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  1. nidarosa

    Customising gone too far?

    Some of you will know how I have struggled to find the right pack over the years, and many of you might be struggling with it now, feeling more and more stressed as your departure date comes ever nearer. You have my sympathies, I know all about it - I once bought my camino pack blind when it...
  2. jbear

    Looking for a thread- making markers

    Hi all- I'm trying to find a thread from a while back. Someone had posted how they made a replica of a mile post/distance marker. I've search using several different key words with no luck. If anyone has it bookmarked would you please post a link. Thank you in advance!
  3. M

    Repairing / renewing the Altus Raincoat

    I loved my old Altus Atmospheric Light raincoat. It has been well used during four long caminos and numerous shorter walks but, like everything else man-made trying to survive in Singapore’s climate, I never expected it to last long. On its 4th birthday last month, I took it out and found that...
  4. bopper NYC

    I made my own gaitors!

    Having gotten all my gear together, read the forum & guides, weighed all my stuff a bunch of times - I didn't know what to do with myself - so I embarked on a 3 day project of making my own gaitors. They're basically the sleeves off an old rain jacket I wasn't wearing. I cut them, off, added a...
  5. trecile

    Anyone sew their own Camino clothing or gear?

    I've Googled around and found 100% Merino Wool jersey fabric for around $30/yard. I can easily make a T-shirt from a yard of fabric. Much cheaper than ready made shirts. I was also thinking of a shift/tank dress which could be used for sleeping, or to wear after walking on warm evenings. Or...
  6. Kanga

    Supplex Nylon or Macabi skirt available locally?

    I'm in love with my Macabi skirt, purchased from another forum member, but having been used daily by me on the Camino del Norte and the Camino Francés it is getting a bit worn. I really want another one but buying direct from the maker is prohibitively expensive - they want $60 freight. So...
  7. C clearly

    Do tiny rocks jump into your boots? Cheap, easy, lightweight solution

    Last year when I wore runner's tights for walking, I found that on some surfaces I had little rocks jump into my boots every ten minutes. Very annoying, and probably also the cause of a blister on the side of my heel. I didn't want to get heavy waterproof gaiters. Here's a solution that I...
  8. JP

    Decorating my Pack!

    Well one less thing to do, I had my patches sewn on to my Pack for the trip.
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