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  1. AlwynWellington

    one charger to rule (recharge) tablets, phones and cameras all at once

    This thread is intended, primarily, for the (electronic) electricians among us. To guide the rest of us in the way forward. If you have a view that tablets/phones/cameras should not be on a Camino ... I respect your views and pray you will respect those of us who are wired differently...
  2. travelingtrish

    Ipad mini

    I have just bought an ipad mini cellular tablet. I will want to put a sim card in this so I can access the web wherever I am. It is my intention to write a blog while on the trip. What I need to know is can I get this in France and will it cover Spain? I don't want to wait until I get to Spain...
  3. islandwalker

    getting .gpx file onto Goggle Earth on an iPad

    Hi, Can anyone help me figure out how to get a gpx file onto Google Earth on on my iPad mini? I successfully used Base Camp to get the file onto Google Earth on my computer, but I have no idea how to get the file onto Google Earth on the iPad which is going with me to Spain. Thank you for all...
  4. Frosty2013


    Hey Guys...just wondering could I bring my iPad with me to do blogging whilst I'm on the Camino or is it a bit risky bringing such an expensive item..? Thanks, Mike
  5. H

    Keeping belongings secure on the camino (ipad, camera, phone

    Hi, I hope to start my Camino (Camino Frances) from Burgos on Sept 1st 2013. I was thinking about traveling with a phone, ipad, and camera. I have read comments suggesting i should take my passport into the shower with me. Im pretty sure I wont be able to take my phone, ipad, and camera into...
  6. pattymo97206

    Ipad on the Camino

    I'm thinking about taking an iPad on the Camino to post on a blog while walking next year. I have no experience with iPads...will a 16g be sufficient? I'm looking particularily at the iPad mini. My smartphone is not an international phone, so that will not do me any good. Has anyone rented a...
  7. peregrina2000

    ipad questions

    I am considering whether to bring my ipad this year, to be able to communicate with home more easily and hopefully keep a blog. But I have a couple of questions for those of you with some experience and knowledge. I remember reading somewhere that it's hard to make blog posts on an ipad and...
  8. M

    Maps, accommodation, offline access on iPad etc

    Hello, Hoping for some advice on maps. Have been trolling forum and picked up lots of tidbits and some help but still a bit nervous about getting lost and/or stuck without lodging. Was hoping to find a way to download a google map to my iPad and add pins with accommodation and picked up this...
  9. M

    Downloadable maps to iPad? & will I get room in auberges in

    Hello, Am planning to hike the northern route starting July 1 for about 18 days. Trying to figure out a way to download a decent map to my iPad. Have seen a couple apps promising to store google maps, but they've slow and awkward.. Also read google was going to allow users to download, but...
  10. urbanhiker


    Hello, I will be doing the Camino in a few weeks and have decided to bring along my IPad in order to blog. What concerns me is keeping the IPad dry and free of moisture while it's in my backpack, especially if it rains. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to the Camino. Thanks Ray
  11. Anniesantiago

    iPad2 on the Camino (Frances)

    Well, I never thought I'd ask this, but my dinosaur days are over and I'm looking for a good way to stay connected while on the Camino. I need to be able to access my bank account and email, as well as video chat with my family, since I"ll be gone 5 months. My son just sold me his iPad2 (he got...

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