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  1. alaskadiver

    Camino Pilgrim Stacey Wittig: An Interview With The Author of the Spiritual and Walking Guides

    I posted my interview with Stacey Wittig on my blog. She is currently walking the Primitivo in order to update the Confraternity of St James' guide book. http://www.musingsfromthelastfrontier.com/
  2. P

    Portuguese Coastal Camino: Where are the guidebooks?

    Hi. We're walking from Vila Do Conde to Santiago in June. Can anyone suggest a decent detailed guide to the route? Having done the Frances, I am spoiled with the Brierley guide - I know there is a Portuguese Way version he has produced but it only takes a few pages at the end to cover the...
  3. DMG

    The Camino Francés in Spring

    Hi, I walked the Camino Francés in May-June this year. A genuinely wonderful and unforgettable experience. I posted photos and comments each day of the Camino to diariocamino.wordpress.com. The site now also includes a daily walk summary, a zoomable route map and a list of the gear I took...
  4. F

    Guidebook help please! Starting Friday!

    Hello folks! I've just gone wild and booked a flight for Biarritz to start the Camino Del Norte on FRIDAY 22nd! It's my first camino and I'm excited/nervous and massively underprepared. So far I've thankfully got two good feet and a stick, but no guidebook and I fear I won't get one in the post...
  5. R

    Cycling Camino del Norte on my own bike

    Hola amigos, I really want to do the Camino de Santiago. I feel like its pulling me towards it. But I do not have enough knowledge about the routes, the camino passport and other things required. I will give myself 15 days to cycle the Northern route starting in San Sebastian or Zumaia on the...
  6. Prentiss Riddle

    Any gotchas in the Dintaman&Landis 2014 guidebook?

    Last spring we did a first brief trial run of the Francés and took along Dintaman & Landis' "Hiking the Camino de Santiago." We liked the guidebook very much but it hasn't been updated since 2014. I see that the Brierley guide had a new edition out in December 2015 but there are some features...
  7. K

    German guide on the Via de la Plata

    I have heard that the German guide to the Via de la Plata is excellent and very detailed. Can someone please confirm this for me?
  8. J

    English Guide for Camino Norte and Primitive routes

    Can anyone tell me the name and the author or where to get this book which this picture of it was posted in a blog.
  9. CA_Pilgrim

    El Camino Real de California: A Hiker's Guide to the California Mission Trail 2015-04-24

    Why this book is for you You’ve completed the Camino de Santiago and you're looking for another pilgrimage. You need an even bigger challenge. You're an American looking for a pilgrimage you can do in stages closer to home. You're a Californian and just want to experience the beauty that lies...
  10. Z

    The best, stripped-down guidebooks (Le Puy and Frances)

    Hello everybody, I'm in the last planning stages before leaving to walk the Camino (Le Puy to Santiago/Finisterre/Muxia), and I'd like advice on guidebooks to take. I had considered walking without, but I imagined the situation, and especially in France I think I would appreciate knowing what...
  11. S

    Camino de Portugués-2 wheels and the wrong way round

    Hi all, I will be in Pontevedra for a football tournament at the start of the Easter hols and will make my way back to base in Madrid via the Camino Portugués (or Camino de Madrid if previous idea not feasible). As I am going the 'wrong way' with a dire sense of direction this will be a...
  12. AngelM

    Pilgrimage Road to Santiago - kindle/paper?

    Is the "Pilgrimage Road to Santiago" a book that I should really get in paperback? Like, will j be madly scribbling notes inside? Adding it to my pack for the walk? Using it as a coffee table book? Or is this something I should get for my kindle to read while I'm awake and dreaming of hikes...
  13. Steve Hackman

    Branching out from the Brierley guidebook

    I just got my John Brierley guidebook which seems to be what many pilgrims recommend. I can already see it will be of great value on my upcoming first camino. However I don't want my pilgrimage to be a preset "staged" walk. I was curious what others may suggest / recommend from their walks...
  14. jefferyonthecamino

    Guide Book Paperback edition to a Survival Guide to the Camino de Santiago in Galicia

    The paperback edition is now available now at Amazon.
  15. mla1

    Miam Miam Dodo guide and Michelin mapbook

    Hi, I am hoping to walk the LePuy route for my next camino in the spring. After reading much good advice on this forum, I plan to use the MMDD guide and the Michelin map book. I am wondering if anyone knows how often these are updated. The most recent MMDD on amazon.fr is 2014 -- do they...
  16. jirit

    Casa del Libro In Seville 2014-05-06

    Probably the best place in Seville to get guidebooks on the via de la Plata and other routes. And it is the only other place that sells the local VdlP association guidebook.
  17. nidarosa

    Opinions on Anaya Cuaderno del Peregrino guide and 'Moleskine' type notebook

    When I walked the Camino this autumn, I brought my Rother guide in English. My friend had the Brierley and loved reading up on everything, so I never touched mine and in the end I left it for someone else in Puente la Reina. Then when she had to leave I had no map and bought the Pili Pala wire...

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