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help please

  1. T

    Worth skipping parts of the French Camino for Finisterre?

    Hi pilgrims! I am walking the French Camino (I’m at O Cebreiro) and am thinking of skipping some parts between Sarria and Santiago in order to go to Finisterre instead. Would you say it could be worth it? This is my first Camino so I have no idea. :) My current thinking (as I was told) is that...
  2. T

    Injured my back and need to shorten my walk - which parts can be shortened (by bus...)?

    Hi all! I would really appreciate your help. I started my Camino in Leon and unfortunately injured my back (I think I pulled it :( ) so now I’m forced to wait and heal around Astoria for a couple of days, which means I will shorten my walk by 2 days to make it to Santiago in time. (Btw I wish I...
  3. Raqdoll

    Item left behind in Paris - advice?

    Hello all, I need a bit of advice on how to retrieve an item (my husbands e-reader) that got left behind in Paris. The hotel is being less than helpful so I need to figure how to get it from the hotel to Santiago. Normally, I’d send pre-paid envelope but because it’s Spain and France - I’m at a...
  4. roaming

    7 Month Old - stroller or carrier?

    I am considering walking a 10 day section of the Camino in the fall of 2019. My baby will be 7 months old, and my parents will be joining me (both experienced pilgrims). Is this selfish? How can I prepare to be a good pilgrim? Should I go somewhere else for a 10 day pilgrimage? Which pilgrim is...
  5. gollygolly

    A personal appeal to the Camino 'community'

    With a personal belief that there is power in collective thought and prayer, I reach out to each of you, fellow travellers along the journey of life where we have shared in the healing and gifts of the Camino, and to ask that you send positive energy and thoughts for Pia Isabella, the most...
  6. T

    Need any advice for an inexperienced student group hoping to hike 4 days on their first camino

    Greetings friends, This is my first post here. I have never walked the Camino, but I am helping to arrange a group of students to do a short section. I know, this sounds strange, but let me explain. I work for a gap year organization. We send students on 3 month trips all over the world. For...
  7. E

    I met someone on the camino, never got their contact details and would like to find them somehow.

    I made a friend on the camino, and would love to get in contact with them! I know what albergue we stayed in, would they be able to give me contact details if they booked it via email/phone? Or would they not be allowed disclose that information? I didn't even get a second name, but I know where...
  8. M

    My Credential arrived in the post... so...?

    What do I need to do when I get to SJPDP, do I need to still go and register somewhere or can I just begin walking now?
  9. S

    Terrified And Unsure Of How To Travel From Paris To Sjpp

    This is me and my mothers first time walking a trail. Our plane Arrives in Paris at 8:45 am On April the 18th... We would like to SJPP on the same date and we just don't know how or what to do.. when I looked up the times for the TGV train it turned out that the earliest after 8 leaves at...
  10. B

    Help an ignorant wannabe pilgrim

    Ok. Sooooo.... ive never done this before and to be honest dont even know where to start myself and a friend have an interest in walking the camino del Norte in May we have maybe a week to do it (or at least a stage of it) and need to do it on a shoestring for it to be achievable so i need some...
  11. F

    Guidebook help please! Starting Friday!

    Hello folks! I've just gone wild and booked a flight for Biarritz to start the Camino Del Norte on FRIDAY 22nd! It's my first camino and I'm excited/nervous and massively underprepared. So far I've thankfully got two good feet and a stick, but no guidebook and I fear I won't get one in the post...
  12. S


    Hello, cannot get through to the albergue in Artieda - can anyone confirm it's open? Had some terrible experiences the other side of the pyrenees when being optimistic. Thanks
  13. P

    help and advice needed for solo and first time.

    Hello earthlings, I'm planning to start my walk in about 2weeks time from Biarritz then walk south south east to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, then from there walk the Camino Francés. Im not fluent but am decent(/passable) at both French and Spanish, relitively healthy, and head...
  14. katie@camino

    Knee problem: advice por favor!!

    I am on stage 4, just arrived in Puenta Le Reina. I appeared to injure my knee walking into Pamplona yesterday - it became slightly swollen, I cannot straighten it, it now has less strength. I walked Pamplona - PLR today with knee brace, ibuprofen and Voltaren plus sent my pack forward and most...

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