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  1. R

    Achilles strain

    I am walking the northern Camino, strained my left Achilles tendon the day before I left North a littlAmerica. It hurt a little in the airports, I've walked one day to San Sebastien and it hurts worse as I re- injured it with a few tweaks on the trail. Have decided to take a day off here, am...
  2. S

    Injury in Estella, best way to skip ahead to Logroño

    My boyfriend and I are 5 days into the camino and he has developed a pretty bad foor injury stopping him for the next few days. We are trying to stay on track so we camped out in Estella for the last 2 days and are skipping ahead for one last day of rest before starting again in Logroño. I know...
  3. Iriebabel

    Heal Spurs and Micro Tears and more Oh my !

    Well fellow pilgrims As some of you know shortly after returning home from my first camino in April/May I arrived home and quickly came down with a horrible bout of the flu 🤒 😷 . I unfortunately lost my voice for six months... hmm that’s a long story but suffice it to say I had some long...
  4. chazzie_leigh

    Numbness where shoulder straps rest

    Hi everyone, I’m currently on day 7 of Camino Frances. Today I’ve noticed numbness around the area of my shoulder straps, a lot of my bag weight is on my hips and I don’t have any shoulder/back pain from my bag though it’s bigger and heavier than I had hoped. Anyone else experienced this and any...
  5. C

    Injury time out

    Hello good people, I wonder if I could ask you again for some more wonderful wisdom and ideas you all have! I've just come from the doctor and farmacia. I am supposed to take ten days off. And take two types of daily medicine. And when I go back to walking, absolutely no more Norte with its...
  6. Skylar Townsend

    Supposed to be starting el camino tomorrow....

    So with just my luck I somehow injured my foot right before I left for Spain. I currently am in Barcelona and waiting to start until Tuesday now to give my foot some more rest. The swelling has gone down already by resting it for two days, and I have been able to be mobile, with a tad pain...
  7. MarieClaireN

    Hip injury

    I am a 22 year old female and will be walking my 2nd full Camino Frances this June and had really bad bother with my hip joint from day 2 right the way to day 31 in my first Camino. I have a bad hip because of scoliosis and the pressure I put on this hip whilst walking. I know at least some...
  8. Santiago or Bust!

    Santiago or Bust!

    Starting to hurt now.... Just 140 kms to go. Thank heavens for Tape, Ice and Vitamin I (Ibuprofen)
  9. Angelrawr

    Can I still get my compostela if I take a train(or anything else) from León to Sarria?

    Hi all! :) Angela here. I am in the middle of my Camino at the moment. I am staying at León with a wonderful walking buddy I've made since the very beginning of our walk from Burgos. It's going great- except I developed tendinitis in the knee and have a hard tape wrap (artwork by el doctor) on...
  10. Physio_pilgrim

    A Physiotherapist's guide to injury prevention and management on the Camino

    Hello Pilgrims! My husband and I have just finished our 33 day journey from St Jean to Fisterra and it was an absolutely incredible experience. We are both physiotherapists and you can imagine that we saw plenty of pilgrims needing assistance along the way, so I thought I'd post a few tips that...
  11. Llew

    Knee Injury

    Hi, Hoping I can get some help from the forum. Back in December my right knee blew up like a balloon after I finished a walk. Went to Doc and for x-rays and the x-ray showed my patella (kneecap) had moved from the centre of the knee to the outside. Is called patelloformoral pain syndrome. After...
  12. billbennettoz

    With an injury, is it better to keep walking or stop?

    I have a nagging knee injury. I've been stepping up my training, in preparation for an April 2013 camino from SJPP, but with a loaded pack, this injury has resurfaced. On the camino, is it better to rest up for a day or two - or keep walking? My injury at the moment isn't bad enough to stop...
  13. G

    Injuries upon return from the camino

    As one who just completed the camino (oct. 3rd). I have returned to my home country with stress fracture in my foot, and IT band syndrome in knee. I'm wondering if others who have walked have experienced similar injuries or conditions from walking for so many miles day after day. kim
  14. andy.d

    knee trouble

    I've had to go to the doctor with knee trouble - swelling and pain when I walk. The doctor has given me the all clear to do the camino, I just have to wear one of those compression pads on the knee and use plenty of ibuprofen. So it's really going to be a matter of managing pain :? I know...

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