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homemade & hacks

  1. Kiwi-family

    New kit, forest and old cityscape

    I’m not exactly sure why I crocheted a tree yesterday, but soon a forest appeared and I got out an old embroidered city scene I made for the kids years ago and my husband’s playmobil figures......who needed a backpack and winter woolies.....I found a blue “lake” and now I’m making some...
  2. Gerard Murdoch

    A small project

    I made two of these waymarkers for my Camino Amigos. The distance on them is the distance from their house to St James's Cathedral. Just to keep our interest going until our Camino next September 2021. God willing.
  3. simply B

    You can make your own 'Orujo de Hierbas'?!

    Well, apparently so..... https://tastethewild.co.uk/orujo-de-hierbas-spanish-herbal-liqueur/ Not able to get on Camino until, whenever, I find myself missing this. Since I am not able to access plain orujo, I am using a base of "7x distilled" vodka which is very clean though neutral in...
  4. Jeff Crawley

    Rain Skirts/Kilts/Aprons

    The weather in the UK has been variable recently - extremely hot or extremely wet - so when I checked the weather forecast for today's walk and it said low chance of rain I immediately packed my trusty Altus into my day bag. Sure enough, half way through, it started to pour with rain. While I...
  5. Paintboy2

    Did you frame your credential?

    I enjoy looking at my old credentials and remembering when and where I received each stamp. I have cancelled my 5th Camino scheduled to start in two weeks and instead of packing I framed a couple of my old credentials. Ivar has a great map for sale in the store that I've used to show where we...
  6. D

    Of Rock Plates and Insoles

    If the imprint of trail debris, poking at your feet through the outersole of your shoe, is making your feet sore, you may want more shielding. A simple and effective DIY solution is to make a Rock Plate at home. The Rock Plate will slip under your insole, and provide a very effective level of...
  7. ctay122

    Stencils for making St James Torte de Santiago

    Posted here because I have know idea what forum to post this. I was planning on buying a metal St James cross stencil for the Torte de Santiago as a souvenir (and for when I bake) when I reached Santiago, so of course that's out the window for now. Just talking about this stencil on one of my...
  8. HeidiL

    Removing Compeed from woolen socks

    Some of my favourite socks have old Compeed stuck on the inside. Does anyone have a good method of removing the sticky stuff?
  9. Theo59

    Hobbies related to Camino

    I am using walking sticks that I make myself. Usually branches of trees. I make them softer with steam or fire and then make them straight. At the end of them I put rubber and stick on it a piece of car-tire with glue and a couple of smalt bolts. The result is a reliable stick which...
  10. hel&scott

    Free socks

    Today I received a box of new, free socks. A few weeks back my daughter caught me going through my old socks and darning those that had developed holes. She laughed at my resourceful frugality and pointed out that icebreaker offer a lifetime guarantee on their socks. Given the price of good...
  11. Paintboy2

    Hiking Pole Modifications

    I'm currently on my 4th Camino, this one The Way of St. Francis, LaVerna, Italy to Assisi to Rome. Some people asked about my hiking poles. I have added a few things that I find very helpful on my walks, especially here in Italy where I have done some road walking. 1. I have mounted a 90° LED...
  12. D

    DIY Gaiters

    Great suggestion posted below :-)
  13. Delphinoula

    Sand in Boots

    Hi walking the beaches any ida what to do about the fine sand in the boots?
  14. RumAndChupacabras

    Treksilk 100% Silk Liner Dye Bleed

    If you've dealt with this before, what did you do? My Treksilk 100% silk liner came in today and I'd read that it's good to cold wash it asap because, sometimes the color bleeds. Other's said to wash it in cold water with a cup of white vinegar and/or salt to prevent the dye from bleeding...HAH...
  15. Jill81

    Adding a zipper to a Costco quilt

    I love my Costco down quilt — it’s super lightweight and warm and at about $/€35 very inexpensive too. But I thought it would be handy to be able to use it as a sleeping bag so I’ve added a full length lightweight zipper, at a cost of less than $/€5. This makes it considerably warmer than...
  16. KJFSophie

    " Always on My Mind " Bandana...aka in my thoughts and prayers

    I've always offered to bring the intentions of others along with me on my Camino and have found a few ways to 'bring' folks along with me ( in thoughts and prayers ) . 1) I used a simple cotton bandana ( .99 cents ) and had people write their names or intentions on it with permanent marker...I...
  17. trecile

    My sleep sack "innovation"

    I've used a silk sleep sack for both of my Caminos, and the only issue that I have with it is getting tangled up in it as I sleep. I was thinking how nice it would be to have a bottom fitted sheet that doesn't move around. So I attached tow pieces of elastic to keep the liner in place. I made...
  18. Brian E

    Creative Camino moments?

    As I prepare to depart in two weeks from SJPP I feel ready and prepared for the most part. Then it hit me last night i have no poncho or rain cover for my pack. So my MacGyver skills kicked in and noticed a box of large trash bags in my garage. So, two quick slits for the straps and i now have...
  19. David

    Hiking Trailers, with pics, and making your own!

    Hi all - hiking trailers are mentioned here and there so thought I would put a post up with some info and some pics and also details of the one I made. The American military conducted a series of tests on moving soldiers and their heavy packs. Rear packs, front and rear packs, trailers. They...
  20. FamPed

    Happy to make your acquaintance, I said..

    Recently I bought a new backpack (Fjällräven Abisko Friluft 45W), I needed to upgrade the size, so I can be sure to have enough space for my medicine. I didn´t abandon my previous backpack without feeling sad, it had been my best friend for many years, and I really loved it. So even thoug I knew...