wanted NEW or USED? Brierley 2016 Version Guide Portugués Guide

    My guidebook was stolen when I was on Camino in May 2016 at Rates. While I'm no longer on Camino, I find that I miss having the book to refer back to. I'm wondering if anyone has a new or used "A Pilgrim's Guide to Camino Portugués" mid-2016 version by John Brierley they'd like to donate or...
  20. MyDestinationGalicia

    New, illustrated English Guide to Camino de Invierno

    Asuncion the President of the Association of Friends of the Camino for Valedorras has asked me to ask everyone if there is sufficient demand to publish a new Guide in English of the Invierno. There is a Spanish version, the Third Edition was published in August 2016 so the plan is to publish it...