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  1. Iain McKie

    “My Camino Dream” by Iain McKie 2018-01-01

    Following in the footsteps of thousands of pilgrims, this is Iain’s very personal account of walking the Camino de Santiago. The journey of discovering himself, and answering many of life’s questions, takes him on a daily adventure - from his first thought of the Camino to walking the 500 mile...
  2. B

    Camino thoughts from a man in a kilt

    Greetings one and all. I am about a month back from my walk on the Camino Frances. I took the time as there are a large number of thoughts rioting around inside my head. First of all, every man should walk the Camino in a kilt. Socially and physically. I met all sorts of people...there must...
  3. Alasdair Kay

    PULPO !!! You have been warned.... oh and Orujo the yellow post meal firewater

    Dear Newbie Pilgrim.... I am sure you have scoured the pages of St John"the unreliable" Brierely's guidebook and within it's pages you have read things like "when you get to PortoMarin try the Pulpo, octopus it is a local delicacy ... Now let's just think about this .... Has it ever ... I mean...
  4. deni

    Worrying Trend

    Having spent most of the last two weeks walking along the Camino Frances I have noticed a disturbing trend. The further west we go the quality of tortilla seems to be decreasing. Right through Navarra the tortilla was absolutely fantastic. In the province of Rioja while still good the tortilla...
  5. G

    Health, Heights, and a Horrid Horseman.

    The large Indian doctor sat across his desk from me looking at the results. “A blood pressure reading of 220 over 110,” he said at last, looking over his glasses at me. “You, Mr Carey, are a stroke waiting to happen.” A friend had come to welcome me home from Spain. She was also looking for a...
  6. hecate105

    Oaky's Grand Tour

    We undertook a strange pilgrimage - starting in Sintra, Portugal and ending at the enigmatic Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. On the Uk portion of the Camino our dog insisted on coming with us, despite the fact that we were cycling. This is his version of events... My blog on the link below shows...
  7. G

    The Castigation of the Clergy

    The overall image he presented was of being gangly. He was tall, raw, that indefinable term 'big boned' comes to mind. His woolly socks just barely showed over the tops of his boots, out of which towered these long, strapping, hairy legs. He wore a pair of tough green shorts, unfashionably short...
  8. G

    The Tormentas! Beware the Tormentas!

    It sure hit me unexpectedly. The wind and water was accompanied by a high pitched howl. It lashed at me powerfully. I was quickly drenched by the freezing water. I stumbled. My feet went out from under me and down I crashed. I sprawled, dizzy and disorientated, freezing in the mist and lashing...
  9. G

    An Upper Body Exercise Regime

    We do worry about upper body fitness don't we? And if we don't, well then by golly we should. Surely it therefore makes sense to introduce into our pre-Camino fitness program some form of exercise that will help in this regard. With this in mind I would like to introduce a favourite one of mine...
  10. G

    A Gentle Mugging....Morality on the Mountain

    It was coming. Inexorably. Like a big headed snake, with a tail that grew progressively longer. There was no escape. It wound it's way around the room towards me. Not that it worried me. I'd been here before. Michelle, and her sons Jefferson and Lazarus, they'd have to stand before me, state...
  11. G

    Argumentative in Ayegui

    Andrew saw me on my knees, pushing and shoving, trying to get the bubble-wrapped parcel into my pack. “What the heck have you got there?” he asked, “that's a strange looking thing for a pilgrim to carry.” As today would be the last day I would carry it I told him what it was and what I intended...

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