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  1. R

    Looking for hospitalero

    Looking for hospitalero/partner to manage the hostel Albergue el Texu-Camino Primitivo After three years our dear and hospitable Celia has decided to undertake new adventures. During this time she has pampered the travellers who have arrived to our hostal. Our intention is to continue with...
  2. Ryan Alexander

    Is there demand for an alternative but integretated hostal/albergue in O Cebreiro?

    Curious to know people's thoughts/experiences of staying in O Cebreiro, is there demand for another albergue/pension? Any other relevant information appreciated, I saw a story on here about a lady who ran one for a short while and then sold it, was it just not for her, anyone familiar with that...
  3. Luka

    Working as hospitalera in winter

    I am thinking of working as a hospitalera off-season on the Camino Francés (somewhere between november and february). I have read a little bit of information on the website of the Dutch pilgrim association about the albergue in Astorga (Siervas de Maria). They say that in winter there is just...
  4. falcon269

    U.S. gathering and training

    The 20th Annual Gathering of Pilgrims March 23 to March 26, 2017 and Hospitalero Training March 21 to 23, 2017 The Calvin Center Hampton, Georgia Whether you've been a pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela or you aspire to be, the upcoming 2017 Gathering of American Pilgrims on...
  5. Marion-SantiagoInLove

    French gite looking for hospitalieros

    I'm sharing this facebook announcement, not knowing more than what it says... Although, I guess one has to speak French! And I know some here do ;) If you're interested, why not give it a try? :) I've "translated" the phone number from French to international in the translated announcement. ---...
  6. ParistoCapeCod

    Live - Camino Francés American host in El Burgo Rañero

    On my way there now, I'll be volunteering Aug. 1-15. Stop and say hi, stay the night, have a cup of tea. Looking forward to this new camino adventure!
  7. R

    Hospitalero at Samos monastery

    Hi you all pilgrims! My name is Roberto and Im going to be at Samos Benedictine monastery as hospitalero from next 15th so if any of you is thinking about spending there a night, do not hesitate hitting my back and saying "I know you from the forum". All the best for you, Ultreia!!!
  8. Anniesantiago

    Advice from prior hospitaleros

    I'm interested in hearing experiences of those who have served as hospitalero. It's something I have never done but would love to do - a way of giving back to the Camino I love so much. I wonder if it's anything like leading a group? I have to admit I did not do a good job my first time...
  9. bahrep

    End of October -- November: weather, whether to choose Hospitales or not, need general advice

    Hello! :) I plan the pilgrimage beginning on about 27 October (Oviedo) and finishing on 13-14 November. It's about 17 days and I really hope to reach Finisterra on the trip. I've already read some posts on the forum and Liz's guide (great guide, BTW!). I also looked through this guide...
  10. palmah

    Serving as Hospitalero - Before, After or During our Second Camino?

    For those of you who have served as Hospitaleros; How did you schedule your own Camino around your service at an albergue? For example, if you served at Logroño, did you serve then walk from there? Or, did you start in SJPP, walk to Logroño, serve and then continue on to Santiago? We're trying...
  11. sillydoll

    Hospitaleros Voluntarios course - Johannesburg 2/3 May

    A hospitaleros voluntarios course will be take place in Johannesburg on 2/3 May. If you have walked a Camino and are interested in serving as a hospitalero in a donativo albergue, PM me for more info. This is a fun course all about welcoming pilgrims, running an albergue, your role in the...
  12. LTfit

    Serving in Ponferrada Semana Santa

    Just a heads-up to those on the Camino Francés during Semana Santa. I will be hospitalering as of this Saturday in the Albergue de Peregrinos San Nicolás de Flüe in Ponferrada (the HUGE one). Come in and say hello or stay with us. It was fun to meet up with a few forum members when I was in...
  13. julie

    Hospitalero training - Australia

    Our first hospitalero training course for 2015 will take place in Sydney on the weekend of 17 and 18 January. The training is not restricted to Sydney. At the moment, I have a few people interested in training in Perth and in Melbourne. Training in those cities will be organised when there are...
  14. gracie

    Delivering the bike in Santiago de Compostela

    I would be leaving my bike in Santiago for the rental company to pick-up. Any suggestion on which albergue would allow leaving the bike at their place so that it can be picked up by the rental company?
  15. gracie

    Budget for camino frances in August 2014

    I will be biking camino frances in a month and beginning to make my budget. Is there a site where i can find the latest prices for private and public albergues or anybody out there who has been walking the camino in june or july 2014, i would appreciate it very much if you can share your...
  16. renaissancerebecca

    where are hospitaleros needed?

    I am wondering if any pilgrims have seen recently any albergues in need of last minute volunteers? I have not taking the course. I completed the Camino frances 2 years ago. I am a native English speaker and can get by in French. I was going to do another Camino but find myself not able at this...

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