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  1. ELHS220

    San Sebastián University Hospital

    I arrived in Spain on Tuesday (5/7) expecting to start the Norte today. But yesterday, while having a look around Irún, I sat down on a bench. As soon as I sat down, I got this sharp searing pain in my knee. I do have arthritis and have had similar episodes periodically, but they’ve always...
  2. joecamino

    Walking The Camino Without Training. Fool's Errand?

    This feels like the right year for me to walk the Camino-- much change in my life, and many "What's it all about?" questions to chew on. But I'm feeling fear, because I'm not in the best shape of my life. If it's possible to "train as I go," I'd really like to get on the road in May-- before...
  3. L B

    English speaking doctor in Bilbao

    Yesterday I had a really sore throat so I went to the farmacy to get some pills. I guess they aren't working on me, I just woke up with a closed throat unable to swallow anything so I guess it's time for some antibiotics. Does anyone know an English speaking doctor in Bilbao?
  4. Seamus Collins

    Stuck in Hornillos with suspected shin splints

    Hi, I'm on my first experience of the Camino. Everything was going fine until the stage from Burgos to Hornillos. About 3km from Hornillos, my left shin started heating up. I'm now resting in the lovely Albergue de Sol a Sol at the entrance to the town, but don't know what to do next. Back to...
  5. sarahwillwalk

    Help for the unfit! How many hours from Orisson to Roncesvalles?

    Hello, all, I'm looking to do my second mini-Camino around the 8th of September (SJPP to Puente dela Reina). Having done Sarria to Santiago a few years ago, I've always wanted to begin in SJPP, and do a little bit over the years to get my Camino "fix" every couple of years. I am about to...
  6. Rod Murray

    Scientific Study shows benefits of hiking

    This article, which has a link to the actual scientific journal, explains the benefits of hiking. I've linked both below: Article Journal Link
  7. jirit

    The Health Benefits of Walking 2015-12-14

    The purpose of this review is to summarise the evidence of the benefits of walking for physical and mental health, as well as the features of the built environment necessary to facilitate and encourage this form of physical activity. Case studies demonstrating best practices in a variety of...
  8. Physio_pilgrim

    A Physiotherapist's guide to injury prevention and management on the Camino

    Hello Pilgrims! My husband and I have just finished our 33 day journey from St Jean to Fisterra and it was an absolutely incredible experience. We are both physiotherapists and you can imagine that we saw plenty of pilgrims needing assistance along the way, so I thought I'd post a few tips that...
  9. rappahannock_rev

    Medical Care

    Recently, halfway through my 2nd Camino, I tripped and fell crossing the street in El Virgin del Camino. I sustained a messy compound fracture of the little finger of my right hand. A very professional rescue squad was quickly on the scene and transported me to the large hospital in nearby...
  10. ffp13

    how much weight did you lose on your Camino?

    I lost 13Kg on The Way and it was not my backpack, however it was about the same weight, I also lost one small toenail (weight insignificant), Unfortunately I found it again (not the toenail), maybe I should do the camino more often? After carrying my pack for 1 month I came to appreciate how...

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