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  1. G

    Lost Lost Kathmandu hat when arriving at Fillobal

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I have just lost a beige Kathmandu hat when I was almost arriving at Fillobal, coming from El Cebreiro. It probably fell by 500 meters or less from the albergue in Fillobal. I have slept in the albergue there but no one has found it. I hope someone can help me find this...
  2. Chasrider

    Lost Lost hat

    Lost my hat between Vega de Valcarce and Palas de Rei. Fell off my pack and Idudnt notice it was gone. Large brimmed Arnold Palmer branded bucket type hat. Has red scarf/hanky pinned to it. If found, please advise and bring to Pilgrim House 19 Rua Nova SdC Thanks!!
  3. Keith Camino

    It's HOT! Get a HAT!

    The sun has been blazing since 01 April 2017. People are getting badly burnt. I strongly recommend a wide-brimmed hat and a handkerchief. Pin the cloth to protect your neck or soak it to help with cooling. I am also using a longsleeved lightweight shirt and lightweight trousers. Peoples' hands...
  4. RumAndChupacabras

    Seeking Mesh Sided Tilley Hat 23.5-23.75 Inches

    My Fiance' is looking for a darker color, LTM5Airflow Hat 7.5 or 7 5/8, at a discounted price (lightly used or just wanting to get rid of a new one?...) Contact me! Thanks! :)
  5. seamusgallen

    A few questions

    1. Some people have posted very detailed packing lists with weight of each item. My question is this: Does this list includes the clothes that you will wear on a typical day, in which case the pack weight is even less than the total posted. 2. Many people say "bring a hat". Why would I need a...
  6. Tad


    I'm new here and new to the camino. While I've done some hiking in the past, I'm far from an avid or experienced hiker. I plan to walk the Camino Portugues in April/May of this coming year and am starting to put together equipment lists so that Christmas and my birthday can be profitably...
  7. J

    Women sun hats - what not to wear

    I have a straw hat that I think will keep the sun off my face and neck and looks pretty stylish, though I am concerned that it doesn't have a strap for when it's windy. Are there any kind of hats that you would recommend NOT to wear?

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