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  1. H

    Computer acces near Sarria (urgent!)

    I have sort of a weird question, but does anyone know if - and where - you could get access to a computer and have a private Skype conversation around Sarria? I am currently on the CF in Villar de Mazarife, and on the 24th of June I have a job interview scheduled. Very bad timing, but it is...
  2. A

    Biarritz recommended accomm near to Chronobus #14 stop to Bayonne

    Can anyone revommend a hotel to overmight in Biarritz that is clean,comfortable and not too pricey that is within easy access of the bus station to catch Chronobus 14 to Bayonne? I land at 17.30 on the 19th April and start walking in 20th so need only one night in Biarritz. Thanks in advance.
  3. S

    Luxury or nice accommodation on finisterre way

    I am eager to walk the Finisterre way but I want to do it in relative luxury. Are there any NICE hotels or guest houses along the route from santiago to cape fisterra and on to Muxia please?
  4. CaminoSleeps

    Find Camino Frances accommodation by map - CaminoSleeps.com

    CaminoSleeps submitted a new resource: Camino Frances Accommodation Directory - CaminoSleeps.com - Camino Frances Accommodation Directory Read more about this resource...
  5. G

    Hotel recommendations along the CF

    As per title, I am looking for hotel recommendations along the CF - or places you would recommend against. We are a family of 4 and are planning a mix of albergues and hotels, but probably more hotels than not.. thanks
  6. poogeyejr

    Ireland - Room to rent recommendations?

    My friend and I are backpacking through Europe and need a personal recommendation for a place to stay 5 nights in Ireland. I figured with this amazing community of travelers and Irish people someone here might be able to help. I am looking for a place that sleeps two, preferably a couple of...
  7. April Jo

    Accommodation after O Pedrouzo

    Hello Pilgrims. If you want to walk past O Pedrouza for an intermediate stage, can I suggest you phone ahead. Casa Armenal was full, and the woman was very unhelpful, so I didn't dare ask her to phone ahead for me (chicken!) I walked for 3 more hours (I walk at a snail's pace!) to Lavacolla...
  8. kayagee66

    Try to skip Frómista.

    I got to Frómista yesterday at 12:20, tried one Albergue, full. The next one I went to didn't open for an hour, but had 20 or so rucksacks lined up outside. So I called the Albergue/Hotel in Población de Campos. (An easy 3.5km away) Got a bed no problem. Albergue €5 was told by some pilgrims it...
  9. trecile

    Has anyone found a hotel in Madrid that will hold their luggage while on the Camino

    I'm thinking that I will probably spend a night or two in Madrid before heading out for the Camino, then a a few nights afterwards. I'd like to be able to leave a suitcase in Madrid, rather than mailing it to Santiago. Does anyone have a hotel/pension to recommend for this?
  10. momof34man

    Arrival time and finding a place to stay in Madrid

    So, I hope other travelers have already experienced this issue and can help guide me through this. I am flying from the U.S. and arriving in Madrid at 23:25. I am concerned with finding a place to stay. I probably wont be able to get out of the airport until midnight or after that. It is...

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