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  1. G

    looking for a village by village guide on the Camino Francis

    Hello, I read in a thread someone commented on a guide book that discusses each village that is passed through. Since I am aware that I will not make most of Brierleys daily goals, I would like to be able to familiarize myself with a lot of the other options. Sorry, I searched for it, but...
  2. SYates

    Beware the Germans are coming

    The book of the German comedian Harpe Kerkeling, I am off then ..., has been made into a movie whose premiere was Christmas Eve. Reception and critiques were so-so BUT The German guide to the Camino Francés from the publisher Outdoor is at the moment...
  3. geraldkelly

    Free guide to the Camino Francés 1

    Hi This is a link to my website where you can download a free guide to the Camino Francés from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago and onwards to Finisterre. The information in the guide was fully updated in summer 2018 and again partially updated in autumn 2019. The same information is also...
  4. SYates

    Which Guide?

    Which guide do you had with you on the VdP and did you found it useful? What I am looking for is a guide that has Short descriptions of history / special points along the way not to miss. Really extensive list of accommodation options, but I do prefer albergues wherever possible. Way...
  5. lessonslearnedabroad

    Starting Info From Lisbon

    Hey folks, When I did the Camino in 2015 we were given a walking outline (distances, terrain) as well as a list of albergues for the Camino Frances in SJPP. I am looking into the Camino Portugues for 2016 – is any of this information available upon arrival in Lisbon, or should I snag a...
  6. hampshire!tim

    Camino Frances Albergues in winter

    There are many resources for albergues and many do include information on when they are open I was introduced to this other one by a French pilgrim who used it extensively It has a differential in claiming to be updated (and I'm sure it is) daily
  7. Pilgrim Rick

    VDLP APRIL 2016...Seville...Who's starting out on the camino in April?

    Hi Guys, I walked the Camino Frances from St Jean to Santiago in October 2014 with a very good friend. I can't even begin to describe what an amazing experience it was for me and my friend too, considering every aspect, it was truly a life changing discovery. 780kms of discovery on your journey...
  8. LTfit

    Vía de la Plata/Sanabrés Walking & Accommodation Guide January 2016 version

    The current file is the January 2016 update. This Vía de la Plata Guide version August 2015 gives information on available accommodations along the route from Seville to Astorga as well as through Ourense (the Sanabrés). I have done my best to use the most up-to-date information. Corrections...
  9. jfellows123

    Camino Frances Community Guide 2015-08-30

    Everything you need to know about how to prepare and enjoy the Camino Frances, including a smartphone app with route and accommodation information.
  10. Lucy Smev

    Camino del Norte guidebook recommendations

    Hi there, This is my first post so I hope I'm posting in the correct section! I'm planning on starting the Camino del Norte from Irun on 28th September and so far I'm finding the amount (and variability!) of information online a little overwhelming so I'd like to purchase a guidebook to help me...
  11. peregrina2000

    Comparing Brierley and yellow German guide now in English

    I know that there are "red" and "yellow" guides in German for various caminos. Unfortunately I don't speak German, but I remember on various occasions that a German pilgrim was able to pull out one of these books and answer questions from those of us walking with English guide. This happened...
  12. Dave

    Any route news?

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry to have spent so little time on this board over the last 12 months. A new job consumed a lot of my time, and walks to Jerusalem and on the Via Podiensis (the latter just finished, with a group of high schoolers) ate up the rest. Now, though, I'm excited to start focusing...
  13. CA_Pilgrim

    El Camino Real de California: A Hiker's Guide to the California Mission Trail 2015-04-24

    Why this book is for you You’ve completed the Camino de Santiago and you're looking for another pilgrimage. You need an even bigger challenge. You're an American looking for a pilgrimage you can do in stages closer to home. You're a Californian and just want to experience the beauty that lies...
  14. Z

    The best, stripped-down guidebooks (Le Puy and Frances)

    Hello everybody, I'm in the last planning stages before leaving to walk the Camino (Le Puy to Santiago/Finisterre/Muxia), and I'd like advice on guidebooks to take. I had considered walking without, but I imagined the situation, and especially in France I think I would appreciate knowing what...
  15. jirit

    Camino de Santiago – Getting Started Guide 2016-03-08

    A simple two page guide to orientate people wanting to know more about the camino and assist them with their initial travel preparations.
  16. jfellows123

    Camino Frances Smartphone Guide 2015-02-14

    Complete smartphone guide to the Camino Francis that can be used with and without wifi access.
  17. Albertinho

    disappointment John Brierley Maps camino Portuges

    The other day I ordered the booklet Camino Portuges Maps by John Brierley. My attention was triggered by the frontpage as pictured at several websites .on the frontpage is pictured a blue dotted line as being the camino Portuges da Costa. although also mentioned the text camino central...
  18. Jackie

    pdf of the john brierley book

    Hi everyone, I have seen some posts before about how they scanned the john brierley book and saved it to a pdf file and used that on the camino. I don't have a scanner but would like to see if anyone would send me the pdf file they have. I would love to save the weight of the book, since I am...
  19. mla1

    Miam Miam Dodo guide and Michelin mapbook

    Hi, I am hoping to walk the LePuy route for my next camino in the spring. After reading much good advice on this forum, I plan to use the MMDD guide and the Michelin map book. I am wondering if anyone knows how often these are updated. The most recent MMDD on is 2014 -- do they...
  20. AZgirl

    guidebook suggestions

    So I have been wanting more of a solitary camino and am thinking this one would be perfect. I have been reading thru some of the recent posts here in this forum and it seems there are mixed reviews of the guidebook by the Amigos in Valencia. I think I would probably be able to muddle thru the...