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  1. Drew1578

    iPhone 4S to use for calls in Spain

    OK - after scouring the forums and looking on line I can't figure out if I should/could take my old iPhone 4S to Spain to use only as a phone and maybe use a map app (I'd get a SIM card in Spain for the phone) or maybe get a cheap phone just for phone calls while there (2 weeks). I'm guessing...
  2. Dchell

    Would my answer be the Camino? Find out by reading my blog. ;)

    https://mycaminospring2017.wordpress.com/ A few years ago, I was one of many folks who watched “The Way” with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez. If you saw it, you were probably curious and inspired as was I. I immediately put it on my bucket list. Things were going well in my life: I had...
  3. Steve Goods

    How to make great videos with your phone

    I used my Iphone SE to make videos on my Camino this month of May. The week prior to my flight to Madrid, I bought the DJI Osmo Mobile which is a gimbal (a stabilizer for 300 euro). When walking or moving your phone and record videos, this gimbal reduce the shakiness (watch my videos). One cool...
  4. Charl

    Mapping apps: Galileo Pro vs Pocket Earth

    I've just completed a blog entry comparing Galileo Pro and Pocket Earth, for those wondering about taking a GPS app with on Camino. Here's the link to the story.
  5. mariuszm

    Route tracking app (iPhone iOS)

    Hi, I did Camino in 2012 so last year when one of my colleagues was walking it, it was great to see his progress on the big TV at work. He did it by sending his location via Yo app to his friend who manually added his position everyday to Google maps. I tried to find a solution to do it more...
  6. G

    Which would be your next phone?

    I used to be an Android guy but after moving to iPhone 7, I am now an Apple fan, lol. What would be your next phone and the reason?
  7. EBird

    Lost iPhone 5--near Melide

    My friend lost her black iPhone 5 outside of Melide on July 21. We were taking group pictures outside of the church of Santa Maria, and we think she set it down in order to take the picture for someone else. She went back to look and asked in the church but no one had seen it. I know it's a...
  8. Nanc

    iphone verses camera

    what am i missing here? i have an iPhone 6 and have been looking at my pictures and seeing their limitations. I am hesitant to depend on it for my photojournalistic memories i am NOT a good photographer! but the lightest digital with some zoom that i can find is 10.4 oz (294 gm) All you lovers...
  9. C

    Spanish SIM card for iphone

    hello, I am starting the Camino on May 10 and wondering what to do about phone service. Dos anyone know how difficult it is to get a Spanish SIM card for an iPhone? Is it expensive? Do you continue to have access to all your datea and contacts on your phone? Can you continue to use your apps...
  10. Jacquie Cattanach

    iPhone Portable Battery Charger

    We have been experimenting on our training walks with Wikiloc on our iPhone which seems to zap the battery life. We want to be able to use our iPhone 5 for GPS purposes so think that we may want to carry along a iPhone Portable Battery Charger. We have seen some that can recharge up to 4...
  11. Lleninot

    Using your iPhone

    I will be walking the Camino in May 2016. I will be going my own and looking forward to it. I have got some useful info from the forum. But I am also surprised at the amount of people who can't seem to make a decision for themselves. As to take a phone or not. Who cares!! Just do what is right...

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