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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little, most of them by the end of 2021. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.


  1. BombayBill

    Dinner Theatre in St Jean Pied de Port 2021

    I arrive in St Jean Pied de Port to begin the Frances. SJPP is one of my favourite places. It’s my third time here. But I’m the odd man out having done 4 other Caminos but never the Frances. It’s late August and a beautiful day as I go searching for my hostel. The place is newer, a manageable...
  2. Robo

    Story: The 3 Camino Amigos – Why it started to fall apart on the Camino Frances (and a Question)

    A Short Story - Why it started to fall apart on the Camino Frances (and a question) We were full of excitement on that first day out of St Jean. It was our first time and so everything was new and just amazing. The landscape, the other Pilgrims, and oh, did I mention the landscape! Reg, Len...
  3. G

    Jesus in Jerusalem....Gerard in Geneva

    Berlin?” he queried. “You’re phoning me from Berlin? Long time since I was there. I think Jesus was still playing fullback for Jerusalem.” What? “Blimey Michael,” I said, “for a Christian, are you not sailing a little bit close to a blasphemous wind there cobber?” Michael then proceeded to...
  4. Jeff Crawley

    Is that Virtual Camino just not realistic enough for you?

    A few suggestions on how to "improve" your experience and make it a touch more realistic. Clothing: Choose 3 tee-shirts, 3 sets of underwear, 3 pairs of socks. Choose wisely, these will be the only clothes you will be wearing for the next month. Trousers, two pairs. If you live in a cold...
  5. RumAndChupacabras

    HILARIOUS Post About...

    Ridiculous things you might do once home because, you miss Camino. There is a several years old (but absolutely hilarious) post somewhere in this Forum which, I can no longer find. Do any of you know of its link? A man wrote all about kinds of funny things one might do once home because of...
  6. t2andreo

    The "ultimate" backpack for the Pyrenees or winter Caminos..."

    I came across this today. It is HUGELY funny.... Enjoy! Clearly, this is not for real, but it is amusing... o_O Also, it is a pleasant change form my normally over-serious posts... Then again, I just returned from six weeks in Spain, four as a Pilgrim Office volunteer. My time there was...
  7. andywild

    first time on a camino? feel free to read and comment on my blog

    I decided to document my Camino adventure (CF) with a blog. This will be my first Camino and I plan to go from couch potato to trail-ready between feb1st and april 18th (my start date). As I prepare for my Camino no doubt I will make mistakes which I hope you can avoid. Also maybe it will...
  8. Richard Ray

    Albergue Blues (A Camino Song)

    I grew sick of albergues by the time I finished the Camino Frances in 2016. I made up these lyrics to the tune of “Long Tall Mama Blues" by Jimmy Rogers () while walking one day: I been a-walkin' all over Spain Ain't used a car, a bus, or a train I've walked holes in both my hikin' shoes. At...
  9. timr

    A Bovine Incident - todo toro

    I'm separating this, but I'll link to it from my Live from the Camino thread. Two bits of background. First, I'm a city person at heart. From Liverpool. I love the sound of the bin lorry as much as the dawn chorus. I live in a very rural part of Ireland. It's like parts of the Camino, but with...
  10. B

    Camino thoughts from a man in a kilt

    Greetings one and all. I am about a month back from my walk on the Camino Frances. I took the time as there are a large number of thoughts rioting around inside my head. First of all, every man should walk the Camino in a kilt. Socially and physically. I met all sorts of people...there must...
  11. VNwalking

    I need a laugh.

    Do you have a funny, embarrassing, or heartwarming Camino story to share? @gerardcarey? Anyone?
  12. deni

    Worrying Trend

    Having spent most of the last two weeks walking along the Camino Frances I have noticed a disturbing trend. The further west we go the quality of tortilla seems to be decreasing. Right through Navarra the tortilla was absolutely fantastic. In the province of Rioja while still good the tortilla...
  13. G

    Health, Heights, and a Horrid Horseman.

    The large Indian doctor sat across his desk from me looking at the results. “A blood pressure reading of 220 over 110,” he said at last, looking over his glasses at me. “You, Mr Carey, are a stroke waiting to happen.” A friend had come to welcome me home from Spain. She was also looking for a...
  14. Robo

    The Challenges of Walking the Camino with your Best Friend!

    It seemed like a great idea, but the descent into Zubiri in the pouring rain really tested the relationship………. Even though I’d known my walking companion for years. He's a really interesting character with an unpronounceable Thai/Chinese name (Thaw), so he goes by the nickname ‘Bean’...
  15. G

    Dear Deer....Mishap on the Meseta.

    I was now into the Meseta proper. I’d just come over a hilltop and was dropping into a valley. The Camino ran down the slope, then along the center of the valley floor. It was autumn. In a treeless landscape the short golden stalks of the harvested fields swept up and away on each side. I saw...
  16. BrienC

    Camino Days - Part 4

    Vistas: The morning hours prove delightful—once the senses have awoken. As the sun slowly rises a church steeple casts a shadow over its congregation and the vast countryside brightens before us. This time of day provides great lighting for those pictures we take back home, on camera or in our...
  17. G

    Peregrina Held Hostage

    A smile that helps brighten my day. It floods over me. She takes off her pack at the church door, carries it inside, props it up against the back wall. I follow. She stands for a moment in the silence, taking in the dim interior of the church. She selects a pew. Now she is kneeling, clasping her...
  18. G

    The Castigation of the Clergy

    The overall image he presented was of being gangly. He was tall, raw, that indefinable term 'big boned' comes to mind. His woolly socks just barely showed over the tops of his boots, out of which towered these long, strapping, hairy legs. He wore a pair of tough green shorts, unfashionably short...
  19. Kanga

    The Rules

    I initially posted this on another thread but thought it might be fun to start a new one. Please, please, good people - this is just for fun. Nothing serious allowed. I make up my own set of rules. They are very elastic. Here are a few relating to walking: 1. All forms of motor...
  20. G

    The Tormentas! Beware the Tormentas!

    It sure hit me unexpectedly. The wind and water was accompanied by a high pitched howl. It lashed at me powerfully. I was quickly drenched by the freezing water. I stumbled. My feet went out from under me and down I crashed. I sprawled, dizzy and disorientated, freezing in the mist and lashing...