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  1. peregrina2000

    Hot off the presses — Guide 2019

    Ender is at it again, here is a guide to the Olvidado. I have no doubt it will have the same effect on this camino as his work on the Salvador did about ten years ago. Go now to beat the crowds! It is in Spanish, but lots of the information is easy to decipher. I will be translating it into...
  2. stratophile

    In-depth Guide to the Ruta Dragonte v1.0

    Hi everyone, I've been getting requests for information about the beautiful Ruta Dragonte on the Camino Francés, one of the three options from Villafranca del Bierzo (rejoining the main route at Las Herrerías). It is a very challenging one-day route that definitely isn't for everyone, but it is...
  3. Iain McKie

    My Camino Dream 2018-04-06

  4. Thomas1962

    English guide of the Vezelay route: Vezelay - Saint Jean Pied de Port 2017-10-15

    This link brings you to the downloadpage of 'het Nederlands Genootschap van Sint Jacob (NGSJ)', the Dutch Confraternity of Saint James. There are two variants of this route: through Bourges and through Nevers. For each variant there is a different guide. On the download page you will find more...
  5. Nomad Pack

    Continuing on with El Burro

    Hi to all real pilgrims. After walking with my girlfriend from Andorra through the Spanish Pyrenees to Cantabria last winter and spring, I am now preparing to continue possibly alone. I will be heading towards Burgos which is roughly 130 km south of me. Then possibly south on the ruta de la...
  6. C

    From one first-timer to another

    As I approach the one year anniversary of my journey along the Camino, I find my mind drifting back to the crunching of the rocky sand path under my shoes; the repetitive, meditative beat of a boy trekking across the emptiness of the Spanish plains. A boy who never expected to do embark on such...
  7. stratophile

    TrailSmart: Camino de Santiago 2017-03-15

    TrailSmart is a *free* comprehensive, incredibly handy mobile app providing in-depth coverage of some of our favourite long-distance trails, including the Camino de Santiago. Coverage: We currently have coverage of the Francés, Portugués, Primitivo, and Finisterre, with more being worked on...
  8. peregrina2000

    Invierno Forum Guide 2019 Invierno guide

    Updated January 25th 2019: The 2019 version has just been posted. Hot off the press -- This guide replaces the 2018 edition. It is much improved. I am very thankful to the many pilgrims who have helped with updates. I expect there will be an uuptick in the number of Invierno pilgrims, now...
  9. hecate105

    Guide for Via Augusta, Cadiz to Seville?

    I have the Spanish guide, but as my Spanish is limited I hoped to find an English guide. The CSJ had a pdf of one but it does not seem to be available. Does anyone know of a guide from Cadiz to Seville? Also - as i love an excuse to buy a map.... Any ideas for Spanish maps from Cadiz up to...
  10. Kbierstube

    Which guide is your favorite?

    I've seen a handful of CF guides available. All appear to have pros and cons. And I'd like to know which is your favorite and why?
  11. ChloeRose

    Le Puy English Guide/Website

    Hello fellow pilgrims, One thing I noticed before I started my Camino was that there doesn't seem to be much English information online for the Le Puy route in France except on this forum (and some small blogs that are sometimes difficult to find and rely on). I did my best to set up a nice...
  12. RumAndChupacabras

    NEW or USED? Brierley 2016 Version Guide Portugués Guide

    My guidebook was stolen when I was on Camino in May 2016 at Rates. While I'm no longer on Camino, I find that I miss having the book to refer back to. I'm wondering if anyone has a new or used "A Pilgrim's Guide to Camino Portugués" mid-2016 version by John Brierley they'd like to donate or...
  13. ChloeRose

    Le Puy guide for new pilgrims

    Hello all! I walked my first Camino in April-July of this year. Best experience of my life! I started in Le Puy and took my time getting all the way to Santiago. I realized early on how much more difficult it is to find information as an Anglophone along the French routes, so I made a website...
  14. P

    camino bike guide 2016-07-21

    I offer personalized camino bike trips. I guide you and your friends through every step of the preparation and planning. Then, I'll lead your trip, so all you have to do is enjoy the beauty of the Spanish countryside and culture.
  15. susan76

    Via de la Plata app?

    Hi all, I'm planning to walk the Via de la Plata in September this year. Because of weight I prefer not to bring a guidebook but to use an app. I wonder if there are any recent experiences with good apps for this route? Preferably in English but Spanish is possible too. Thanks! Susan
  16. R

    Guide Book New Book - "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim"

    Hi all, I recently published "Walking to Santiago: A How-to For The Novice Camino de Santiago Pilgrim" in print and for Kindle on Amazon. The book covers logistical information about getting to the Camino, accommodations, dining, and other sundry details, as well as in-depth information about...
  17. SYates

    Which Guide?

    Which guide do you had with you on the VdP and did you found it useful? What I am looking for is a guide that has Short descriptions of history / special points along the way not to miss. Really extensive list of accommodation options, but I do prefer albergues wherever possible. Way...
  18. M

    Stones on the Camino

    Hello, I am planning to go on the Camino with Camino Ways. I heard there is a stone or several stones that one must carry and drop somewhere. Please explain to me what it is and how to do it. Also, I am a woman, almost 60 years old and will be travelling alone. Is it possible to get a...
  19. jfellows123

    Camino Frances Community Guide 2015-08-30

    Everything you need to know about how to prepare and enjoy the Camino Frances, including a smartphone app with route and accommodation information.
  20. CA_Pilgrim

    El Camino Real de California: A Hiker's Guide to the California Mission Trail 2015-04-24

    Why this book is for you You’ve completed the Camino de Santiago and you're looking for another pilgrimage. You need an even bigger challenge. You're an American looking for a pilgrimage you can do in stages closer to home. You're a Californian and just want to experience the beauty that lies...

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