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  1. VNwalking

    COVID Helping cafes, bars, albergues and Camino businesses during COVID shutdown

    [Moderator note: Several threads have now been combined into this thread.] It's a sad day. Amid the collective disappointment about our aborted pilgrimages...sparing a thought for all the good people out there who support the way, and we who walk it: the albergue and restaurant owners, the...
  2. T

    Clean the Camino

    A litte more than a year ago I walked the Camino Portuguesa por la Costa. It was one of the greatest experiences ever. I noticed a lot of trash around some parts of the camino. Lately I have been more consicous about plastic-pollution and the future of our beautiful earth. The camino comes back...
  3. D

    Lost Lost iPod Touch Muxia

    Hello, Sorry to bother you, but I lost my iPod touch in Muxia two days ago. I'm currently in Lisbon and unable to search for it. I would appreciate any help. The background image is of Rambo First Blood Part Two, and the device is quite old. Two black blotches appear on the screen when turned...
  4. S

    Help for my dad who is in the hospital in Pamplona

    Hi everyone, My dad started the Camino two weeks ago from Lourdes, but unfortunately fell ill and is now in the hospital in Pamplona where they just diagnosed a heart condition. He could really use some supplies (as you know pilgrims travel light), but we don't know anyone there and the postal...
  5. TheLuther7

    Newbie needs some help to start camino from South France

    Hello everyone, I am planing to walk Camino de Santiago this year starting from June. I want to do a longer trip, I don't need to rush or anything, so I was thinking to start somewhere place like Montpellier/Carcassonne or some place around, and see a bit of France as well during my camino. I...
  6. oceanbright

    Looking for pilgrim Found (38 years old)

    He has been found.
  7. LGLG

    99 steps

    A Sufi story that keeps me going..., A devoted Muslim ant wanted to make its pilgrimage to Mecca during the holy month of Ramadan, The problem was, the ant was living in London, and being so small could not even contemplate how many steps it would have to take to get there. Even worse, the...
  8. s00thsayer

    Starting in Irún Sep 10th

    Hello Everyone. I’m planning to start off on Camino Norte from Irún on Sep 10th and have a few last minute questions What did you do with the backpacks when you are heading out for dinner etc.? Are there lockers available? Any advice on common sense practices to secure my belongings would be...
  9. E

    I met someone on the camino, never got their contact details and would like to find them somehow.

    I made a friend on the camino, and would love to get in contact with them! I know what albergue we stayed in, would they be able to give me contact details if they booked it via email/phone? Or would they not be allowed disclose that information? I didn't even get a second name, but I know where...
  10. B

    Guidance Needed- Plane lands at 21:05

    I am flying into the Biarritz Airport at the end of August and my flight won’t get in until 21:05. Since I am getting in town so late I’m not sure what my best option is to get to SJPP. I have tried unsuccessfully to find out when the last bus 14 leaves the airport for Bayonne. Or if I get a...
  11. andywild

    first time on a camino? feel free to read and comment on my blog

    I decided to document my Camino adventure (CF) with a blog. This will be my first Camino and I plan to go from couch potato to trail-ready between feb1st and april 18th (my start date). As I prepare for my Camino no doubt I will make mistakes which I hope you can avoid. Also maybe it will...
  12. C

    From one first-timer to another

    As I approach the one year anniversary of my journey along the Camino, I find my mind drifting back to the crunching of the rocky sand path under my shoes; the repetitive, meditative beat of a boy trekking across the emptiness of the Spanish plains. A boy who never expected to do embark on such...
  13. Hamish72

    Don't sweat the packing list

    Our latest post is aimed at those pilgrims looking for help with the packing list. We have including comments on how useful we found each item and what we took but shouldn't have. http://www.2checkingout.com/camino-de-santiago/2017/5/18/the-ultimate-camino-packing-list-2017 One of the...
  14. L

    Can't Stop Worrying! Solo Female!

    Hi everyone! I'm a 22 year old female walking the Camino Frances by myself in 3 weeks. I've been so excited to do it. But I've just seen a news article regarding a woman who was murdered on the Camino. I've tried to ignore it. But of course my brain is incapable of that and so ive spent the last...
  15. S

    St. Jean Pied de Port

    Hello, my name is Sander, I am 18 years old now, and will be 19 when i plan to walk Camino Frances this summer. I was told to start off in Saint Pied de Port, and since I am totally new to this I figured this was the place to ask. How do I get to Saint Pied de Port? Like, what is the nearest...
  16. M

    Now it feels real!

    It's becoming more and more a reality! My dream of doing another camino has taken on a life of it's own, and has turned into a loose plan! As it stands, my plan is to hike from Seville as far as Salamanca, from mid-Feb to mid-March. I will need to save the rest of the VdlP for another time...
  17. L

    Biarritz Airport.

    Hi everyone, just looking for a bit of well needed information. I will be landing on a Saturday in biarritz airport at 5.40 pm. What is the best way to make it to Jean pied after this time ? thanks!
  18. A

    Walking As A Minor

    Hi! I'm a 16 year old girl who'll be 17 by early July of 2017, when I hope to be walking the CF. My initial question: is this a good idea, considering I'll be alone? My parents trust me to take care of myself and manage the hike well, but I'm worried about the minor-friendliness of the Camino...
  19. Wokabaut_Meri

    That Old Camino Feeling

    Hi from a wet, windy and recovering South Australia. You may have caught news of the 1 in 50 year storm that raged through our state on Wednesday and Thursday. The entire state lost its electricity supply in the afternoon affecting school pickups and commuters, backup generators failed at a...
  20. Angelrawr

    Last minute help for packing list please? :D

    Hi peregrinos! In less than 24 hours, I hop on the plane that will take me to Madrid and then the bus that will take me to Burgos. I am so excited, but worried that I haven't packed well enough! Will I bring too much stuff? Forget something crucial? Take the wrong thing? Please pitch in anything...

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