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  1. Keith Camino

    It's HOT! Get a HAT!

    The sun has been blazing since 01 April 2017. People are getting badly burnt. I strongly recommend a wide-brimmed hat and a handkerchief. Pin the cloth to protect your neck or soak it to help with cooling. I am also using a longsleeved lightweight shirt and lightweight trousers. Peoples' hands...
  2. RumAndChupacabras

    Seeking Mesh Sided Tilley Hat 23.5-23.75 Inches

    My Fiance' is looking for a darker color, LTM5Airflow Hat 7.5 or 7 5/8, at a discounted price (lightly used or just wanting to get rid of a new one?...) Contact me! Thanks! :)
  3. seamusgallen

    A few questions

    1. Some people have posted very detailed packing lists with weight of each item. My question is this: Does this list includes the clothes that you will wear on a typical day, in which case the pack weight is even less than the total posted. 2. Many people say "bring a hat". Why would I need a...
  4. Tad


    I'm new here and new to the camino. While I've done some hiking in the past, I'm far from an avid or experienced hiker. I plan to walk the Camino Portugues in April/May of this coming year and am starting to put together equipment lists so that Christmas and my birthday can be profitably...
  5. J

    Women sun hats - what not to wear

    I have a straw hat that I think will keep the sun off my face and neck and looks pretty stylish, though I am concerned that it doesn't have a strap for when it's windy. Are there any kind of hats that you would recommend NOT to wear?


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