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  1. sp01326

    Which is the availability of accommodations in Irun and the first part of Northern Camino?

    I walked in the last years along Frances and Primitivo way. The next week I'm going to start Northern way in Irun. I'd like to know which is availability of accommodations in the first steps. Thanks! Buen Camino in your life. Federico
  2. Tamargrace

    My dogs are up for it but i think the people dont want them there

    I have walked the whole Cornish coast with them and they were ace. They are welsh sheep dogs, pure working stock. Good endurance, tolerance and really happy peopledogs too. I have seen alot of negative feedback regarding dogs on here and the last thing I want to do is annoy someone or dusturb...
  3. H

    Irún hostel

    Hello all! I'm headed to Irún on Wednesday and had planned on staying in the Albergue Municipal. However, it looks like it will be closed already for the year--does anyone know of an alternative place to stay? I've tried calling the Municipal but cannot get through. Thanks! HJ
  4. HDD500

    6 days - what to do?

    Hi all, I have some annual leave booked this September and am thinking of walking the first part of the Camino del Norte. I land in Biarritz on the Sunday and then plan to walk till Saturday as I have to fly home from Biarritz on Saturday evening. My question is how far can / should I aim to...
  5. H

    Start point in Irun

    Hi - Wondering where the actual start point is in Irun for the Norte. I need to obtain the Passport and get on my way on the morning of Aug 15th. I am coming in from Barcelona. Any recommendations as to whether I take the night bus (arrive 15th morning at 6 am and start walking), or take the...
  6. Lady Explorer

    Travelling Biarritz to Irun?

    Hello Pilgrims new and old, I've just read old posts from 2009, and they're incredibly helpful despite having been posted 8 years ago ;) I'm embarking on my 2nd solo Camino adventure next week, this time the Camino Del Norte and Primitivo. I look forward to meeting some of you on the way. I...
  7. mmorash

    Irun Logistics

    Hi. I am a first time Camino participant looking forward to an introductory 2 weeks on Camino del Norte starting May 7. Will be traveling from Canada to Paris arriving into Hendaye via train from Paris. I am wondering about logistics to Irun before starting the following day. - What is the...
  8. Dchell

    Irun to San Sebastian GI-636 or GI-3440

    HI All! Im looking at threads and see that many folks walk GI-636. Based on Google Maps, this looks like a pretty straight-forward route but it's a highway. GI-3440 seems to have better views and the road is much quieter. It's a bit longer, but not by much. Does anyone have opinions on either...
  9. M

    Traveling to Camino del Norte

    Hello, I am flying in to Barcelona. And I am wondering which mode of transportation will get me to Irun in the most expedient way to begin the Camino del Norte -- bus or train? Thank you, memalina
  10. Pete Dunn

    Biarritz to Irun - easier by train or bus..?

    Hi all, I'm flying in from Southampton UK to Biarritz tomorrow and need to get to Irun for the evening to start the Norte on Wednesday. My planning has gone awry as it was one of my closest friend's funeral today, all too sudden and unexpected :( A big concern right now is how best to get...
  11. D

    Logistics of taking a bike from Barcelona to Bilbao/Irun

    Hello all! I'm embarking on my first Camino (Del Norte) in Aug this year, and will by cycling and camping along the way. I have given myself approx 2 weeks to get from ideally Irun (or Bilbao if it proves too difficult to get to Irun) to Santiago. As I live in Barcelona (and have a touring...
  12. E

    Train to Irun

    Does anybody knows when the tickets will be available for travelling by train from the Netherlands to Irun?
  13. woodswoman

    Is someone starting the Norte from Irun in the near future?

    I started in Irun on August 29, 2015. First stop was Pasaje Donebane San Juan, at the Albergue Santa Ana. I apparently left a small zip-bag there with medicine and a spare pair of glasses, and was notified that the hospitalero found it. Unfortunately, she had already gone back to her home...
  14. Gipsy Moon

    Starting El Norte from Biarritz - Suggestions please

    Hi Everyone, Arriving in Biarritz Airport 23 August mid afternoon, would truly welcome any suggestion on how to start from there to El Norte Camino (then Primitivo) Spending the night in Biarritz doesnt seem mandatory to me (not extra rush either)... ? Where to start walk or stay on...
  15. szemfules sr

    Santiago > Irun train tickets 2015/08/29

    Hi We've 2 train tickets (tourist/economy class) of the trip Santiago - Irun/Hendaye on 2015 august 29. The journey starts at 10:06 and arrives at 21:09 (yes, it's 11 hrs, but it's cheap). Trains towards Paris are available only on the next day, however Bayonne/Biarritz are reachable as I...
  16. W

    A compendium of useful links for travel in Spain

    I do not have first hand knowledge of most of the information presented here. The material in this thread was researched using web resources that may be out of date. Information may be incomplete or incorrect. The information presented here is not exhaustive. You are advised to confirm your own...
  17. W

    A compendium of useful links for travel from Madrid to SJPdP via Bayonne

    This thread discusses: travel from Madrid to Saint Jean Pied de Port (SJPdP) via San Sebastian, Irun, Hendaye, Biarritz and Bayonne. Caveat. I do not have first hand knowledge of most of the information presented here. The material in this thread was researched using web resources that may be...

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